After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife - C.125


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Hearing the little boy's shout, Luo Ge pulled Older Baby and Second Baby along, puzzled.

Then, they saw an elegantly dressed woman ahead of them pause for a moment. After taking a closer look, she rushed over with reddened eyes.


The little boy also opened his tiny arms: "Mother."

Gu Jinchen glanced at Luo Ge before handing the little boy over to the woman, watching as the mother and son cried in each other's embrace.

Seeing this, the Prince of Nanyang hurried over and hugged the mother and son.

The emotions of reunion after separation were indescribable.

As for Tie Dan, his return was not as touching. Although Wang Sister-In-Law and the others initially shed tears of joy upon seeing Tie Dan, they soon checked him over frantically, worried. Seeing that Tie Dan was unharmed, they breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, after Wang Sister-In-Law's excitement subsided, Tie Dan's bottom bore the consequences.

"You little brat, you almost made your mother cry her eyes out."

Tie Dan swore that this was the lightest beating his mother had ever given him.

"Heheh." Upon hearing Wang Sister-In-Law's words, the boy could only laugh foolishly.

His reaction made the tearful Wang family members unable to hold back their laughter.

Luo Ge and the others couldn't help but join in the laughter.

At this time, the Prince of Nanyang and the Princess Consort also regained their composure and looked over.

"Father, Mother, it was Uncle and Auntie who rescued me," the little boy said, pointing at Luo Ge and the others.

He had heard the older boys calling Luo Ge and the others "Uncle" and "Auntie" on the way, so he followed suit.

Hu Jun, who had been standing beside the Old County Magistrate and preparing to depart with the Prince of Nanyang, blinked at Gu Jinchen in confusion.

"This is the Prince of Nanyang and the Princess Consort," the Old County Magistrate explained, having regained his senses upon hearing the Little Crown Prince's words.

Hearing this, Gu Jinchen and Luo Ge exchanged a glance and promptly bowed to the Prince and Princess Consort.

"Commoner Gu Jinchen/Commoner wife Luo, greets the Prince/Princess Consort."

The others behind them also quickly followed suit and bowed.

The Prince of Nanyang usually led troops to guard the borders and protect the people, rarely appearing before the commoners.

So, while the people had heard of his renowned name, few had seen him in person.

Earlier, the Prince of Nanyang and the Princess Consort were dressed plainly, without any fuss.

Therefore, the people had assumed they were officials sent from the higher authorities, never imagining they were the revered Prince of Nanyang and Princess Consort.

"Please, our benefactors, rise," said the Prince of Nanyang, born a martial artist and unconcerned with formalities. He stepped forward and helped Gu Jinchen up.

The Princess Consort also quickly assisted Luo Ge and the others, bringing the Little Crown Prince with her.

"Hmm." At that moment, a muffled groan came from the carriage not far behind Luo Ge and the others, as if someone had woken up.

Seeing this, the onlookers turned their gazes toward Gu Jinchen and the others with puzzled expressions.

But Tie Dan slapped his forehead: "Oh no, we almost forgot about the big bad guys."

With that, he led Older Baby, Second Baby, and the other little ones, waddling behind Gu Jinchen to watch as he unloaded a few burly men tied up tightly.

"This is..."

"These are the thieves who kidnapped Chu'er and the Little Crown Prince. When my wife and I were returning to the village with our two children after leaving the city..."

Seeing the others' confusion, Gu Jinchen recounted the events of their day after leaving the city.

Upon understanding, the Prince of Nanyang and the others nodded in realization.

They bowed to Gu Jinchen and the others: "Fortunate for us to have encountered you and rescue Chu'er from the fire and water. We are eternally grateful for this kindness."

The Wang family members also looked at Gu Jinchen and the others with gratitude in their eyes, though unspoken.

Seeing the Prince's gesture, Gu Jinchen waved his hand modestly with a smile.

"Your Highness is too kind. Anyone would have intervened upon encountering such heinous criminals." fre𝚎w𝐞bn𝗼v𝗲𝐥.𝚌𝗼𝚖

"Moreover, this is my hometown, the place that nurtured me. If I had not helped when my hometown was in trouble, that would have been a shame."

"I captured these criminals alive in the hope that it might help recover the other missing children, as cunning as these foxes have been."

The Prince of Nanyang nodded repeatedly, feeling grateful and admiring toward Gu Jinchen.

Though unconcerned with formalities, those of high status inevitably harbored suspicions about others' intentions for approaching them.

Even more so for Gu Jinchen and the others, who had left the city gates so coincidentally, found the shoe so coincidentally, encountered the thieves so coincidentally, and possessed such remarkable skills to capture the thieves.

With so many coincidences, it would be strange for those of high status not to be suspicious.

Moreover, the Prince of Nanyang's status was unique – he was a crucial general guarding the borders, easily targeted by enemy spies.

If he failed to be cautious and was truly approached by spies or the like, the consequences would be severe.

Having a cautious mindset was necessary.

But Gu Jinchen's words of righteousness dispelled the Prince's misgivings, and he felt even more admiration for Gu Jinchen's perceptiveness and wisdom.

"Brother Gu's words are reasonable," said the Prince of Nanyang, changing his form of address. Those present, including the Old County Magistrate, were visibly startled and surprised, while Gu Jinchen laughed cheerfully.

At this time, the few men brought back by Gu Jinchen and the others had been awakened.

"This... this... you..." Seeing the situation before them, the men panicked instantly.

"Interrogate them thoroughly!" The Prince of Nanyang ordered coldly, and his subordinates immediately took the men away.

These kidnappers, unable to handle even a single person like Gu Jinchen, were terrified upon seeing so many officials and soldiers, not to mention the Prince.

It didn't take long before they confessed everything they knew.

They were part of the same gang, and today's operation had been planned in advance, so they were aware of some leads to a certain extent.

As the situation was urgent, apart from Tie Dan and the Little Crown Prince who had been found, five other children had perished that day. After ordering the kidnappers to be closely guarded, the Prince of Nanyang immediately followed the leads.

"Brother Gu, with such exceptional skills, you should not let them go to waste. Why don't you join me on this journey?" said the Prince of Nanyang, turning to Gu Jinchen as he sat on his horse, bidding farewell to the Princess Consort.

Upon hearing this, Gu Jinchen turned to his wife, Luo Ge, who smiled and nodded.

Seeing this, Gu Jinchen finally looked back at the Prince of Nanyang: "I obey your command."