Absolute Dweller - Prologue


One day, the world suddenly collapsed.

There were various signs that the world would come to ruin.

A global pandemic that swept through the world, wars breaking out like lies, resulting economic downturn and famine, and finally, the nuclear war that unfolded as a consequence.

Humanity was undeniably on the path to self-destruction.

However, surprisingly, the culprits who severed the lifeline of humanity was not climate crises, meteorites, or nuclear wars.

“Damn monsters.”

Goblins, orcs, trolls, dragons, creatures straight out of a cheap novel.

Those monsters were the masterminds behind the downfall of humanity.

“No, it’s not completely over yet. I’m still alive! Surely not just me, but others too…”

That’s when it happened.


A monster bird, twice my size, was charging towards me.


Taken aback, I stumbled backward and fell.

The place I was in was the living room of my home, the living room on the top floor of a high-rise apartment.

Beyond the living room window, which provided a clear view outside, the monster bird was rapidly approaching.

With its speed and momentum, it seemed like breaking through the living room window was no problem, and it would likely bite into my neck.



The monster bird, flying with full force, slammed its face into the window, then bounced off nicely.

Watching it plummet to the ground, it seemed to have lost consciousness.

Right after, an alert appeared before my eyes.

[Unauthorized entity attempting entry.]


That’s right.

Just like the clichéd opening of a cheap novel, the world had collapsed, and I awakened to a unique ability along with a status window.

[The Absolute Dweller]

Absolute Dweller’s Declaration (Passive) Level 1

-No one can invade the dwelling space without the Absolute Dweller’s permission.

Perhaps due to my usual lifestyle of never stepping a foot outside my home, I gained this strange ability.

But the ability that just saved my life was precisely this.

Yeah, I get it. It’s a great thing.

The fact that I’m still alive is all thanks to this ability.

“Ah, damn.”

However, the thing that’s irritating about this ability is precisely this.

[The Absolute Dweller cannot leave the dwelling space.]

Three days since the world collapsed.

I am still confined to my dwelling space.