A Big Shot's Woman Is Wild and Fierce

C.322 - : Young Lady, This Is My First Time In Love TooMar 19, 2024

Chapter 322: Young Lady, This Is My First Time In Love Too

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Mu Dong drove the car to Lan Zhi. Mu Chengxi took his luggage and walked in front. Wen Xin followed behind him. The other two stood silently in place, not daring to follow.

Liang Luoyu patted his chest lightly as he watched the two enter the elevator. When he heard Wen Xin’s growl in the car earlier, his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

“Young Master Liang, shall I send you home?”

” No need. I’ll just take a taxi back. It’s too f*cking scary. You’re on your own!”

Liang Luoyu patted Mu Dong’s shoulder. He knew Mu Dong still had to deliver food to Wen Xin and Mu Chengxi. The two of them did not eat anything on the plane.

“I’ll go buy some pastries that Miss Wen likes first. Maybe she’ll feel better after eating some desserts.” Mu Dong did not know as much as Liang Luoyu. He had always felt that Wen Xin was easy to get along with, so he did not take her tantrum to heart.

Wen Xin followed Mu Chengxi and waited for him to open the door.

After Mu Chengxi unlocked the electronic lock, he was not in a hurry to enter. Instead, he walked to Wen Xin and took her hand.

This time, Wen Xin did not swat his hand away. Instead, she scratched his palm.

Mu Chengxi lowered his eyes and looked at Wen Xin, who had lowered her head and not looking at him. He smiled gently and dotingly and placed his forehead on Wen Xin’s forehead. “My little ancestor is not angry anymore?”

Wen Xin raised her bright, black eyes and stared blankly into Mu Chengxi’s deep eyes. “I’m not angry at you. I’m just angry at myself.”

“You are a little girl who doesn’t mean what you say. I don’t know if you’re angry or not. I’m sorry, but I’m not a very qualified boyfriend. This is also the first time I’ve liked a girl. Perhaps there’s a problem with my ability to express myself. I just want to protect you. You have to know I don’t want to take a cold shower every day. Cold showers are harmful to my body.”

“Young lady, this is also my first time in a relationship. I want to give you all the best things I have. I also want to protect you. I’m not as virtuous as you think. I also want to eat you, a little white rabbit. It’s just that I want to let you grow a little more. I’m afraid that my impulsiveness will hurt you.”

Mu Chengxi’s eyes were filled with deep affection. When he hugged Wen Xin in the car, he sensed her uneasiness.

After he confirmed his thoughts, he was overjoyed. He was now sure that his little girl was afraid of losing him.

Mu Chengxi bent down and gently kissed Wen Xin’s red lips. He leaned into Wen Xin’s ear and said seductively, “Little girl, when you reach your age, you won’t be able to escape my grasp. I’m going to have you for the rest of my life.”

Wen Xin’s ears instantly turned red. She felt that Mu Chengxi’s aura had become somewhat sweet. She gently pushed Mu Chengxi, wanting to put some distance between them.

Mu Chengxi did not let go of Wen Xin but did not intend to tease her in the corridor. He held her hand and pulled her to the door. He recorded Wen Xin’s fingerprint and brought her into the house.

Lan Zhi was the most expensive residential area in the capital city. It was a two-story penthouse. The decoration was very similar to that of Yuelu Garden. It was simple and elegant, giving Wen Xin a very comfortable feeling.

Mu Chengxi hugged Wen Xin from behind. “Mu Dong asked Auntie to tidy the house. The bedroom is on the second floor. I’ll bring you up.”

“No rush.” Wen Xin held Mu Chengxi’s hand and pulled him to sit on the sofa. She took a medicine bottle from her backpack, dug out ointment with her finger, and applied it to Mu Chengxi’s wound.

Wen Xin looked at the bright red wound that she had caused. She rested her chin on Mu Chengxi’s shoulder and asked in a cold and slow voice, “What if the scar can’t be removed?”

“It’s best if you don’t remove it. It’ll be good if it can be recorded for a lifetime to prove that I’m yours.”

Mu Chengxi turned around and pulled Wen Xin into his arms. He pressed his head against Wen Xin’s neck. He was really frightened earlier. He did not know what to do when facing Wen Xin.

There was a knock on the door. Mu Dong looked nervously at the tightly shut door. He did not dare to barge, and he did not dare to knock hard on the door. If he interrupted the friendly communication between the two, he would be in deep trouble.

Wen Xin gently patted Mu Chengxi’s shoulder. “Mu Dong should be here to deliver food, right?”

“Probably. I’ll open the door.” Mu Chengxi let go of Wen Xin and opened it. Mu Dong walked in with many things.

Wen Xin stood up from the sofa and followed Mu Chengxi and Mu Dong into the dining room. She stood at the side, watching Mu Dong stuff some snacks into the fridge. Finally, there was a bottle of milk that Wen Xin often drank and a lunch box left on the table.

Mu Dong saw that the relationship between Wen Xin and Mu Chengxi seemed to have eased up, and his nervousness slowly eased.

“Miss Wen, you didn’t eat lunch. I specially went to Tianxiang Pavilion to order for you. Come and eat quickly.”

Mu Dong respectfully placed the food on the table one by one. Wen Xin was in a good mood now, so she pulled out a chair and sat down. Then, she pushed a bowl of rice to Mu Chengxi.

Mu Chengxi looked at Wen Xin’s actions and sat down opposite her. He picked up his chopsticks and put some food in Wen Xin’s bowl. “There’s a family banquet tonight. I’m going back to the old mansion. If you’re not busy and feel bored, you can invite Nan Xu and the others out for a stroll.”

Wen Xin responded indifferently. She picked up a piece of beef and placed it on Mu Chengxi’s plate.

“You haven’t eaten all day. Eat something first. I don’t think you’ll be able to eat in peace when you return to the old mansion. Your appetite won’t be able to take it if you’re always hungry. Eat your fill before going.”

As Wen Xin spoke, she did not stop using her chopsticks. She even peeled a prawn for Mu Chengxi. Mu Chengxi knew Wen Xin too well. He knew Wen Xin liked prawns, but if asked to peel them, she would rather not eat them.

And now, Wen Xin took the initiative to peel prawns for him, making him feel like he was being fawned on.

Mu Chengxi put the prawn into his mouth and took the prawn plate from Wen Xin. He then took a tissue from the wet tissue box on the table and wiped his hands with it.

“I’ll do this. Eat well. I’ll peel the prawns for you.”

Mu Chengxi’s well-defined fingers casually pinched the prawn’s body. Soon, a whole prawn appeared in his hands. He dipped it in the sauce and placed it on Wen Xin’s plate.

In just a short while, Mu Chengxi had peeled the entire plate of prawns. Wen Xin was in a good mood as she finished them all.

After finishing dinner, Wen Xin put down her chopsticks. She stood up and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she came out, she saw Mu Chengxi still sitting in the dining room. She did not know who he was calling..