A Big Shot's Woman Is Wild and Fierce

C.338 - : The Car Park Was Besieged by Four Brawny MenMar 29, 2024

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“Are you leaving? Aren’t we having dinner together tonight? I feel like I’ve inconvenienced you by giving you boxed lunch for lunch!” Yuan Junye politely inquired as he watched Wen Xin packing her things.

“No need, I’m going to meet Mu Chengxi. They are having dinner with Ling Yichen tonight, and Nan Xu is there too. Do you want to join us? I can introduce you. I heard that you’ve been having trouble with the Yuans,”

Wen Xin said casually as she took a piece of chocolate from her backpack and put it in her mouth.

Yuan Junye shook his head as he glanced at the packaging of the chocolate in Wen Xin’s hand. He smiled gently at her. freewe(b)novel.com

“No need. The Yuans, Mus, and Lings are not in the same league. There’s quite a gap in our statuses. If word gets out that I used you to get close to them, rumors and conspiracy theories will start circulating again. Let’s have dinner together some other time.”

“I can handle the Yuans on my own. I’ll walk you downstairs.”

Yuan Junye didn’t regard the people from the Yuan family who were causing trouble as a serious threat. He saw them as nothing more than clowns, not worth his attention.

“No need to walk me downstairs. You go deal with your matters. I can manage on my own. I’ll come over when I have the time.” Wen Xin casually tossed the chocolate wrapper into a nearby trash can and left the office without looking back.

Standing in the office, Yuan Junye watched the discarded chocolate wrapper in the trash can, lost in thought. He thought that Wen Xin and Mu Chengxi made a good couple. At the very least, ordinary people couldn’t afford this brand of

chocolate. Mu Chengxi was willing to share the best things with Wen Xin.

As Wen Xin left Tianye Technology Company, she felt someone was following her. Without turning around, she headed straight for the parking lot.

When she reached the parking lot, four burly men suddenly appeared behind her. Wen Xin remained calm, turned around, and leaned lazily against her car, her gaze cold as she faced the four men now in front of her.

“What do you want?” Wen Xin asked, her eyebrows low, showing that she didn’t consider the four men in front of her a threat. She just didn’t want to waste time.

“Miss, in a place like Beijing, it’s not enough to have wealthy backers. Those powerful people, if they want you dead, you can’t escape. Let me remind you:

you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have. Someone wants us to deal with you!”

One of the men with the most facial hair spoke as he approached Wen Xin. He didn’t hesitate to reach for Wen Xin’s arm, thinking that her slender figure was no match for their strength. They thought sending four men was a bit of an overkill.

Wen Xin glanced at the man who approached her, opened the driver’s door, and threw her backpack onto the driver’s seat before confidently slamming the car door.

The man with the thick beard thought Wen Xin was getting into the car to negotiate, so he rushed to Wen Xin’s side and tried to grab her arm.

Just as he touched Wen Xin, she reversed her hand and restrained him. He never expected Wen Xin to have such strength, and he looked at her in astonishment.

He tried to break free, but it was already too late. There was a crisp sound, and his arm was instantly broken, sending a searing pain throughout his body. Seeing their leader injured, the other three rushed toward Wen Xin, but she threw the bearded man at one of them, knocking him out.

The other two men reached Wen Xin and tried to attack her from both sides. Wen Xin squinted her eyes and kicked forcefully. Her kick landed on the chest of one of the men, and he was sent flying several meters before landing on top of the two men lying on the ground.

In an instant, three out of the four men were incapacitated by Wen Xin. She looked at the man who had stopped in his tracks with a disdainful smile.

“What’s wrong? Your brothers have already gone ahead. Are you having second thoughts?”

“Boss, I was wrong!” The burly man who had stopped suddenly knelt on the ground, realizing that begging for mercy might be his only way out. If begging for mercy could resolve the situation, he was willing to kowtow to spare himself.

Wen Xin, standing still, gave the man a disdainful smile and leaned lazily against her car. She took out a lollipop from her pocket, unwrapped it, and put it in her mouth.

“Speak. Who paid you to cause trouble? Don’t tell me you don’t know their identity. If you’re uncertain, give me your contact information, and I’ll investigate it myself. If I can’t find out, you won’t be leaving today…”

Wen Xin’s tone was cold and wicked. She was not in a good mood at the moment. She didn’t expect someone to be so eager to pick a fight as soon as she arrived in the capital.

“This is that person’s phone number. We don’t know who she is, but she was very generous. She said she’d pay ten million to buy your two arms… We don’t know her identity!” The man on the ground handed over his phone, realizing that cooperation might be his only way out of this situation.

Wen Xin took the phone from the man and, after a moment, a message from Gu Xiang appeared on the bulky black phone, along with contact information for her family members. Wen Xin saw a familiar person on the screen. She did not expect Gu Xiang to be Gu Yanzhe’s sister. It seemed that this matter was very interesting.

Wen Xin took out a silver needle from her pocket and threw it at the kneeling man. He was instantly immobilized.

Wen Xin hesitated for a moment, then dialed Mu Chengxi’s number.

Meanwhile, Mu Chengxi was sitting on the sofa, looking at his phone, waiting for Wen Xin’s message. He wasn’t sure if she had finished her work, so he didn’t want to disturb her. freeweb(n)ovel

When he saw Wen Xin’s call, Mu Chengxi quickly answered it. Mu Chengxu, who had been watching him closely, couldn’t help but give him a contemptuous look. She despised her brother for becoming such a henpecked husband even before getting married.

“When are you coming over?” Mu Chengxi asked.

“I can’t make it there. Do you know Gu Xiang?” Wen Xin’s tone was lazy and emotionless, but Mu Chengxi could tell that she wasn’t in a good mood.

“Gu Xiang? Gu Yanche’s sister? What happened to her? Did she bother you?” Mu Chengxi’s voice carried a hint of nervousness. He knew about Wen Xin’s skills, and he naturally knew that she wouldn’t get hurt under normal circumstances. But accidents could always happen.

“As expected, she’s his sister. She paid four burly men ten million to cripple my hands. I’m at the parking lot of the technology park in the city. Can you come over and handle this?”

Mu Chengxi’s phone was on speaker mode. After Wen Xin finished speaking, everyone’s faces turned grim.

Gu Yanche’s face turned pale, and his legs began to tremble. His eyes, full of the desire to survive, stared fixedly at Mu Chengxi..

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