After Becoming a Solo Player, My Unlimited Skills Made Me Invincible

C.164 - : The Pathetic Attribute PanelNov 01, 2023

Chapter 164: The Pathetic Attribute Panel

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[Ding! The challenger is ready! Tower challenge begins!]

As the system notification sounded, Mo Xiao’s body suddenly emitted a strange blue light, and in the next moment, he completely transformed into beams of blue light that disappeared.

But soon, the blue light converged again, reassembling Mo Xiao.

However, the surroundings had undergone a massive change.

In front of Mo Xiao was a boundless grassland. b𝚎dn𝚘v𝚎l.𝚌𝚘m

Apart from the lush green grass, there was nothing else.

Mo Xiao looked around but didn’t find anything special about this place.

“Is this the interior of the Heaven-reaching Tower? It seems like each floor is a unique space like this…”

Just as Mo Xiao was muttering to himself, the system prompt sounded in his ears again.

[You have arrived on the first floor of the Heaven-reaching Tower. You will have five minutes of preparation time.]

“Preparation time?” Mo Xiao raised his eyebrows when he heard this, although he wasn’t too sure where he could prepare in such a godforsaken place where there was nothing.

But since the system gave him time, he naturally wanted to familiarize himself with the surroundings.

Mo Xiao looked at his equipment. Both the style and the feel of the gear he was wearing were identical to his previous equipment.

“Could it be that my Four Symbols Set was brought in?” Mo Xiao curiously examined his equipment and opened his backpack.

As soon as he opened the backpack, Mo Xiao was stunned. His previously filled backpack was now empty, leaving only two Thousand Mechanism Umbrellas, and nothing else.

[Thousand Mechanism Umbrella (Replica)]

Attack Power: 150

Magic Strength: 150

Critical Strike: 5%

Evasion: 5%

Thousand Mechanisms Illusion: Allows the user to switch positions with the umbrella.

Thousand Transformations: Can change into various forms, altering attributes after transformation.

“What the heck? Did my attributes drop this dramatically?” Mo Xiao stared at the panel of the Thousand Mechanism Umbrella, dumbfounded. He hadn’t expected his attributes to be downgraded so significantly.

Seeing this, Mo Xiao quickly switched the Thousand Mechanism Umbrella’s form.

[Thousand Mechanism Umbrella (Sword Form)]

Attack Power: 200

Critical Strike: 10%

Evasion: 5%

Sword Shadow Dance: Summons numerous sword shadows to deal 150% physical damage to the enemy. Cost: 50 MP. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Thousand Transformations: Can change into various forms, altering attributes after transformation.

“…” Mo Xiao fell into silence, looking at the abysmal attributes.

He hadn’t anticipated the equipment’s attributes to weaken so much.

“What about the Four Symbols Set?”

Mo Xiao couldn’t help but swallow hard and quickly examined his Four Symbols Sacred Armor.

[Four Symbols Sacred Armor (Copy)]

Defense: 100

Magic Resistance: 100

Health Points: 200

Mana: 200

Introduction: This equipment is a replica of the Four Symbols Sacred Armor.

Its attributes have been adjusted.

“Damn…” Looking at the Four Symbols Sacred Armor with less than 10% of its attributes, Mo Xiao could only accept his fate.

No wonder it was said that equipment and attributes were useless after entering the Heaven-reaching Tower. Now, it seemed that this was indeed the case.

“Character panel!”

[Character Panel]

Name: Mo Xiao

Health Points: 1,050/1,050

Mana Points: 1,090/1,090

Level: LV20

Profession: Solo Player

Strength: 105

Agility: ill

Spirit: 109

Endurance: 105

Physique: 105

Available Attribute Points: 190 points

Mo Xiao looked at his meager attribute panel and couldn’t help but feel utterly defeated.

It was too weak!!!

He had all attributes exceeding a thousand!!!

And now, what was this?

A pathetic character panel?

Not to mention breaking through a thousand!

Not even reaching 200 in any attribute!

“Damn…” Mo Xiao nearly cursed out loud.

[Ding, the preparation time is about to end. Please allocate your attributes and prepare your equipment!]

Hearing the system’s voice, Mo Xiao took a deep breath. “System! Allocate all my attributes to Strength!”

Just like before, Mo Xiao allocated all his attributes to Strength.

This allowed Mo Xiao’s strength attribute to break through to 295 points. Although it was decent, it was still pathetic.

[Assessment is about to begin! Get ready!]






[Assessment begins! Please defeat 30 Wild Bulls or survive for 30 minutes under their attacks!]

As the system prompt sounded, Mo Xiao felt the ground suddenly begin to shake violently.

At the same time, the thunderous sound of approaching footsteps echoed in the distance.

Mo Xiao looked up to see a cloud of dust approaching.

The creators of this dust cloud, a herd of Wild Bulls, were charging toward him.

“Wild Bulls?” Hearing the name, Mo Xiao’s brow furrowed.

In the past, he wouldn’t have cared about these low-level monsters, but now, his current attributes were ridiculously low.

If these bulls were very high-level, he couldn’t be sure if he could handle them…

“Illusion Breaking Technique!”

Without hesitation, Mo Xiao used the Illusion Breaking Technique on the Wild Bulls.

[Wild Bull]

HP: 5,500/5,500

Level: LV20

Strength: 350

Agility: 80

Spirit: 20

Endurance: 50

Physique: 50

Skills: Rampaging Charge (Charges at the target at triple speed, with a 70% chance to stun the target)

Armor-Piercing Strength (Passive skill, has a 70% chance to ignore all enemy armor)

Mighty Horn Strike (Strikes the target with a massive horn, dealing massive damage)

Roaring Thunder (Lets out a deafening roar, damaging nearby enemies and reducing their attack power)

In the past, Mo Xiao wouldn’t have given these mobs a second thought.

But now, he dared not underestimate them.

350 points of Strength. If this attribute hit his current self, he could forget about living under the bulls!

“With more than a thousand mana points, some spells can’t even be used…” Mo Xiao pondered for a moment, and two Thousand Mechanism Umbrellas appeared in his hands at the same time.

“It seems like skills can still be used…”

“Brutal Power!

“Power Halo!

“Full-strength attack!”

Mo Xiao used a few familiar skills, and his Thousand Mechanism Umbrellas transformed into two cannons.

Boom! Boom!




Accompanied by a series of explosions, a terrifying amount of damage erupted in the herd of Wild Bulls, sending many of them flying into the air and crashing down lifeless.

Those at the outskirts only suffered explosive damage and were left with just over 1,000 health points.

“It seems like talents can still come in handy,” Mo Xiao sighed with relief, knowing that if talents were still usable, he had nothing to worry about..