Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show? - C.85 Power Showdown, Instant Takedown, and the New Captain’s Swift Humbling (part 2)

Are You Crazy? You're Telling Me This Is a Fugitive TV Show?

C.85 Power Showdown, Instant Takedown, and the New Captain’s Swift Humbling (part 2)


Meanwhile, as Wang Yun walked forward, getting within four meters of the foreigner, his god-level alertness kicked in. He sensed the foreigner’s muscles tensing up as if readying for an attack. Wang Yun’s eyes slightly narrowed in anticipation.

When the taunting English words reached Wang Yun’s ears, just a step away, he saw a large hand lunging toward him. His eyes briefly flickered with surprise, and his hand swiftly clenched into a fist, instantly springing into action.

The moment Wang Yun made his move, his peak human physicality and god-level martial arts skills erupted. He struck first, despite reacting later.

Wang Yun’s punch landed squarely on the foreigner’s stomach. The impact resonated loudly, causing Wang Quan’s raised arm to go limp, and his body involuntarily bending over.

Wang Yun, gripping his neck, forcefully slammed him onto the ground. Clutched in his hand was a sharp scalpel, poised and ready. A single strike would mean certain death.

“Cough, cough!”

Wang Quan was smashed to the ground, his complexion turning ghostly pale. The hand grasping his throat made it impossible for him to speak, his eyes widened in shock and terror. Wang Yun had overpowered him, his brow furrowing as he noticed the tracker on the ground, a look of confusion crossing his face.

“Is this foolish foreigner from the program’s inspection team?” Wang Yun asked, his eyebrows tightly knit together.

If Wang Yun hadn’t been cautious about the possibility that the man was part of the show, he might not have just subdued him but could have rendered him completely incapacitated.




Meanwhile, every live stream was inundated with question marks. Moments earlier, viewers were on the edge of their seats, fraught with tension. But what happened next?

After all the hype, that so-called imperial emperor, the blonde foreigner, had boasted nonstop about his disciple’s formidable skills, touting him as an underground boxing champion with a 750 kg punch. And then…(f)reeweb(n)

Was it all over just like that?

Wang Yun had effortlessly knocked him down, even pressing a scalpel to his neck, leaving him utterly powerless. Instantly taken down after just provoking a moment ago?

Was this some kind of joke? Wang Yun had even bluntly called him a foolish foreigner.

The program team’s staff, witnessing the scene, were nearly petrified with fear, especially seeing the scalpel at Wang Quan’s throat. A slip, and there would be grave consequences.

“Big Brother, please show mercy. He’s a program officer, careful not to harm him,” a staff member urgently called out.

“Why is there a foreigner among the inspection team? If you’ve recruited an international expert, but please, let’s not use such a brainless approach for my arrest, okay? What if I can’t restrain myself? Besides, I’m a magician. Even if I can’t instantly draw a gun, I can certainly produce a lethal weapon in a flash,” Wang Yun remarked, visibly exasperated, looking at the dumbfounded Wang Quan.

“Okay, this guy is down. Let’s not repeat this method next time. I’d hate to seriously injure someone,” he said, shaking his head.

Surveying his surroundings with narrowed eyes, he quickly spotted the surveillance cameras and moved toward a blind spot.

“??? Seriously?”

“Just like that? I was so nervous a moment ago, and this foreigner is just…”

“Pff, I can’t stop laughing! All that buildup for this foreigner, and I thought he’d be something special. But he got instantly taken down. Big Brother even called a brainless way to arrest him. Hahaha!”

“Big Brother’s move was jaw-dropping. The speed at which he subdued that nearly two-meter-tall foreigner was astonishing. He’s truly a peerless tough guy.”

“Is Big Brother just too strong, or was that foreigner simply too weak? It’s like they’re not even in the same league. If he’s a five-time underground boxing champion, then Big Brother must be the king of kings, a true master among champions.”

“I was all set for an epic showdown, and this is what we get?”

“I’ve got to ask those three foreigners, what good does it do you to make me laugh until I pee?”

The viewers in the live stream were initially stunned by the unfolding events, but soon, they found the situation almost comical. They had feared for Wang Yun’s safety, expecting him to be arrested or beaten by the foreigner. However, the stark contrast in the outcome left many speechless and amused.


In the special task force headquarters, Wang Di, cigar in hand, suddenly froze. He stood up abruptly, gasping in shock, his face a portrait of disbelief.

“How is this possible? How could this happen?” he exclaimed, struggling to accept the reality.

“Though we failed this time, we’ve managed to unmask one of Wang Yun’s disguises,” said Wang Yue, looking at the bewildered blonde middle-aged man, shaking her head and speaking dispassionately. “He has only one face left now.”

“How could this be? Aimer’s so powerful. How could he be instantly defeated by Wang Yun? This is unbelievable,” Wang Di continued, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Captain Wang Di, please stay composed. Your apprentice has fallen, next time we mustn’t underestimate Wang Yun,” cautioned Jiang Youshan.

They were both surprised and not surprised by this turn of events. From observing Wang Yun’s recent escapades, they had come to realize that capturing this extraordinarily skilled individual wouldn’t be straightforward.

The blonde middle-aged man stood there, his expression fluctuating, hands trembling slightly as he set down his cigar. He collapsed back into his chair and slowly closed his eyes.

“Sigh, Captain Jiang Youshan, just call me Kolyev. I underestimated him, and the cost was too great.”

Kolyev Smith massaged his face thoughtfully. “To contend with someone this dangerous, firearms are our only option, and we need at least a twenty-person squad. He has another face yet to uncover, so our search should extend to all entertainment venues in Nancheng that don’t require ID. We need to find faces not recognized by your system, casting our net far and wide. The technical side of things will be handled by my apprentice, Ames.”

“Alright, Captain Kolyev. Wang Yun’s skills in disguise and strategy are formidable, and he has an arsenal of unpredictable abilities. We must work together, all hands on deck,” Jiang Youshan responded.

Kolyev, still reeling, nodded in agreement.

In the live stream, the viewers couldn’t help but feel a sense of delight seeing Kolyev Smith’s reaction.

“Kolyev: Wang Yun is just a kid, an easy catch. Wang Yun: Is that all? Are you giving up? Kolyev: Big Brother, I submit, you’ve swollen my face!”

A playful comment drifted across the screen, eliciting laughter from the audience.

“Big Brother is still a force to be reckoned with. A Western foreigner comes in all full of himself, and on his very first day, Big Brother has him nursing a swollen face.”

“That foreigner touted as a boxing champion is the real deal. He’s an actual underground boxing champion. Seriously, you can find info about him on foreign websites. He’s genuinely formidable. For someone like that to be taken down so easily by Big Brother. It just shows how terrifying he is!”

“Calling him Big Brother? More like an emperor Wang Yun, the Emperor, has put Emperor Wang in his place. Looks like he’s done showing off with his fancy title, huh?” freewebnove(l).com

The live streams were abuzz with excitement and lively chatter.

The newly arrived foreign captain, despite being part of the program’s inspection team, had seemed a bit too arrogant, boldly claiming he’d easily arrest Big Brother. Now, seeing him get outplayed by Wang Yun, the viewers were reveling in delight.

The incident quickly became a trending topic on various major platforms.


Meanwhile, Wang Yun was unaware that he had just given a reality check to a foreign program chief inspector.

He had swiftly altered his appearance again. Combining his god-level disguise and face-changing skills, and using a human skin mask, Wang Yun was able to quickly change his face to that of a middle-aged man.

After dodging several surveillance cameras, he entered a shop, his brow furrowed in deep thought. Defeating a program officer was not a victory to be celebrated. It meant he was exposed.

This exposure signified that one of his disguises was now compromised, leaving him with just one remaining face.

“These inspectors are relentless, managing to pinpoint my location so quickly. How are they tracking me? This escape is becoming increasingly challenging,” Wang Yun said, his thoughts whirring.

He finally pulled out his phone and set it on the table. There was only one explanation, no alternatives. If his phone had been compromised, it meant he could no longer safely use a phone in the future. If the inspectors could track him once, they could do it again.

He removed the SIM card, left it there, and stepped outside.

He knew he was in for more trouble. The inspectors would undoubtedly intensify their search efforts. Under such scrutiny, his current face, especially without a linked identity, would surely be discovered. It seemed imperative now to acquire a new identity.

Lost in thought, Wang Yun continued to think.

He wasn’t keen on taking someone else’s identity. To do that successfully, he needed to find someone with a similar physique and height. Plus, the disguise had to be inconspicuous to avoid detection. But taking on someone else’s appearance carried a significant risk of discovery, since no two people in the world are exactly alike. Hence, he decided against it.

The ideal solution was to create an authentic identity.

“How could I possibly infiltrate the police station?” he muttered under his breath, walking and deep in thought.

“The case of the renowned actress Zhao Yuexingchen remains unsolved. Her parents have announced a 50 million reward for information leading to the person responsible for their daughter’s harm. Moreover, they have invited private detectives from everywhere to join the investigation, offering the same reward for unraveling the truth. They refuse to believe that their daughter’s death from a fall was due to sleepwalking, and the police are thoroughly investigating the matter.”

At that moment, a voice from a nearby place caught Wang Yun’s ear. He stopped in his tracks and looked at a television in a small shop. A contemplative look crossed his face. This wasn’t the first time he had heard this news. Perhaps, this was an opportunity worth pursuing.

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