Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.01 Playing the Bandit, Starting the Escape, Peerless Ruthless Bandit!

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.01 Playing the Bandit, Starting the Escape, Peerless Ruthless Bandit!

Dear audience, welcome to the second season of the Skynet Operation program. The program also known as A Criminals Nightmare: After Watching the Program, I Dare Not Commit Crimes Anymore, I Want to Be a Good Person. After the first season aired, the domestic crime rate dropped by 20 percent. Today the second season of our program is airing, and we believe everyone has been looking forward to it. Compared to the last season, our prize pool is even more exciting this time. Ten sponsors for the program, a billion in the prize pool. The fugitive contestants have to avoid being caught for as long as they can. For each day they avoid capture, they will receive increasing prizes. They will receive a ten-thousand-yuan prize each. Two days, fifty-thousand yuan. Three days, a hundred thousand. Four days, one hundred and fifty thousand. Five days, two hundred and fifty thousand. After five days, each additional day they arent caught will add five million, with the maximum prize reaching one billion. But friends, the money isnt that easy to earn, lets welcome our team of chief inspectors.

Inside a room, Wang Yun sat in front of a TV, watching the live broadcast in astonishment. A short-haired woman wearing a suit was holding a microphone and presenting the show with a smile. There were a lot of bullet comments popping up on the screen.

The female host then introduced each inspector with a smile on her face.

Our first chief inspector is our old friend, the former leader of the international special police force, who has devoted his life to maintaining peace and order. During his career, he has solved over 1,200 cases and has made significant contributions multiple times. Our senior, Jiang Youshan.

Our second chief inspector is also our old friend, the champion of the first Super Brain show held in our country, a super genius with an IQ test of 146, Wu Mingyu.

Our third chief inspector is our new friend, the current 100-meter sprint and 500-meter world champion, Zhang Xingchen.

Our fourth chief inspector is quite capable, the best native writer of realistic mystery detective novels, currently an advisor to the capital police station. He is only in his thirties and has handled thousands of cases, Mr. Hong Feng.

Our fifth chief inspector is equally capable, an active criminal detective, who has won first place in the national detective competition, Leng Ming.

Last but not least, of course, we have our lively team responsible for boosting the atmosphere, always there cheering, featuring the comedy king Shen Hao and top-tier actress, Goddess Liu Qingqing.

Wang Yun quietly watched the TV, rubbing his brows.

He had just arrived in this world and found himself unexpectedly chosen for this program. Yes, he was part of this Skynet Operation program.

The Skynet Operation program was one of the most popular reality show-based escape challenge programs in the world. Similarly, it was also an educational program. The premise of the program was to find fifty ordinary people to play the roles of bandits. The chief inspectors part, on the other hand, was to hunt and arrest the fugitives.

The fugitives could do everything possible to escape, and if they werent caught in one day, they could earn ten thousand yuan. Two days, that would be fifty thousand yuan. In this second season, if they can evade capture for over five days, their prize money will increase by five million yuan each additional day.

However, avoiding being caught when chased by some of the most capable people in the country wasnt that easy. In the first season, only one fugitive had managed to hold out for five days.

This program, with its huge investment, was an immediate hit when the first season was aired. It became the hottest reality show. With the first season achieving such remarkable results, the second season was speculated to surpass the first one.

Our chief inspectors are in place, as with the previous rules, each of them is a team leader, a captain, and has under their command twenty ordinary officers and five elite officers. They are all active police officers or elites in our society. This time our five team leaders will be having a competition, to see who catches more, we will also do a ranking.

On TV, the female host continued with a smile, After introducing our hunters and their teams, next are our soon-to-be-hunted acting fugitives, a total of fifty. Below, we will announce their names, ages, current locations, and education.

Once the female host finished speaking, the profiles of the fifty participants, each playing the role of a fugitive, were displayed one by one. Among them, there was the name Wang Yun.

Wang Yun: Male

Age: 23

Education: Associate Degree

Current residence: Green Mountain District.

Okay, now, our staff will notify the fugitives, and an hour later, our five teams of officers will start their chase, dear viewers. Now, we will first switch the live camera to our chief inspectors office. The second season of the Skynet Operation begins now!

As the female hosts voice trailed off, the camera also switched the scene, moving to an office filled with a sci-fi vibe, equipped with various technology devices. In the office, the five team leaders and two celebrities were seated.


A knock came on the door as two staff members entered with a drone and said, Mr. Wang Yun, the show has started. A mini drone will be constantly recording and live-broadcasting you throughout the show.

Alongside the drone, they also attached a small, wireless camera to him, which, like the drone, would be continuously recording.

Alright. Wang Yun nodded, watching the mini drone fly behind him.

The drones shooting wouldnt initially reveal the performers face, only after they were caught, or later in the show, would their faces be shown.

The two staff members, having set everything up, continued to speak to him, Mr. Wang Yun, everything has been set. You can start running now.


Wang Yun was silent for a moment. Having just arrived in this world and directly entering this show, he was not prepared at all. And all the officers tasked to chase him were top elites in the world. How could he escape?

Suddenly, a mechanical voice echoed in his mind.

Ding! System activated, initiating beginners gift package. Host attribute panel now online.

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