Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.83 Hong Feng as the Knife, A Terrifying Trap. The Internet in Shock!

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.83 Hong Feng as the Knife, A Terrifying Trap. The Internet in Shock!

I want you to help me kill some program officers, Wang Yun whispered into Captain Hong Fengs ear with a devilish tone.

After speaking, he let out a chuckle, picking up the nearby banner and a submachine gun. He began to methodically wrap the banner around Captain Hong Feng.

Hearing these words and witnessing Wang Yuns demonic smile, Captain Hong Fengs face registered sheer terror. He felt a deep unease, a terror of the unknown that made him shudder.

What are you trying to do? Wang Yun, what exactly do you want to do? he demanded, his words seemingly erupting from the depths of his soul. He fixed his gaze on Wang Yun, his expression filled with distress.

Do you know whats most important for an excellent magician? Many believe its the sleight of hand, quick and unseen movements. But thats only a part of it. In my view, the essence of a great magician lies in cleverness and ingenuity. Yes, its about being clever and creating a wonder, that is the true essence of magic. Having skills is the basic requirement for a magician, but the real brilliance lies in designing magic that astonishes and surprises the audience.

Wang Yun didnt directly respond to Hong Fengs question but continued speaking while wrapping and answering his own rhetorical questions.

Next, he lifted the submachine gun, positioning it just above Captain Hong Fengs waist. He took a piece of rope and tied it around the trigger of the gun, then wrapped it around intricately.

Assessing his work with a satisfied look. It was a fine piece of work.

A perfect replacement for your arms, Wang Yun remarked in approval.

He then took a strip of duct tape and approached to seal Captain Hong Fengs mouth shut.

Captain Hong Feng, seeing this scene unfold, had his pupils shrink in alarm. With a growing sense of dread, he shouted in terror, What are you doing? What is your plan?

Im creating a new magic trick. Sorry for the inconvenience, Captain Hong Feng. Ill make it up to you with a drink after the show, Wang Yun said with a laugh, swiftly sealing Hong Fengs mouth with duct tape.

Yet, Wang Yuns seemingly casual and off-character remark only heightened Captain Hong Fengs fear. He gazed at the young man with a smile in front of him, feeling an indescribable terror.

Wang Yun then took out a black hood, placing it over Hong Fengs head with slow deliberation.

My apologies for this, Captain Hong Feng. The other officers from the program should be here soon, he continued, meticulously wrapping the banner. He examined his work from various angles, nodding in approval.


What What is Big Brother up to?

Oh no, this is terrifying. A dreadful thought just crossed my mind.

Isnt Big Brother setting up some kind of trap? A trap like this?

It cant be what Im thinking, can it? Man, if it is, thats just too horrifying!

Why do I feel a chill hearing Big Brothers relaxed tone and talking about magic at night?

I suddenly see Big Brother as a demon, a terrifying demon Its a relief its just a show, and hes a good person!

At the same time, in Wang Yuns live stream, all the viewers shuddered involuntarily upon witnessing this scene and hearing his words. They were enveloped in a sense of horror, akin to watching a horror film, speaking the most casual words while performing the most terrifying acts.

Mmm, mmm! Captain Hong Feng struggled fiercely, but Wang Yuns skillful technique rendered him completely unable to move. freew(e)bnove(l)

Captain Hong Feng, just endure for a couple more minutes. The program inspection team should be almost here, Wang Yuns voice was soft and reassuring as he finalized his setup, confident that it had flaws. If he couldnt detect any, it would be even more challenging for others.

Wang Yun, without any hesitation, grabbed his tool bag and made his escape. Aware that the inspection team would arrive swiftly, and he had limited time. Had he been found later, he would have set up even more traps, but unfortunately, the opportunity had passed.

However, what he had done was already enough, a significant surprise in itself.

He avoided the main road, heading straight into the wilderness ahead.

Big Brother has escaped!

Hes on the run. The officers wont be able to catch him!

With access to both sides viewpoints, the audience knew that Wang Yun had a chance of escaping.

A minute after Wang Yuns departure, several program inspection vehicles arrived, their headlights piercing the darkness. The first group of about twenty officers disembarked, gripping their guns and surveying the area with alert expressions.

Quickly, they spotted Captain Hong Feng tied to the tree.

One of the officers pointed and shouted, Theres someone tied to that tree.

The rest of the team turned their attention to the sight. There, suspended from the tree, was a person with a black hood covering their head, his body completely wrapped in a banner, rendering him immobile. The word Rat prominently displayed on the front of the bound figure.

Is that Captain Hong Feng?

Scanning the area, one officer asked, Wheres Wang Yun? Where is he?

Everyone, be cautious and dont act recklessly, Wu Yaoming instructed from inside the program task force room, watching the scene through the officers cameras. His focus intensified.

Number Three, secure the perimeter and search for any traps, Wu Yaoming ordered promptly.

Understood, Captain.

One of the program officers quickly nodded and gestured to the others around to indicate caution. The team immediately began a vigilant sweep of their surroundings. Number Three, the officer, took out a flashlight and carefully inspected the ground around them.

As they conducted their search, seven or eight more vehicles arrived, bringing nearly forty additional program officers to the scene.

Captain, no traps detected, Number Three soon reported back to Wu Yaoming.

After reviewing the footage from their cameras, Wu Yaomings attention settled on the figure tied to the tree. Seeing the bold Rat words on the banner, he sighed, Wang Yun aims to humiliate Captain Hong Feng again with this method.

Last night, Captain Hong Feng hung up this banner, and now today Wu Mingyu commented, his expression showing discomfort.

It was a direct response from Wang Yun. You hung a banner here to humiliate me? Then today, I hang you here, entangled in that same banner. A perfect counter-strike. A perfect humiliation.

Go and untie Captain Hong Feng immediately, Wu Yaoming swiftly ordered.

Roger that!

The program officers nodded and approached Captain Hong Feng. Number Three reached him first and began lifting the black hood covering Hong Fengs head.


As he started to lift it, a subtle sound abruptly rang out. Immediately, Number Threes eyes noticed a black wire connected to the black hood.

In the next moment, before he could react, the sound of a submachine gun filled the air. The gun adjusted its aim, sweeping towards the right.

The sudden gunfire stunned everyone. Their faces registered shock and disbelief, particularly Number Three, who was holding the black hood. He looked at what he thought was Captain Hong Fengs arm. He believed it to be just an arm, but he was mistaken. They all were. It wasnt an arm, but a gun, a submachine gun. It was a terrifying trap!

The sound of the submachine gun continued, leaving everyone around frozen in shock.

With the hood removed, Captain Hong Feng, his eyes bloodshot, watched the scene unfold. He tried to roar, to speak, but he was unable to utter a word. It was only muffled cries. The program officers were rooted to the spot, staring in horror at the object at Captain Hong Fengs arm.

Is is that a submachine gun? one of the program officers asked, his mouth hanging open in shock.


What? How how is this possible? Wu Yaoming, in the program task force room, stared at the scene, shouting out loud in complete horror. The unmistakable sound of a submachine gun filled the air.

Disaster, disaster, damn it, how could this happen, its a trap, a trap, Captain Jiang Youshan was fixated on the scene, his eyes turning red with intensity.

Its a trap, a terrifying trap, such a dreadful trap, Wu Mingyu murmured, his expression changing rapidly.

Indeed, it was a trap. A trap designed to kill numerous program officers.

Under the relentless barrage of the submachine gun, all the program officers in its vicinity would be killed by its fire. This gun, loaded with about thirty bullets, meant that at least ten or more officers would be killed.

Wu Yaomings breathing became labored, his body shaking uncontrollably. He realized, with a sense of horror, that he had given a disastrous command and had failed to notice the trap. If this had been a real situation, at least ten of his colleagues would have been dead due to his oversight. Closing his eyes briefly, his face was filled with self-reproach.

At the Hu Mountain Residential unfinished building scene, a hush fell over the program officers.

Number Three, the young man closest to Captain Hong Feng, lay on the ground with a bitter expression. Being so close to the submachine guns sweeping fire, his death was certain. He was eliminated.

Around him, and in the areas swept by the guns fire, other program officers voluntarily lay down, acting out their deaths. In total, thirteen officers fell, all believing they would have been killed or grievously injured.

The remaining officers, witnessing their colleagues fall, experienced rapid breathing and a feeling of oppression, struggling to breathe. Suffocation. Fear. Grief. Anger. The atmosphere seemed to freeze.

Take our brothers away, someone said weakly after a few seconds, approaching Captain Hong Feng. Reaching him, they removed the tape from his mouth.

Cough, cough, Captain Hong Feng coughed and slowly lowered his head. At that moment, he resembled a convict after execution, completely devoid of life. The anguish he felt now was even more intense than if Wang Yun had killed him. Yet, Wang Yun didnt kill him. Instead, he used him to kill thirteen program officers.

Everything was because of him.

If it wasnt to save him, would these thirteen officers have been sacrificed? It was all because of him. The surrounding program officers stayed silent as they methodically untied Captain Hong Feng.

This this is more horrifying than we imagined. The scene looks so oppressive!

Yeah, incredibly oppressive. Who could have predicted such a moment? Who would have thought that Big Brother would create such a terrifying trap?

Big Brother is indeed frightening. I now feel a deep sympathy for all the program officers, especially for Captain Hong Feng.

One trap killing thirteen officers. Its absolutely horrifying!

Simultaneously, viewers watching the live broadcast were also immensely shaken by the scene. Even though they had some preconceptions and a god-like perspective, seeing this catastrophe stirred feelings of empathy and sorrow, particularly for Captain Hong Feng.

This confrontation wasnt just a complete defeat, it was a cruel annihilation. In the end, it even used Hong Feng to eliminate thirteen of his fellow officers.

Bring all our brothers back, including Captain Hong Feng, Jiang Youshan commanded from within the program task force room, his face expressionless as he observed the unfolding scene.

Captain Hong Feng, an officer called out to Hong Feng, who was slumped against a tree.

Im utterly outclassed by Wang Yun. I have failed once, twice, three times, effortlessly toyed with by him, Captain Hong Feng suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze sweeping over the surrounding officers, his eyes void of life. If I continue, Ill still be no match for him. He might even turn into my demon. I apologize to all my colleagues. I no longer deserve to be your captain. I am stepping down.

Having said this, he deeply bowed to everyone.


Captain Hong Fengs abrupt declaration caught everyone off guard. All the program officers surrounding him looked at Captain Hong Feng in disbelief.

What? What did Captain Hong Feng just say? Hes stepping down? What does that mean? Is he leaving the show?

Is this happening?

Captain Hong Feng seems utterly defeated. If he had any fighting spirit left tonight, its now completely gone with the death of thirteen men!

Its shocking. I never imagined Captain Hong Feng would make such a decision. It seems like a retreat, or perhaps hes realized that he will never match up to Wang Yun.

The audience, upon hearing Captain Hong Fengs decision, displayed a range of complex emotions. Countless netizens were actively commenting. The blow to Captain Hong Feng this evening was simply overwhelming.


Without further words, Captain Hong Feng waved at everyone and headed toward a vehicle, driving off.


In the program task force room, Wu Yaomings fist hit the table hard, his face betraying his deep concern. Beside him, Captain Wang Yue remained silent, expressionless. This defeat wasnt just for Captain Hong Feng, but a collective failure of their entire program task force team. f

All of them failed.

This Wang Yun is truly monstrous, Jiang Youshan sighed deeply, massaging his forehead.

Meanwhile, the online world erupted in turmoil.

Terrifying Wang Yun, the Monstrous Wang Yun!

The man who brought silence to the entire world with his control!

Complete defeat of the program inspection team!

Horror as thirteen program officers fall victim to Wang Yuns trap!

Captain Hong Feng announces his resignation, potentially exiting the Skynet Operation program!

Each piece of news quickly rose to the top of hot searches across various platforms.

The entire online world was abuzz, discussing all the events of the day. Wang Yuns actions had reached a legendary status, with his frightening abilities and intelligence leaving everyone in shock. Truly, Wang Yun had earned his moniker of a monster.

This guy really is a phenomenon, Director Fang couldnt help but exclaim in the legal awareness livestream room. He watched the feed focused on Wang Yun, who had just entered a luxurious bathhouse, ready to unwind a detail that darkened the mood of netizens.

Big Brother really loves those bathhouses!


Meanwhile, in an adjacent room dedicated to the legal awareness livestream, a staff member, taken aback by Captain Hong Fengs abrupt resignation, turned to the executive producer in confusion.

Damn, what do we do now, producer? Captain Hong Feng just announced hes quitting without even telling us.

What a headache. Wang Yun is too extreme. Hes completely shattered Captain Hong Fengs confidence. It looks like well need to invest more funds to bring in some top-tier talent, the executive producer said, rubbing his temples. But finding the right replacement is the real challenge.

With Captain Hong Feng stepping down, they needed to recruit a formidable successor, someone even more renowned and powerful. Otherwise, it wouldnt be worthwhile.

But this season of the Skynet Operation program has far exceeded our expectations. Its become a hit overseas, with high ratings in several countries. Weve already got a dozen countries interested in purchasing broadcast rights. Hehe, we could rake in at least ten to twenty billion, all thanks to Big Brother. Wait a minute, why dont we just invite some experts from these interested countries? Im a genius, hehe! The executive producer chuckled, smugly satisfied with his brainstorm.

And lets not forget about the advertisements Big Brother owes us. Weve had some lucrative offers from advertisers that are just too good to refuse. Plus, with Big Brothers recent sensationalism, we need him to start spreading some positive vibes. After all, our show is aimed at reducing crime rates.

Engrossed in his plans, the executive producer continued to mutter to himself, while the staff members around him looked on in admiration, giving him approving thumbs-up.

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