Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.03 Surrender? A Provocative Finger!


The tv was turned off by the staff. Wang Yun prepared a packet of instant noodles, cracked two eggs, and quietly prepared himself a meal. The two staff members looked at Wang Yun in surprise, but they didnt ask any further questions and left.

The live broadcast had begun.

The audience could see what the fifty fugitives were doing, and also see that the group of officers had already set off.

A hundred ordinary officers, grouped in pairs, headed toward the residences of the fifty fugitives. This was the norm, the standard procedure for police catching criminals in reality.

Two officers would arrest one fugitive.

Wang Yun, with his bowl in hand, went downstairs to the front of the residential building. He squinted his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. It was an old residential complex, still possessing an old perimeter wall. Many vehicles were randomly parked around the area. He quietly ate, strolling around.

Indeed, after Wang Yun received the Peerless Bandit System, he had no intention of escaping directly. He was considering how to earn shock value points. As he strolled around, getting familiar with his surroundings, the corners of his mouth slightly lifted.


Wow, wow, wow, there really is a lot of talent this season. Theres a burly man dressed as a woman trying to evade the officers, haha, so funny. There was a guy who did the same thing last season, he was caught after two days.

Dressing as a woman is nothing. Check out the live camera number 21, that brother is posing as a pregnant woman in order to evade them, its really a generation of talent.

Theres another guy who rode a bicycle to the countryside, haha, this reminds me of a brother from last season who tried to survive in the wild but ended up eating something poisonous and was sent to the hospital. So hilarious.

The Skynet Operation had begun, and all the viewers were excitedly watching on their computers and mobile phones. Among them, the livestreams of the fifty fugitives were the place where many netizens found amusement.

Last season, some fugitives used various tactics to avoid being captured for as long as possible. At the same time, a lot of humorous incidents happened. Dressing up as women, crawling through sewers, and trying to survive in the wilderness in uninhabited areas, left many netizens speechless.

But that was also the appeal of the show. Because among the fifty fugitives, there were always many with strange ideas.

Eh, look at the guy on live camera number 33. This guy is actually strolling around his building with a bowl of instant noodles.

I see that, whats he planning? The most dangerous place is the safest place, does he want to hide in the residential complex later?

Maybe this brother is genuinely hungry, wanting to have a full meal before he gets caught, haha!

Some viewers noticed Wang Yuns livestream.

The fugitives on the other livestreams were all trying to find places to hide, but he, on the contrary, was brazenly strolling around. Wang Yuns peculiar actions attracted a fair number of viewers, and as time passed, more and more viewers were drawn in.

Hundreds of thousands of people watching his broadcast feed alone.

Isnt this brother going to run? Its almost been an hour, and the officers are already at the entrance of the complex.

This brother is going to be the first fugitive to be caught, boring, boring. freewebn ovel.c om

As the hour mark approached, all the viewers watching Wang Yuns livestream found it quite dull seeing him still there. He was about to be the first fugitive to be caught.

Could this be a set-up by the program team? This fugitive seems to be the one Zhang Xingchen is going to catch. Does the program team think Zhang Xingchen is weak, so theyre giving him an advantage?

Thats really possible. After all, our Xingchen is the weakest among all the chief inspectors, haha!

In the live chatroom, some viewers couldnt help but laugh and guess.

The officers are approaching, I really didnt expect Zhang Xingchen to be the first team leader to catch a fugitive. This is a plot by the program team.

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the complex, a car arrived. According to the fugitives information, the car stopped in front of a building. They got out of the car and walked forward, holding a photograph in their hands.

Similarly, above and behind them, a small drone was broadcasting live.


As they walked forward, they immediately saw a familiar figure standing ahead. They squinted their eyes slightly, looked at the photograph in their hands, and exchanged glances.

Report to the team leader, we have found a fugitive here, one of the young men pressed a button on his headset and reported.

At the same time, in the chief inspectors room, the young mans report was heard. The voice came from the speaker in front of Zhang Xingchen. The sudden report stunned Zhang Xingchen. He quickly sat up straight, his eyes gleaming.

What? You caught a fugitive? So quickly? Zhang Xingchen asked in surprise and delight.

Xingchen, look at live camera 33 under your team, officers 3 and 4 have already spotted the fugitive, but they havent caught him yet, this fugitive is a bit strange, he actually didnt run away, the beautiful actress Liu Qingqing said.

Zhang Xingchen immediately looked over at the live feed from the officers perspective. It was enlarged and a target appeared.

Wow, this fugitive hasnt run away at all? What does this mean? Is the program team setting this up intentionally? I, Zhang Xingchen, dont need this, I have real ability, Zhang Xingchen said with a complicated expression.

Xingchen, this might not be arranged by the program team. Think about it, in this world now, the net of heaven is vast and inescapable, some criminals might know that they cant escape, so they simply dont run. I think this fugitive made a wise choice, Shen Hao explained from the side.

Does the program team really think Im weak and intentionally gave me a handout? Zhang Xingchen looked at Shen Hao. fre

Holding back a smile, Shen Hao shook his head and asserted, Absolutely not!


Hahaha, so hilarious! Clearly, the program team has arranged a head start for Zhang Xingchen.

Let Zhang Xingchen take an early lead, so he doesnt lose too badly!

Zhang Xingchen and Shen Hao are such a riot!

At that moment, the audience in the live broadcast room couldnt help laughing, sending an influx of comments.


With a smile on his face, Zhang Xingchen bowed to the other four team leaders. Well then, my apologies to everyone. Reluctantly, Ill take the lead with one point. He then leaned into the microphone in front of him. Officers No. 3 and No. 4, arrest the target.

Yes! The two officers immediately responded.

On the side, Jiang Youshan and Wu Mingyu looked on with bemused smiles.

Hehe! Zhang Xingchen also smiled, unfazed by whether the program team had intentionally arranged the situation. Regardless, the first point was his. He leaned back in his chair, his gaze on the live broadcast, watching in silence.

Meanwhile, officers No. 3 and No. 4 were honed in on Wang Yun, rapidly closing in. However, before they could reach him, they saw the fugitive in front of them.



Raised his middle finger.

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