Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.57 The Nearly Perfect Human. A Story Penned by Captain Hong Feng

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.57 The Nearly Perfect Human. A Story Penned by Captain Hong Feng

Host: Wang Yun

Age: 23

Physique: 294 (Note: The maximum human physique is capped at 300. Any increase beyond 300 requires 100,000 Shock Value Points per point.)

Intelligence: 275 (Note: The maximum IQ for humans is 300. Any increase beyond 300 requires 100,000 Shock Value Points per point.)

Skills: 1. God-level Parkour, 2. God-level Buttery Flower Picking Technique, 3. Advanced Retrieve Objects in Mid-Air, 4. Advanced Shadowless Knife Technique, 5. God-level Eagle Eye, 6. God-level Wingsuit Flying, 7. Advanced Electrical Engineering, 8. God-level Skateboarding, 9. God-level Lock Picking, 10. God-level Beatboxing, 11. God-level Alertness, 12. Advanced Magic, 13. Intermediate Marksmanship, 14. Advanced Disguise

Shock Value Points: 1.6 Million

Shop: (Open?)

Notice: To improve your physique and skills further, please acquire additional Shock Value Points.

Wang Yun had just spent 5.6 million out of his 7 million Shock Value Points on mind-blowing upgrades. Looking at his own stats, he couldnt help but break into a wide smile.

What did it mean to have a physique of 294 and an IQ of 275? He was verging on the pinnacle of human potential.

In terms of speed, he was unrivaled among humans. As for strength, he could rival the worlds most potent strongmen.

Regarding IQ, according to current estimations, only the Western world claimed to have someone with an IQ ranging between 250 and 300, the exact figure remained uncertain.

However, Wang Yuns towering IQ didnt instantly elevate him to the position of the worlds smartest individual. He still couldnt solve intricate mathematical problems, and aside from some languages he had already learned, he remained ignorant of others.

A high IQ indicated exceptional learning capability, impressive memory retention, and formidable logical reasoning. It didnt mean that as soon as his IQ spiked, he instantly gained omniscience. Learning remained a requisite step.

For instance, where it might take someone else three years to become fluent in a foreign language, Wang Yun might only need a month.

Such was the boon of having a high IQ.

There was a saying that went, Ill bring your intelligence down to my level, and then defeat you with my wealth of experience.

While this line might sound tongue-in-cheek, it was also rooted in reality.

Wang Yun never studied police-related topics, so he still remained clueless about them. This meant he couldnt foresee the plans of any chief inspector. For example, despite his astonishing IQ of 275, Wang Yun was unaware that he was already a wanted man with a bounty on his head.

However, his cognitive reaction speed and problem-solving efficiency were several, even dozens, of times faster than the average individual.

Having a high IQ was one aspect, knowing how to harness it was another entirely.

At this point, both Wang Yuns intelligence and physical capabilities were off the charts, making him almost a perfect human specimen.

As for the indicated human limitations in the attribute tips, Wang Yun wasnt bothered. He already considered his current physique and IQ more than sufficient. Elevating several skills to God level had also considerably heightened his observational acumen.

Next on my list is another visit to Guanwen Market, Wang Yun mused. While he might be phenomenally powerful now, no one could dodge bullets, no matter how incredible they were.

If cornered, he could still be easily apprehended. Disguise remained a critical component in his strategy.

The last time he tried purchasing items from the Guanwen Market, he was chased before he could buy anything. Once he acquired enough materials, he could alter his appearance, making it increasingly challenging to capture him.

Wang Yun promptly hailed a taxi and set off for Guanwen Market once again. freewebnov(e)


Meanwhile, inside the command center room, a somewhat idle Zhang Xingchen looked over at Captain Hong Feng, who was engrossed in writing. He couldnt help but ask, Captain Hong Feng, the arrest warrant for Wang Yun has already been issued, and his face has been made public. Are we just going to sit here waiting for updates?

No, Im penning a book about Wang Yun. Just a few dozen words left, replied Captain Hong Feng, not even lifting his gaze from his work

Ive read up on Captain Hong Feng. He has a knack for turning case files into narrative stories and then dissecting them from an omniscient perspective, Liu Qingqing glanced over and felt compelled to comment.

Is he writing a book about Wang Yun? Shen Hao quizzically raised an eyebrow before joking, Writing a book about someone thats a bit romantic, dont you think?

Heh, its done, Captain Hong Feng said as he looked up and smiled.

I usually convert the cases I encounter into book form and analyze them from an investigative standpoint. Ive chronicled Wang Yuns four-day escape saga through the lens of the main character, covering the events of day one, day two, day three, and today. Ive sifted through all available information to identify some leads. All of Wang Yuns recent activities were purpose-driven. He had a strong sense of objective. Whether it was the thefts at various stores, the wholesale market, or Nansu Plaza, he had a reason for each one. The only puzzle for me is his visit to Guanwen Market and what he intended to do there. Clearly, Captain Zhang Xingchen and your team threes attempt to apprehend him has thrown a wrench into some of his plans. Therefore, Im dispatching five officers to check out Guanwen Market. Additionally, activate the surveillance cameras in Guanwen Market, Captain Hong Feng declared, issuing his first directive.

Guanwen Market? Zhang Xingchen paused briefly before nodding in agreement.

We cant afford to sit idle, and this is our only lead, Captain Hong Feng elaborated, looking down at his freshly penned book displayed for the camera.

This is my new book, he said, revealing a smile as he showed off the books cover to everyone in the room.

Title: Phantom Thief Files

Protagonist: Wang Yun

Character Traits: Bold, Intelligent, Highly Goal-Oriented, Quick-Witted, Confident

Estimated IQ: 135-150

Unique Qualities: Elite Extreme Sports Enthusiast, Possesses Astonishing Abilities

Weaknesses: Overconfidence, Arrogance, Show-off Tendencies

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