Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.46 Wang Yuns Time to Shine Begins


Is Big Brother making his move yet?

Im dying to know how Big Brother plans to nab that jewelry. The rooms packed with over a hundred people, and he doesnt even have any tools.

Big Brothers really walking on a tightrope now. His plans are likely to be exposed any moment. And thats not even mentioning how he plans to snag the treasure, escaping afterward is a whole other problem!

In Wang Yuns livestream, the chatter among viewers hit a fever pitch as they saw him make his way to the restroom.

Initially, the audience was buzzing when they speculated that Wang Yun was aiming for the Dazzling Starry Sky. But the excitement deflated like a punctured balloon when Captain Hong Feng intervened, accurately predicting every move Wang Yun had made.

There was no denying that Wang Yun was incredibly skilled, and his chosen target this time was quite staggering.

However, Captain Hong Feng was on another level of uncanny intuition. This could very well be the pitfall that finally traped Wang Yun for good.


Wang Yuns operation was now underway, and he was certainly not heading to the restroom. He veered off to one side, scanning the banquet hall with eagle-like eyes.

Ding! Spend 100,000 shock points to acquire advanced electrical engineering skills. fre ewebno

Ding! Spend 900,000 shock points to upgrade advanced ventriloquism to god-tier level.

As he surveyed the room, a system voice rang in his mind, deducting a total of one million shock value points. Only a tad above 300,000 shock points remained, reserved for emergencies.

The newly acquired electrical skills seamlessly integrated into his consciousness. He squinted, taking in the layout of the rooms wiring. Electric curtains, five lights, control buttons, smoke detector, everything.

Within moments, a complete schematic of the rooms electrical layout materialized in his mind.

Wang Yun then discreetly made his way to the control panel for the banquet rooms electric curtains. A benign smile graced his face as he looked ahead, biding his time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Report to the Captain, Ive questioned the staff and manager at Nansu Plaza. They mentioned three notable events today. A cosmetics brand has set up its launching event between floors 66 and 70, there are four weddings taking place, and lastly, on the 89th floor, the Lingzhu Group is hosting a banquet. Theyve invited numerous wealthy businessmen and the famous celebrity, Yang Jiaying, to showcase a valuable necklace from their jewelry collection.

In the programs command center room, a voice reported the information to Zhang Xingchen.

This intel was gathered following Hong Fengs advice to pinpoint todays unique occurrences at Nansu Plaza.

A cosmetics brand launch? Four weddings? The Lingzhu Groups banquet featuring a valuable necklace? Zhang Xingchen murmured to himself. Suddenly, his eyes sparkled as he exclaimed, Could Wang Yuns objective be the Lingzhu Group? The valuable necklace?

Sitting next to Skyhawk, Saomao couldnt hold back and asked, Is it possible to infiltrate to the 89th floor of Nansu Plaza, sneak into the banquet, and pilfer such a necklace? The banquet must be crowded with dozens of guests, right?

Whether its possible or not isnt the concern right now. I want four officers to head to the 89th floor immediately and position themselves at the banquets entrance. Skyhawk, review the CCTV footage and report any unusual activity on the 89th floor, Zhang Xingchen decisively ordered.

Understood, Captain! The inspection team members acknowledged promptly.

After a moment of contemplation, Zhang Xingchen continued, Also, anyone hosting a wedding at Nansu Plaza is from a well-off family. They might possess a substantial amount of jewelry. Dispatch four members to monitor the floors where the weddings are being held.

Beside him, Hong Feng nodded in agreement, clearly endorsing Zhang Xingchens strategy.


Damn, Captain Zhang Xingchen is on fire! With these moves, Wang Yuns toast.

Please! With Captain Hong Fengs guidance, any half-wit would know what to do. I feel sorry for Big Brother, though.

Its game over. Wang Yun is right inside the 89th-floor banquet. The moment they step onto that floor, Wang Yun is finished.

Whats Wang Yuns play now? Better to just give up.

The programs command center livestream was ablaze with comments streaming in. Some praised Zhang Xingchen, while others scorned him. Regardless, one thing was clear to all viewers, Wang Yun was treading on dangerous ground.

Lets move! f(r)eenovelkiss

Meanwhile, on the ground floor of Nansu Plaza, officers from the programs inspection team sprinted toward the elevators.

Skyhawk, the elevators are crowded, it might take us three to four minutes to reach the 89th floor. Monitor the banquet hall during that time, instructed Zhao Shan, as he led a three-person team, preparing to ascend to the 89th floor for further investigation.

He also suspected that Wang Yun was likely targeting Lingzhu Groups valuable necklace, based on the intel provided by Skyhawk.

Copy that. Ive been monitoring the situation. So far, the surveillance footage doesnt show anything out of the ordinary, Skyhawk promptly responded.

Operations were unfolding smoothly, with the precision of a well-coordinated military unit.


Thank you all for gracing this modest banquet hosted by our Lingzhu Group. Shortly, we will hold a special event where fortunate attendees will have the opportunity to purchase some of our necklaces at an 80% price. Reselling them would also yield a profit. However, eligibility for purchase will be based on luck. Before that, wed like to showcase a diamond necklace crafted by our master artisan, Zhang Zonghai. I believe youve all heard about it. Soon, Miss Yang Jiaying will have the honor of wearing it herself.

Standing on the stage with a warm smile, the chairman of Lingzhu Group formally initiated the banquet on the 89th floor of Nansu Plaza.

Beside him was a box enshrouded in red cloth, and standing next to the box was the elegant Yang Jiaying, her slender neck exposed.

Wang Yun glanced at the stage, his eyes lingering on the red-cloth-covered box. He took a sip of the red wine by his side and a faint smile crossed his lips as he pressed the curtain control switch, then forcefully broke it.

A low hum resonated throughout the room as the curtains from the windows enclosing the entire banquet hall began to close.

And so it began. The stage was set for Wang Yun.

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