After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! - C.2043 - : Coming to the Door


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Chapter 2043: Coming to the Door

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When Huang Quan heard about this matter, he almost fainted. It was impossible to hide such a big matter from the Huang family’s relatives and they soon found out about it. All the relatives were furious. Everyone of them had invested some money! They were all counting on Huang Quan! How could such a thing happen!

It did not take long for all of them to gather outside the Huang familys house. They were all there to demand an explanation from Huang Quan. More than that, they wanted to get back all the money they had invested.

“Open the door! Hey, open the door!”

“Elder Brother and Sister-in-law! Now that your son has done such a thing! You can’t just turn a blind eye!’

“Return my money! Return all my money! My children are still schooling! Give me back all my money!’

“How heartless! That’s the money to pay for my coffin in the future! If you do this, what will happen to me when I die! I won’t be able to die in peace!”

Other than Huang Quan, every member of the Huang family was currently stuck in the house. Huang Mian sat on the sofa and said mockingly, “l just know that Eldest Brother did not plan this out properly. Look at what has happened. Everyone is at our door now.”

“Stop being so sarcastic! That’s your eldest brother!” Huang Zhong said furiously.

“Father! It’s not like you don’t know what my eldest brother has been doing all this while! When does he ever do things properly? Look at how our entire family has been implicated now!” Huang Mian said.

“Father, my second brother is right. This entire matter is my eldest brother’s fault. You can’t keep finding excuses for him. Father, don’t you always say that one should bear the responsibility bravely if one does something wrong?” Huang Can said softly.

Huang Zhong and You Yu doted on their youngest son the most. They were already quite old when he was born and they particularly cherished him. Even if Huang Can wanted to do something ridiculous and unrealistic, Huang Zhong would never say no to him.

“Can Can is right. This whole thing is caused by the fact that Huang Quan is useless!” You Yu said agitatedly. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝓮𝔀ℯ𝓫𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝘭.𝑐𝓸𝓶

Tan Jing had been taking care of the children at the Huang family’s house during this period of time and did not know anything about what was going on outside the house. She walked down the stairs slowly and looked at everyone blankly.

You Yu immediately walked towards Tan Jing. Before Tan Jing could react, You Yu gave her a hard slap, causing her to fall and kneel on the ground.

“B*tch! You recommended your younger brother to my son! My son only got into such a big mess because he hired your younger brother to manage the factory! Your entire family is so jinxed! All of you will eventually destroy our family!” You Yu roared.

“What… happened?” Tan Jing asked.

“Your brother can’t keep an eye on the clients! They have run away! The goods are lost! Millions of dollars! Gone just like that!” You Yu said.

Tan Jing felt as if she had been shoved into an ice cave, She was still counting on the earnings from the factory to regain her freedom! How could such a thing happen?

“Impossible! Is there any misunderstanding! My brother won’t do that!” Tan Jing said.

“He won’t? Who knows what your family will do! I even suspect that your family has hidden all the goods! They want to destroy my family! Then your family can sell the goods and become rich!” You Yu said.

“It can’t be! Not at all!” Tan Jing said in a panic.

You Yu did not care about what Tan Jing said and vented all her anger on Tan Jing. Ever since Tan Jing married into the Huang family, their family had not had a good day! Tan Jing was such a jinx!

The Huang family tapped on their connections and arranged for the matter to be investigated thoroughly, but they did not get any results. No one knew where the goods were or where Li Xin and Liu Guang had gone.

At this moment, the two of them should already be in Country M with their families. Qiao Mei had sent them to her farm there so that they could lie low for a while. They could come back when the Huang family forgot about this matter.

After a few days, Qiao Mei arranged for Chi Ze and the others to go to the other side of the mountain to be on standby. In those two years when Qiao Mei was not around, they had often made deliveries through this area and knew the roads around here like the back of their hands.

Qiao Mei had asked them to go to a spot which was surrounded by mountains and where there were very few people around. No one would pass by this place at all. They did not know why Qiao Mei asked them to come here and why they had to come at night. The place was very dark and it looked a little scary. “Chi Ze, is everyone here?” Qiao Mei said as she walked out of the forest..