After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.2039 - : Negotiate a Deal


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Chapter 2039: Negotiate a Deal

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The so-called office was actually a temporary container office made up of four container structures put together. If there was a strong wind, it could even be blown away. Liu Guang looked around unhappily. Tan Shi was observant enough to notice Liu Guang’s concerns.

“I’ve invested all my money into the machines, so the office setup is very basic.

However, you don’t have to worry about the machinery and the technology. There won’t be any problem! My name is Tan Shi. Bosses, how should I address you?” Tan Shi asked.

“My name is Li Xin. This is my friend, Liu Guang,” Li Xin said.

“Boss Lee! Boss Liu! You’re both so young and promising! May I know where your company is located? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of you in Lian City. A big factory like yours should already have long-time business partners. Why have you come here instead?” Tan Shi asked.

“Our hometown is in River City. It’s indeed as you say. We do have long-time business partners, but they recently received a big order and won’t be able to help us for a while. If we wait for them to complete that order, we will need to wait for three months! That’s why we’re urgently going around to look for a factory that can make ham sausages!” Li Xin said.

“Look at how anxious we are. We haven’t slept for two days. If we don’t deliver the goods on time, we’ll have to compensate our client a few hundred thousand dollars for breach of contract!” Liu Guang said, making it sound as serious as he could.

Compensation of a few hundred thousand dollars! Tan Shi’s eyes lit up. If the compensation sum already went into the hundreds of thousands, then the order itself must be worth millions!

He wondered why he had so much good luck this year. First, someone gave him money to go into business and now, a big order had come to his door on its own! Moreover, it was a big order worth millions! The heavens were really good to him! He was destined to be rich this year!

“Bosses, there’s no need for you to run around anymore! Our factory can make ham sausages! I wonder how many ham sausages Boss Lee and Boss Liu need?” Tan Shi asked as he suppressed the excitement in his heart. Li Xin raised two fingers and Tan Shi asked tentatively, ‘90,000?”

“Two million!” Li Xin said.

Two million! The current retail price of one ham sausage was one dollar and the cost of making it was about 10 cents. Tan Shi could sell it to the two men for about 50 cents each. If this deal was successful, Tan Shi would make a net profit of 800,000 dollars!

“Bosses, if you trust me, then you can give this order to me!” Tan Shi said. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

“But we need it very urgently. We have to deliver the goods in one month’s time, so we don’t have much time. With your capacity…” Liu Guang glanced around Tan Shi’s factory and continued, “Can you get it done in time?”

“Boss Liu, don’t worry! Although our factory is not big, the equipment is the most advanced in the world and our standards are also very high. As long as you give the order to me! You will definitely be satisfied with the results!” Tan Shi boasted.

He had already tried out the few machines in the factory. Huang Quan had found him an outstanding repairman, as well as many old technicians who used to work in factory assembly lines. There would not be any problem with the production.

Liu Guang and Li Xin looked at each other. Li Xin nodded in satisfaction and said, “Alright! Then you can have the job!”

“I also have a small request. Bosses, can you put down a deposit first?” Tan Shi said.

“Of course, but based on the practice in our hometown, we can only give a 10% deposit. Can you accept that?” Li Xin said.

A deposit of 10% was indeed a bit too little. Tan Shi still needed money to buy raw materials! However, he was really unwilling to let such a big order fall into the hands of others.

“Sure! No problem!” Tan Shi took out a contract from his drawer and Li Xin handed the 100,000 dollars in his bag to Tan Shi.

With the money in hand, Tan Shi felt more at ease. He was no longer worried that Li Xin and Liu Guang were lying to him. Even if the two of them ran away in the end, ham sausages were always in high demand in the country and could be sold anywhere,

“Bosses, do you want to take a look at the canned food produced in our factory? The quality of our canned food is also very good!” Tan Shi recommended.

“Canned food… We’re not interested,” Liu Guang said.

“We’re already here! Won’t it be a pity if we don’t take a look? What type of canned food do you have?” Li Xin asked curiously.

Tan Shi immediately asked the workers to go to the factory warehouse to bring out a few samples. They were currently producing canned pork, beef, ham and fish. These were all selling quite well. The packaging was very exquisite and it was obvious that these were good stuff..