Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.54 Our Most Flawless Idol, Wang Yun


Whats happening here?

Are you kidding?

Why does this conversation between Big Brother and that young girl make me feel like crying?

Wasnt Big Brother supposed to be romancing someone? Whats going on? Who is this young girl?

Whats meant by if Im still alive a year from now? Whats the story with this beautiful girl? Is she seriously ill?

That young girl must have a severe illness. Remember Big Brothers reaction when he first entered her hospital room and saw her medical records? He probably realized she has a serious condition, which is why he asked her about her wishes.

Why did I suddenly start tearing up while watching this livestream? Im a grown man, for heavens sake.

Now it makes sense why Wang Yun stole the Starry Sky necklace. He initially planned to gift it to his very first female fan.

So thats it, gifting a necklace worth a fortune to a seriously ill female fan. Was this the true motive behind Big Brothers theft?

The atmosphere in Wang Yuns livestream abruptly shifted as an avalanche of lengthy comments flooded the screen.

Previously, most of the comments were brief affirmations like 666, Big Brother is awesome, or All hail Big Brother. But now, they were replaced by these elaborate comments.

One after another, fast and furious, the extended comments made the livestream look extraordinarily lively. Yet beneath this lively exterior, a special emotional depth was palpable. freeweb m

Who could have foreseen this turn of events? Who would have thought that the fugitive Wang Yun would steal an incredibly beautiful necklace just for one of his female fans? Who could have imagined that Wang Yun would give such a gift to his terminally ill female fan? Who could have predicted that when everyone assumed Wang Yun was merely flirting, the young girl involved was actually suffering from a terminal illness?

No one could have seen it coming. Yet, Wang Yun did it. He gifted a necklace worth hundreds of millions to his terminally ill female fan, renaming it Radiance Life.

In turn, she renamed it Love of Life.

A year from now, if Im still alive, Ill be your girlfriend.

Tears streamed down everyones faces. The story penetrated the hearts of all who heard it.

Wang Yun gifted his priceless necklace to a female fan who is facing a terminal illness.

I cant find the words to describe Wang Yun, he will forever be my idol.

Wang Yun: I hope your life shines eternally, just like this necklace.

A wave of overwhelming sentiment exploded across the internet, capturing the nations attention. Every major platforms trending topics were consumed by it.

Wow, its staggering and awe-inspiring. Ive been following the Skynet Operation show and have a deep understanding of the fugitive Wang Yun. Hes an extraordinary individual, charming viewers with his myriad of skills, including parkour, skateboarding, wingsuit flying, and beatboxing. Hes left the shows investigation team at a loss for what to do. But above all, he spoiled his fans beyond words. He will be my lifelong idol and the greatest male celebrity Ive ever known. Im proud to be his fan.

One particular comment across major platforms garnered millions of likes, resonating with internet users everywhere.

Some netizens chime in with a mix of teasing, humor, and sincerity.

Some people say that only brain-dead female fans get obsessed with celebrities. Well, Idol Wang Yun, for you, I willingly become brain-dead. Count me in as one of your brain-dead female fans.

Wow, look at all these brain-dead fangirls. Im a dude, and Im going full-on brain-dead for this. Consider me big brothers brain-dead male fan!

Going brain-dead on the spot? Is that even a thing?

The internet erupted in a lively discussion.


At this moment, the production team of the show, including the executive producer, were left dumbfounded, their faces awash with sheer awe and amazement.

What What He wanted to claim ownership of that incredibly valuable necklace just to give it to a terminally ill fan?

Every staff member was visibly moved, stirred to their core.

Wang Yun had declined to give the necklace back to the show simply to gift it to his terminally ill fan?

Even the chairman of Lingzhu Group posted a message online, immediately generating a flood of responses.

I just read about Brother Wang Yun online. I feel honored that he chose our Lingzhu Group for his generous act. Even though he stole our Dazzling Starry Sky necklace, I find myself incredibly pleased. A necklace, no matter how valuable, is just an inanimate object. Brother Wang Yun has given it a soul. From now on, theres no more Starry Sky; there is only Love of Life. Thank you, Brother Wang Yun. Its an honor for all of us at Lingzhu Jewelry!

Inside an office in Nancheng, the chairman of the Lingzhu Group sat before his computer, touched by the online reactions. Suddenly, his secretary burst in, exuding excitement.

Chairman! Chairman! Our stock price just surged by 20% and hit the daily limit!


This caught the chairman slightly off guard, and an exhilarated expression emerged on his face.

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