Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.63 Boiling Point! Commanding the Scene with a Sinister Scheme

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.63 Boiling Point! Commanding the Scene with a Sinister Scheme

The programs officers approached, their gaze settling on Wang Yun. With amused smiles, they asked, Did you really see him? Did you see the wanted notice we aired on TV? Have you spotted the fugitive?

Old sir, are you sure youve seen him?

Two officers quickly moved to Wang Yuns side, offering him support.

I saw him. My vision hasnt failed me, Wang Yun replied, maintaining a relaxed facade. Isnt there a reward of two hundred thousand?

As long as we can verify the fugitive is here, youll get your money. We from the show dont deceive, one officer assured.

If youre thinking of tricking me, therell be consequences. Make sure its cash, Wang Yun directed, Come on. Hes this way. Dont let him get away.

The officers chuckled, Understood, old sir.

A few others exchanged amused glances as they escorted Wang Yun further inside the community.


Turning himself in for a 200k reward? Can he actually pull that off?

Hes disguised himself as an elderly man for the show? Whats his endgame?

Im stumped. But there are six officers here, and even if hes plotting an ambush, theyre armed. Ambushing all six would be impossible.

I watched the inspectors livestream, Captain Hong Feng and his team havent noticed it yet!

The live broadcasts audience was captivated by the unfolding drama, their eyes bulging and conversations buzzing.

Inside the command center room, Captain Hong Feng and Zhang Xingchen remained intently focused on the screens. The feed displayed six program officers guiding an elderly man toward a building. Like everyone else, they failed to notice any irregularities.

Weve arrived, right at this building, the elderly man, actually Wang Yun in disguise, pointed a particular structure. I saw him enter this building, but I dont know which floor hes on.

Old sir, please stay here while we proceed upstairs, an officer, with a determined glance at the building, instructed.

Help me to the stairway entrance. I wish to sit there and await you, Wang Yun directed, moving forward with purpose.

The officers on either side of him exchanged nods and signaled discreetly to the remaining four. Subtly, these four officers reached behind and drew their guns. Though these weapons mimicked real firearms in look and firing range, their bullets were harmless.

Unperturbed, Wang Yun continued forward, with two officers supporting him. He dictated the pace and path of their progress.

As they neared the staircase entrance, Wang Yun stealthily pressed a concealed button.

Suddenly, a paper bag filled with stones landed in their path.

Gasps of startled surprise erupted from the officers by his side.

Thud, thud, thud, thud! At that moment, four bricks landed with precision from three meters to their left, causing a deafening crash.

Whats happening?

The officers, taken off-guard, quickly scanned their surroundings, looking to the side and above.

Double kill!

Triple kill!

Quadra kill!

As the scene played out, a sly smirk appeared on Wang Yuns face. He recited the kill counts, and almost in the same breath, his hands moved with lightning speed, snatching the handguns from the officers beside him and pointing them squarely at the other officers.

Thud, thud, thud!

Penta kill!

Gunshots pierced the air. Wang Yun, behind a human-like mask, revealed a chilling, enigmatic smile.

One bullet found its mark on an officers chest. The next two targeted the arms of the remaining officers.

Overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught, shock registered on the faces of the six officers. Their gazes fixed on the figure holding the guns. The elderly man who wasnt old at all.

Hush, keep quiet. All of you are dead, except for him, Wang Yun whispered, placing a finger over his lips in a silencing gesture, then pointing at the last standing officer.

You youre Wang Yun?

The eyes of the surviving officer widened in sheer horror. The frail old man before them was none other than Wang Yun.

How could this be? He looked unmistakably like a frail old man. It was uncanny.


Inside the command center, Captain Hong Fengs expression shifted dramatically as he watched the unfolding scene. He sprang to his feet, eyes reddened, fixated on the screen, his body trembling slightly. Next to him, Zhang Xingchens eyes bulged in shock.


Holy crap, what just happened? The old man is Wang Yun? Hows that even possible?

Not everyone toggled between the two live streams or had two phones. When some of the viewers watching the command centers livestream saw this, their reactions mirrored those of disbelief and shock.

That old man was Wang Yun? He murdered?

Damn, are you serious? Wang Yun disguised himself as an old man and shot the programs officers?

When did he get a gun? How does he have one? Why did he say that the officers next to him are already dead? free

Wait a minute! Was his intention to kill the programs officers?

All livestream viewers were glued to their screens, faces painted with astonishment. Even those watching Wang Yuns live broadcasting couldnt have predicted this. His audacity was beyond their wildest imaginations.

Wang Yun, you stole our guns and shot two of our colleagues. Why are we dead? the two officers flanking Wang Yun frantically checked their waists, realizing their weapons were gone. With mortified expressions, they asked him.

Pick up the papers that fell before you, Wang Yun said, a playful glint in his eyes.

The four officers looked down. Moments earlier, sheets of paper had seemingly dropped out of nowhere, landing just a step away from them.

Upon unfolding the papers, they found a stone nestled inside each. Written on the paper was a line of text accompanied by a formula. It was a solved physics problem.

The problem read, A brick falls from a six-story height, covering nine meters in 2.87 seconds. When it strikes you, you stop its fall, decelerating it. But, given youre not rubbery and cant extend the duration of impact, the force intensifies. According to the impulse-momentum theorem (ft=y2=x1), shorter impact time results in greater force. The gravitational potential energy transfers to ones head, with some energy causing deformation upon impact. If a 2000-gram brick hits, would it be fatal? Correct answer: Yes. Formula..

It was a physics problem, complete with its solution.

The officers, realizing the grim implications of the problem, drew in a cold breath. They then glanced sideways, spotting four bricks perfectly aligned with their positions.


Damn, whats this? Im sorry, but I dont get it at all. Still impressive, though.

To the previous commenter, are you some clown? How did you study physics? This is clearly about impact force. It says the officers wouldve been instantly killed by those falling bricks!

Thats not even the most unsettling part. Look. The four bricks that just fell were positioned to their left, landing exactly where the officers stood. But there was one spot left open, where Wang Yun himself was positioned. It was all his meticulous design. If he had chosen to drop the bricks directly overhead, those officers would already be dead.

Its bone-chilling to even think about! Also, lets not question Wang Yuns precision. Those stones, wrapped in paper, landed perfectly in front of the officers. With two officers supporting him, Wang Yun had control over his own pace and positioning, guaranteeing the death of the two assisting him. The other two probably also fell victim to his calculated scheme. And he predicted it all with such precision. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

Theyre dead. All four officers are out. My God, this strategy is pure terror!

Shock spread across the faces of all the livestream viewers as they saw the contents of the papers the officers held.

Such precise planning, calculating even the bricks landing spot, orchestrating the officers fate. It was beyond terrifying.

It was their first time witnessing the chilling prowess of Wang Yun. A palpable, heart-stopping dread.

Officers one, two, three, and five, youve already been eliminated!

In the command room, Hong Feng stared at the papers content, his eyes reddening with emotion. He abruptly stood, only to slump back down, desperately clutching his hair in disbelief.

Is this how they were taken out? Liu Qingqings face was a mask of shock upon seeing the unfolding events.

Inside Qingnan Residential Area, Wang Yun approached the group of officers with a smirk, confiscating all their tools. He then took out a phone from one of them and dialed the command center.

Zhang Xingchen observed this scene and answered the ringing phone.

Once connected, Wang Yun began speaking with a slight smile gracing his lips, Put Captain Hong Feng on.

Zhang Xingchen cast a glance at a visibly shaken Captain Hong Feng and relayed, Captain Hong Feng, Wang Yun wants to speak.

Taking a deep breath, Hong Feng struggled to control his emotions, murmuring, Wang Yun, I swear Ill bring you down. Youll pay dearly for your actions.

Amused by the threat, the corners of Wang Yuns mouth lifted even more. He replied with a nonchalant tone, Is that so, Captain Hong Feng?

Hong Fengs complexion shifted noticeably. He tightly clenched his fists and replied, inhaling deeply, I apologize. What is it that you truly want to say?

All I wanted was to tell you is that youve lost the first round. And the price? The lives of five of your officers. Do try to make things more interesting next time.

Wang Yun ended the call immediately and placed the phone back into one of the officers pockets.

Such a fine day outside, seems perfect for some barbecue. With this light-hearted comment, Wang Yun ambled off leisurely.

The six officers remained, five of whom lay motionless on the ground, their silence speaking volumes. They were dead, after all. So the five officers sat there, struck down, enveloped in an aura of somber desolation.

Damn, this scene feels so eerie. Its like Big Bro really is a crazed maniac.

If this were reality, those five officers would have genuinely laid down their lives.

Just look at Captain Hong Fengs face. Hes completely engrossed in this scenario, having lost five members under his command.

This mission was led by Captain Hong Feng. If this were real, those five officers would indeed be gone. Thats why Captain Hong Feng is consumed with guilt.

Everyone in the livestream felt the weight of the moment. At this instant, Wang Yun was the embodiment of a cold-blooded killer. And right then, Captain Hong Feng was the leader mourning the loss of five of his team members.

The phones chilling ring pierced the silence. The haunting voice of the last officer emerged, Captain, the other five theyre gone. We were ambushed, taken out. Ive been shot too.

For them, being so immersed in the scenario meant if they died, they truly died.

These are the officers guarding us? Maybe, unbeknownst to us, they face such danger battling criminals every day, mused Shen Hao, deeply affected, his face etched with solemnity.

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