Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.52 Who Gets the Dazzling Starry Sky Necklace? Is Big Brother Going to Woo Girls?

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.52 Who Gets the Dazzling Starry Sky Necklace? Is Big Brother Going to Woo Girls?

The Executive Producers heart is bleeding? Wang Yun burst into laughter upon hearing this.

Wow, wow, 666!


What is the production team thinking? Our Big Brother risked it all to steal the Dazzling Starry Sky necklace, and now you want it back? Isnt the Skynet show supposed to mirror reality? Why should Big Brother return the stolen necklace?

Exactly, cant the show take a joke?

The production team is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The budget is being drained at an alarming rate. This necklace is worth hundreds of millions, but I doubt the team will reclaim it.

In an instant, the live chat erupted as all the viewers tuned into the exchange between Wang Yun and the production team. A flurry of comments zipped across the screen.

The budget was on fire.


Cough, cough!

Seeing the torrent of comments before him, the executive producers face darkened, and he sank into his chair.

Give it to him, he said, defeated.

The shows rules were sacred, they simply couldnt be broken.

As a show aimed at reducing social crime, the production team couldnt afford to bend their own guidelines. Besides, the live audience count for the current season has already doubled compared to the last one.

He knew all too well that this surge in popularity was all thanks to Wang Yunno, Big Brother Wang Yun.

At this point, Wang Yun was more popular than even the executive producer himself.

Big Brother Wang Yun, according to our shows guidelines, the necklace belongs to you. Feel free to do with it as you wish. We have just one small favor to ask. Could you help us promote some products in upcoming episodes? Maybe a little advertising? He leaned into the microphone and spoke, clearly reluctant.

He was not just a participant now, he was Big Brother.

Sure, Wang Yun agreed upon hearing the executive producers request. It was just a bit of advertising, after all.

Hehe, excellent, just excellent. Congratulations, Big Brother Wang Yun, on acquiring a necklace worth hundreds of millions. The executive producer managed to muster a forced smile.

This minor setback wasnt too bad, not bad at all!


Haha, this time Big Brother has truly struck gold!

A necklace worth hundreds of millions. My goodness, congratulations Big Brother, youve become wealthy overnight.

Big Brother is a beast. He totally crushed Zhang Xingchen this round. Zhang Xingchens almost in tears, even with Captain Hong Feng on his side!

Ha-ha, no matter what, Big Brother has scored big this time. Even if he gets caught later, hes still come out on top. This is a necklace worth hundreds of millions, after all.

In the livestream, the moment the audience saw the production team hand over the necklace to Wang Yun, a wave of congratulations erupted.

Wang Yun, of course, couldnt see these comments. He pulled the necklace out of his pocket and admired it with a smile.

The necklace was a string of diamonds, crowned by a planetary emerald at its center. It looked like a row of dazzling stars set against the night sky. Absolutely stunning. A radiant celestial beauty.

Wang Yun gave a subdued smile, leaning back in his taxi seat, eyes sweeping over the surroundings.

Weve arrived at the Municipal Hospital, the driver announced a few minutes later.

Wang Yun stepped out of the taxi, looked directly at the hospital building in front of him, and began to walk toward it.

What? Big Brother has just escaped, and now hes headed to the hospital? Is he trying to pick up that girl again?

666, Big Brothers a real player. Just executed a grand scheme, and now hes off to find Xiao Yanran?

Big Brother, the debonair thief, is online and going after his female fans?

Slick move, Big Brother, heading straight to his female fans. Impressive!

Big Brother: Ive just pulled off an epic feat, my female fans must be in awe of me. Time to show off my machismo! freewebn(o)vel

The moment viewers saw Wang Yun heading toward the Municipal Hospital, the comments erupted into a lively discussion. The expressions on their faces were a mix of admiration and disbelief.

The saying held true, Big Brother was the epitome of what it meant to be slick.

Not just content with stealing a necklace, he was also aiming to steal hearts.

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