After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.2041 - : Run Off


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Chapter 2041: Run Off

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Fortunately, Lian City and River City were not far from each other and the journey time only took one day and one night. Therefore, Tan Shi agreed to Li Xin’s request and he decided to tag along as well. When the convoy reached the suburbs, it was nighttime and already very dark all around. There was only a small inn by the roadside with the lights on. This inn mainly catered to the delivery truck drivers and other travelers.

“It’s difficult to travel at night and accidents may happen if the drivers are too tired. Let’s stop at that inn and rest for the night. I’ll pay for all the expenses!

Everyone, you can eat and drink to your heart’s content!” Li Xin said generously.

“Since Boss Li says so, there’s no reason for us to reject your suggestion. Guys! Let’s get down and rest!” Tan Shi said happily.

The big group arrived at the inn in a grand manner. The boss of the inn was very pleasantly surprised to see them. After all, there were usually only a few guests at night. It was rare to see such a large group of guests.

“Are you staying for the night or just having a meal?” the boss asked.

“We’ll eat first! Then we’ll stay for the night!” Tan Shi said.

“Sure, sure, sure! Please come in!” The boss led Tan Shi and the rest to sit down. While putting in the order for the food, Li Xin ordered a lot of liquor as well. 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“Boss Li, we still have to continue with our journey tomorrow. It’s better not to drink,” Tan Shi said.

Li Xin immediately flapped his hand and said, “We must drink a little as a booster for the journey! Otherwise, where’s the fun in it? We should celebrate our successful business deal! It has been a tiring day for everyone and a nice drink can help us relax!”

The truck drivers were all very tired from the long journey. On their delivery trips, they would very often have some drinks whenever they took a break. In this era, there were no strict checks on drink driving yet, so all these drivers behaved very recklessly.

It did not take long for everyone to get drunk and fall over the table. Even Tan Shi did not manage to stay sober. At first, Li Xin and Liu Guang also pretended to slump on the table. When it was quiet all around, the two of them put their arms around each other’s shoulders and got up shakily, muttering that they were going to the toilet outside.

“Did anyone see us?” Li Xin asked softly.

“No,” Liu Guang replied.

The two of them instantly made their way into a small forested area at the side. Here, Qiao Mei had prepared a getaway car for them.

After they got into the car, Liu Guang asked, “Why do you think Sister-in-law asked us to bring all of them here? What does she intend to do? Should we stay here to help out?”

“Sister-in-law must have her reasons for doing that, so let’s not worry about it! Let’s just go along with Sister-in-law’s arrangements! We must be careful not to ruin things for her!” After saying that, Li Xin drove off.

During the night, countless vines slowly crept out from the depths of the forested area. The vines tore holes in the cloth coverings of the trucks and silently removed all the goods stored inside, pulling everything deep into the forested area and then disappearing into the ground.

Qiao Mei stood at the top of the mountain and watched everything that was happening in front of her. When everything was done, she walked on the mountain path to the other side and went home.

At dawn the next day, Tan Shi suddenly woke up with a start. He looked around in panic but did not see Li Xin and Liu Guang. He quickly ran to the guest room upstairs to see if he could find the two of them, but they were not there.

He grabbed one of the drivers and asked, “Wake up! Have you seen Boss Li and Boss Liu?”

“What? Ah… No, they seemed to be drinking downstairs yesterday…” the driver said groggily.

“Crap! They are gone!” Tan Shi said furiously.

The driver was wide awake immediately and asked nervously, “Who’s going to pay us if they are gone!”

Li Xin had already told these drivers that he would bear all the expenses related to the journey. If Li Xin was gone, who should they get payment from?

“It’s fine. It’s not like we have nothing to sell the goods even if they have run off. I’ll pay all of you after I sell off everything,” Tan Shi said.

He was fully prepared for all kinds of scenarios. The canned food and ham sausages in the truck were all items that were in high demand in the country, so there was no lack of buyers. Even if Li Xin’s order did not materialize, he would not make a loss.

In fact, now that Li Xin had run away, he could keep the deposit of 150,000 dollars for free. He might need to work harder for now, but there was no harm done.

There was suddenly a commotion downstairs. A truck driver stumbled upstairs and said, “Bad news… Brother! Bad news! Something major has happened! ”

“What is it? Speak slowly!” Tan Shi said..