After Transmigration, She Sold Herself to a Man as a Wife - C.8


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The two little ones went next door as soon as they went out and called their little companion Tie Dan.

The Gu family village was divided into two surnames, the Gu surname and the Wang surname. Tie Dan's family next door was also surnamed Wang.

They had been neighbors with the Gu family for many years and the relationship had always been very good. They were also one of the few families in the village who did not alienate the two little ones because their relatives in the Gu family had passed away one after another.

Tie Dan was also the only little companion of the two little ones, so the three of them would get together to do almost everything on weekdays.

Earlier when Gu Jinchen was taking care of the babies alone, when he went out, he would always leave the two little ones with the Wang family next door.

"Tie Dan brother, this is our young aunt."

"Little aunt, this is Tie Dan brother."

Tie Dan was two years older than the two little ones. The little one pulled Tie Dan to her and did not forget to introduce him.

"Little aunt."

Tie Dan had his hair tied up in a small bun. His round face looked very lucky. He spoke boldly and was an active and cheerful child.

"So you are Tie Dan. Thank you for always taking Older Baby and Second Baby to play."

Saying that, she took out some candy from her arms, which Gu Jinchen had bought back earlier, and distributed it to the few little ones separately.

"Here, have some."

"Thank you, little aunt!"

Seeing that everyone had some, the few little ones did not stand on ceremony. They sang sweetly in unison to thank her and then held hands and ran ahead.

"Little aunt, come quickly. We know where the most wild vegetables are."

There were many children in the village. They couldn't help much on weekdays and just frolicked around the village. So things like picking wild vegetables that could be done while playing fell on them.

Tie Dan was specially responsible for picking wild vegetables in their family. He was very skilled from bringing the two little ones together frequently.

"Okay." Hearing the shouts of the few little ones, Luo Ge silently kept up.

The few little ones walked in front with their little baskets and small hoes, skillfully taking her to the place with the most wild vegetables.

"Is it a lot? Enough for our few families!"

There was a large patch full of wild vegetables and amaranth. It was the season to eat amaranth now in June and July.

The place was on the back of a hill with thorns blocking it and less sunshine. It was very suitable for the growth of amaranth. Usually few people came to this side, which worked to their advantage.

Just as they parted the thorn bushes, Luo Ge was accidentally pricked a few times. She had just pulled out the thorn on the red mole on her tiger mouth when she heard Tie Dan say something.

She couldn't help laughing a little: "Well, Tie Dan, you guys are very good to be able to find so much."

She cooperated by praising them, but did not notice the blood beads from her tiger mouth flowing into that red mole instantly.

"Hee hee hee." Little kids are so easily flattered. Their faces instantly bloomed with joy and they picked the wild vegetables even more vigorously than usual.

Since there were many vegetables here, Luo Ge picked enough for today and tomorrow all at once.

They still had quite a lot left after their picking, but they couldn't finish eating too much. Now that the weather was hot, it would become dry and stiff after sitting for a couple days, so it couldn’t be kept.

Anyway, these kinds of wild vegetables grew quickly and would grow out after a couple days again, so they didn’t pick too greedily.

Now that there was still plenty of time, the two little ones did not follow her back to the yard but went to play with their Tie Dan brother instead.

They were very obedient, only playing near the house and not running far, all within sight of the yard gate. So Luo Ge did not restrain them.

After simply washing the vegetables, she always felt her tiger mouth itchy and slightly hot.

She gently poked it with her finger. She thought it might be some micro toxicity from the thorns and was about to go back to the room to find something to treat it.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she stepped into the room, the sky and earth in front of her eyes instantly changed.

She actually returned to her own yard in the modern era, everything arranged as when she went out earlier.

"Is this...transmigration?" Seeing the familiar little farm she owned, she was a little stunned.

But she soon realized something wrong. This was not the modern world she imagined.

Although everything was the same as her small yard, the hillside farm she contracted behind the yard and the orchards were still intact. The chickens, ducks and everything else looked perfectly fine too.

But... apart from the things she owned, she couldn't see anything else. Her neighbor’s fields in front of her house gate were gone.

Besides her little yard, the other neighbors' houses were also gone. Looking out, it was just vast whiteness.

She felt that this must be the necessary space for transmigration that she read about in novels. Hers was just different from her predecessors’ or things like game farms.

Her space only consisted of the things she previously owned in modern times, nothing else.

But she was very satisfied. After all, it was her hard-earned asset! Being able to bring it over was really wonderful!


Thinking so, she silently recited in her heart like what she saw in novels.

In the next moment, her sight returned back to the Gu family's small courtyard, with her still in the room. 𝚏ree𝚠𝚎𝐛nove𝚕.com

"Space." Reciting again, she returned to the space.

After trying several times, she confirmed that the passage of time in the space was different from the outside world. In proportion, one day outside was four days inside. So six hours outside was a full day inside and so on.

Also she could freely take things in and out of it.

And the things in the space seemed to be automatically replenished after they were taken out.

She had just drank a beverage and when she turned back the drink returned to the fridge. However the fridge was not powered and there was no electricity in the yard either.

She wondered if the chickens and ducks on the farm could also be replenished like this. She would have to try again next time.

The opportunity to enter this space lay in the little red mole on her hand.

After confirming these, she felt much more at ease.

.....After fiddling around for a while, Gu Jinchen had already returned from the village.

"There should be a few tables at that time. I plan to ask Aunt Zhang next door to help cook. What do you think?"

He washed his hands while talking to Luo Ge about it.

His cooking skills were really not up to par, but if Luo Ge cooked alone, he was afraid she would be too busy. So he thought of asking Aunt Zhang next door for help.

"Okay, sure."

"We picked some amaranth earlier. For lunch, do you want amaranth pancakes or amaranth egg dumplings?"

From her usage of flour this morning, she now knew clearly that this man was not the kind of person who economized food much.

"Both are good." Gu Jinchen replied, then added, "You decide these things, we are not picky eaters."

"Alright then, let's also make a couple pancakes and add some soup. We can make dumplings for dinner later."

"Good, I’ll help knead the dough." Kneading dough required some strength and he was a lot more convenient with his strength.


Cooperating with Gu Jinchen, she made lunch.

Somehow the cooperation and interaction between them felt so natural, as if they were an intimate couple instead of still unfamiliar husband and wife.

Was it because her personality was too easygoing?