A Big Shot's Woman Is Wild and Fierce

C.369 - : The Mysterious Faction in the Auction HouseApr 12, 2024

Chapter 369: The Mysterious Faction in the Auction House

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“One billion?” Yan Qing counted on his fingers, wondering how many orders he would need to take to earn one billion…

Chu Yunxuan glanced at Yan Qing, who seemed out of his depth, counting on his fingers and shaking her head in regret for bringing him along. She should have brought Drens instead, who, having seen more of the world and money, wouldn’t be so easily astonished.

Finally, unable to bear it, Chu Yunxuan patted Yan Qing on the shoulder and chuckled, “One billion is nothing to my boss. My boss’s empire is stronger than you can imagine.”

Yan Qing paused his counting and slowly looked up at Chu Yunxuan, realizing he might control Di Ting’s intelligence but didn’t truly understand Wen Xin.

“500 million…”

Just then, a tall man sitting in a corner suddenly raised his bidding paddle. This was the first time he had spoken since appearing in the auction.

Chu Yunxuan craned her neck to see, her eyes narrowing slightly at the sight of the rugged, handsome man. A strong competitor had emerged.

The Warm Jade’s price was suddenly raised to 500 million, causing dissatisfaction among many, but they understood that in this place, the wealthy had the final say.

“600 million…” “700 million…”

“800 million…

With Mu Nan’s words, the warm jade that was still in the tens of thousands instantly became in the hundreds of millions. However, there were still many people who did not give up.

“One billion…”

As the number of competitors dwindled, Chu Yunxuan spoke up for the first time, directly bidding one billion. People in the front row turned to look in her direction, surprised to hear a woman’s voice in the auction house.

“Two billion…”

Mu Nan glanced at Chu Yunxuan and Yan Qing sitting in the corner, his expression darkening. He had been aware of them since their arrival.

The man beside the woman seemed inexperienced in such settings, while the woman herself carried an alluring presence, clearly not simple. Now that she had spoken, he understood their goal.

“2.5 billion…”

If it was in the past, Mu Nan would definitely not raise the price again. A gentleman had the beauty of helping others, not to mention a real beauty. But this was something his boss, Master Xi, wanted at any cost…

When Chu Yunxuan heard Mu Nan’s bid of 2.5 billion, she pondered for a moment. 2.5 billion might be her limit. Borrowing money to buy a piece of jade might make her boss think she’s lost her senses. After all, she had only spent 2 billion on the ancient jade…

Yan Qing, seeing Chu Yunxuan’s hesitant expression, thought she was contemplating auction strategies. He was quite skilled at auctioning. Taking the paddle from Chu Yunxuan, Yan Qing raised it high, “2.51 billion…”

Chu Yunxuan looked at Yan Qing’s action with an indescribable expression, wondering who had given him the courage to bid…

“2.6 billion…” Mu Nan hesitated too. Although his boss was wealthy, it wasn’t wise to waste money unnecessarily. Saving a bit for his boss was the least he could do.

Yan Qing glanced at Chu Yunxuan, about to bid again, but she stopped him. She held his wrist and whispered softly.

“That’s enough, we can’t bid anymore. That man is determined to have it. . If we raise the price again, I’m afraid we’ll suffer his revenge.”

Chu Yunxuan wasn’t afraid of retaliation; given Wen Xin’s current empire, not anyone could step on them.

But she didn’t want to cause unnecessary trouble. Those people were bold for a reason, with formidable forces behind them.

Yan Qing looked toward Mu Nan, agreeing that Chu Yunxuan had a point. In such a chaotic place, it wasn’t worth stirring up trouble.

“2.6 billion going once… 2.6 billion going twice… 2.6 billion thrice… Deal!”

Seeing no one else bidding, the auctioneer sped up the process. This was the first time the auction house had auctioned off such a price. He did not know what the use of this small stone was, so he could not help but take a second look.

Mu Nan acknowledged Chu Yunxuan with a nod, expressing his friendliness.

Chu Yunxuan’s sudden withdrawal was unexpected to him, but her timely cessation saved him considerable trouble. Otherwise, he would have had to arrange for someone to intervene, which could have been awkward if it resulted in harm to her.

Leaving the auction without the desired item, Chu Yunxuan and Yan Qing were not in high spirits. She pondered whether to take action and seize it by force, thinking a bold attempt might just work.

Yan Qing, sensing Chu Yunxuan’s intention, whispered, “You came here too hastily, bringing only me. They have at least eight bodyguards…”

Chu Yunxuan turned her head to look at Yan Qing and sighed softly. She felt that Yan Qing’s reminder was right. Once again, she regretted not bringing Drens over. If it was Drens, she wouldn’t have to worry about this at all.

Mu Nan felt several forces tracking him as he retrieved the Warm Jade. Clutching the box, he coldly smirked, anticipating those foolish enough to confront him.

Mu Nan and his men deliberately led their trackers into a dark, unfinished building. Those hiding emerged, threateningly demanding the item in his possession.

“Take out what you have in your hand, or don’t blame us for being rude…”

“Rude? Let’s see who will be the rude ones!”

Mu Nan didn’t consider these would-be assailants a threat, his gaze cold and fierce. He pulled out a flare gun from his waist, raised it above his head, and fired.

The moment the flare was shot, the sound of airplane engines roared overhead. Four helicopters approached, and over a dozen professionally trained operatives in black rapidly descended before the onlookers could react.

Chu Yunxuan and Yan Qing, on their way back to the hotel, exchanged glances upon hearing the helicopters above.

“F*ck, what kind of strength is this? Having absolute flying rights in Pochinki, isn’t that a little too much?” Chu Yunxuan looked at the scene in the sky and couldn’t help but sigh. Facing such a big shot, she couldn’t help but be envious.

Yan Qing raised his head to look at the helicopters in the sky. He had some understanding of air rights, and combining that with the models of those helicopters, he had roughly guessed the identities of those people..