After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife - C.6


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Gu Jinchen's psychology at the moment, no one knew.

But after tasting the flavor of this meal, Luo Ge already understood why he was so eager to find a wife to take care of the family.

She also finally understood why the two little ones at home could still be so skinny despite the family conditions not being too bad.

She further understood why the little ones had revealed such expressions just now.

And her reaction was as if she had made a blunder, Gu Jinchen could not keep up the act either, silently placing the soup to the side.

Adhering to the viewpoint of not wasting, their family silently picked out the edible chicken meat to eat, not having touched anything else.

...After the meal, the family sat in the yard for a while. Waiting for the water to boil, Gu Jinchen then let the two little ones go take a bath.

Giving the children a bath was not unfamiliar to her. Waiting for Gu Jinchen to fetch and place the water in the yard, Luo Ge prepared to give the two little ones a wash.

Yet unexpectedly when she walked over, they actually unanimously covered their little pants.

"???" What's the matter?"

"Little auntie, we are boys." For once, it was Second Baby who spoke up first.

"Mm, I know." But they're just little kids, only four or five years old.

Older Baby opened his mouth as if wanting to say something but hesitated, and finally both brothers' gazes fell on their little uncle.

Gu Jinchen: "Let them wash themselves, they are already used to it. You are still recovering, go back and rest first."

"...Alright." Looking at the two little ones' rejecting appearances, then looking at Gu Jinchen, Luo Ge could only nod.

She had forgotten that ancient era children matured early, and were cautious about interactions between the genders.

Since the little ones could do it themselves, she naturally need not worry.

After the little ones finished washing, the sky had already darkened. Gu Jinchen also found his own clothes and went to the river to wash up.

There was a place by the flowing river beach where the water was very clean. Usually the village men would go there to freshen up, including Gu Jinchen.

...But unexpectedly after he entered the two little ones' room to rest just like these past few nights, after washing up, he suffered their soul interrogation.

Second Baby: "Little uncle, why did you come to our room?"

Older Baby: "Little uncle, won't you go accompany little auntie?"

Gu Jinchen: "......" Kids and their endless questions.

"Your little auntie's health has not recovered yet, going over will disturb her." Using the usual excuse again.

"It's fine, don't worry. I've tried it before, little uncle you don't snore at night, and don't toss and turn, you won't disturb little auntie."

Older Baby spoke seriously, clearly the excuses Gu Jinchen found were already unconvincing to him.

Perhaps due to previous training, Gu Jinchen truly slept obediently. The posture he had before falling asleep could be maintained until he woke at dawn, Older Baby's words were true.

"And little uncle, didn't you say that you and little auntie are now truly husband and wife?

I asked Tie Dan about it, his parents are also husband and wife. He said husband and wife should sleep together."

"Tie Dan also said that his dad told him before that if his dad didn't accompany his mom to rest, his mom would be scared sleeping alone."

This was when Tie Dan's dad was kicked out by his wife to sleep with Tie Dan.

Gu Jinchen: "......." Rendered speechless.

Did that little rascal next door know a bit too much?

His two little ones here, what kinds of weird questions were they asking others every day? f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

"Little uncle, hurry back! My brother and I are two people, we won't be scared. You don't need to accompany us.

Little auntie is alone, she will definitely be scared."

Hearing his older brother's words, Second Baby worriedly added a couple sentences too.

Gu Jinchen: "....." With things having reached this point, whether he went or not....

Seemed like he had no choice, these two little ones seemed to have blocked all the paths and excuses...

"Don't ask people these kinds of questions again next time."

Finally Gu Jinchen hugged his pillow and silently returned to the door of his original room, which was also Luo Ge's room.

Before leaving he did not forget to admonish the two little ones, that they should not pay attention to these matters every day.

...While Luo Ge was also thinking about this matter at the moment. These past two days she had been dizzy and muddled, she really couldn't remember if he had previously rested together with her.

But now that the marriage contract had been set, in her awareness a marriage contract was equivalent to a marriage certificate.

They were now a proper married couple. Resting together seemed to be normal?

Emm...might as well. They were both adults. Oh well.

Might as well rest together. After all when she told him "I can be your wife" she had already mentally prepared.

It was just...still inevitably somewhat nervous. After all she was still a maiden who hadn't even had her first kiss.

But he was better looking than many internet celebrities she had seen before. He had that masculine, valiant handsomeness that suited her aesthetic.

Tall and big, giving a sense of security. His physique seemed to also be quite...impressive, she didn't seem to lose out?

Thinking of this, she habitually pinched her own fingers.

It was just that he liked to keep a wooden face usually, that inexplicable imposing aura was still a bit intimidating.

"Knock knock", right in the midst of her thoughts, the room door was suddenly knocked on.

"Who is it?" She couldn't help but poke her head out.

"It's me, open the door." Hearing the delicate voice inside, Gu Jinchen pressed his lips and calmly responded.

He's here! He really came.

Hearing his voice her heart suddenly felt somewhat nervous, with a trace of apprehension she got off the bed and opened the door for him.

"Creak", with the sound of the door opening, the two's sights met in the moonlight.

"Cough cough", then they awkwardly looked away at the same time.

"It's late, rest."

Gu Jinchen pretended to be calm, hugging his pillow as he walked in, placing the pillow outside the bed. Then he pretended to be calm and said to her.

As a young man this was also his first time interacting with a young lady, his first time taking a wife. His psychological state was just like hers, birds of a feather.

When she was unconscious, him carrying her to feed her medicine and congee didn't feel like anything much. But now with the young lady awake he felt rather unnatural.

Luo Ge pinched her fingers. She silently crawled inside.

He also laid down, body stiff as he lay at the bedside.

Luo Ge stealthily took a peek at him from under the blanket, little heart thumping quickly.

"Cough cough, I asked someone to look at the dates. The seventh day of next month's auspicious for completing the marriage." Seeming to sense her nervousness, he cleared his throat and spoke.

"I plan to perform the worship ceremony that day, and take your thoughts?"

Hearing this meant he would wait until the worship ceremony day for her?

The seventh of next month? Today was already the thirtieth of the sixth month. The seventh of the seventh month was precisely Qixi Festival.

There was still some time until then, giving her space to recuperate, and time for them both to adapt. Quite good.

"I'll listen to you." Thinking so she also responded.

Gu Jinchen paused for a moment. That date wasn't far from today either, he had thought she might feel the timing was rushed. Thus he asked for her opinion, they could also push the date back if needed.

He didn't expect this young lady to actually be so frank, ...this was good too.

"Mm, sleep."

After he said this, the two did not speak again.

Perhaps due to her physical condition, after hearing his words and her nervous mood stabilizing, she quickly fell asleep.

Seeing her sleeping soundly, Gu Jinchen also relaxed, closing his eyes.

But unexpectedly while his sleeping was obedient, this young lady was a restless sleeper.

Perhaps because it was cooler late at night, she snuggled up to the warmth.

Her head resting on his chest, a leg draped over his waist, practically hugging him like a body pillow, even comfortably nuzzling her head.

This really riled up the hot-blooded young men. The younger ones were already fiery by nature, not to mention they now had their little darling wives in their arms.

Big Palms lightly pushed again, but the little darling wife didn't budge at all. On the contrary, she held on even tighter.

And after what he had just said, of course he wouldn't take advantage of the situation.

In the end, Gu Jinchen could only heave a long sigh, and let her be.

Silently holding his darling wife, he endured the burning impatience and went to sleep.