As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster - C.143 - : Complete SuppressionSep 09, 2023

As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster

C.143 - : Complete SuppressionSep 09, 2023

Chapter 143: Complete Suppression

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As a pure damage output profession on the legendary level, the damage caused by every skill was shocking!

However, he didn’t expect his skill to be blocked by a group of skeletons!

This made Qin Sheng very upset.

“Let’s see how you can stop it!”

“A bunch of trash!” hollered Qin Sheng.

Previously, when he battled with the White Tiger Academy, he admitted a slight setback. If it weren’t because his teammates didn’t support him, how could he lose to the White Tiger Academy?

Now, facing a fellow who hadn’t even reached the third transition and a bunch of skeletons, he actually had no way of breaking through!

Qin Sheng would never tolerate such humiliation!

“Second skill, Frenzied Explosive Kill!”

[Frenzied Battle: Frenzied Explosive Kill]

[Frenzied Explosive Kill: With the spear as the center, it explodes with 200% attack power and has an additional 50% bloodthirst effect. It can recover 2% of its health in the attack!]

Qin Sheng hollered) and blood instantly appeared in his entire body, as he entered a bloodthirsty state.

Not only that) he took a step forward and instantly rushed into the Skeleton Army like a blood-red shadow!

[Health -20,000]

[Health -20,000]

After continuous explosions, the damage Qin Sheng caused at this moment reached a shocking 20,000 points…

Not only that, but when this attack landed, it instantly forced the Spell-Breaking Warriors back!

It even caused the Spell-Breaking Warriors to have low health!

With this attack, all the skeletons in the entire Skeleton Army that hadn’t been enchanted with the abyssal attribute were crushed!

The Skeleton Army could quickly revive and continue fighting with the help of the Sister of Death.

However, Qin Sheng’s damage was indeed shocking.

Zhang Xuan looked at this attack and was equally shocked.

This legendary output profession was indeed extraordinary.

Under the circumstances of the abyss enchantment, the damage that erupted from Qin Sheng actually reached this extent!

Moreover, half of the Skeleton Warrior was shattered in one strike. At the same time, it also caused the Spell-Breaking Warriors to fall into a critical state.

“That’s right, that’s right. It’s a pure damage output profession after all. It’s indeed extraordinary.”

“However, this hasn’t ended yet.”

As soon as Zhang Xuan spoke, the Sister of Death beside him instantly exploded and used her skills to recover the skeletons and undead. In an extremely short period of time, the Skeleton Army and Spell-Breaking Warriors recovered their stats again!

The actions of the Sister of Death were to be the main support position in this Skeleton Army, which was also the nanny.

Qin Sheng was even more upset when he saw that the Skeleton Army had recovered to its original state in a short amount of time.

Looking at the sister beside Zhang Xuan, Qin Sheng knew very clearly that the key couldn’t deal with Zhang Xuan or the sister beside him.

These skeletons would appear endlessly and stick to him like sticky candy. He couldn’t shake them off at all!

“A bunch of trash!”

“Third skill!”

“Wrath Sea Waves!”

Qin Sheng hollered angrily and jumped up. The red spear in his hand instantly exploded with shocking demonic power. Under the use of skills, waves dozens of meters tall rose behind Qin Sheng!

It suppressed the Skeleton Army with a tremendous and ferocious aura!

And this area completely covered Zhang Xuan.

As a battle maniac profession, Qin Sheng wasn’t only good at close combat and physical attacks.

His first two skills were physical attack skills, while the third skill, Wrath Sea Waves, was a magical attack skill!

Moreover, it was a group attack. In terms of damage output, it had also reached a shocking level.

Seeing Qin Shengs skills explode, the scene was as magnificent as ever, and it really made one’s eyes light up.

However, Zhang Xuan wasn’t worried at all.

On the other hand, when Zhang Xuan saw this skill, he nonchalantly let the Forbidden Spell Warriors beside him go out.

The Forbidden Spell Warriors had been enhanced by the attributes of the abyss. Under the enchantment, their various aspects had increased to a huge extent.

Not only that, but the effects of the abyss were even more obvious on the Forbidden Spell Warriors.

It reduced the damage caused by the magical skills and the control effect!

It could be said that with the Forbidden Spell Warriors around, Zhang Xuan’s Skeleton Army could similarly cause a certain amount of resistance to the magical classes.

This was what Zhang Xuan needed to do.

As the Abyss Forbidden Spell Warriors attacked, Qin Sheng’s attack was originally extremely ferocious. It covered a large area and caused considerable damage.

However, he didn’t expect that with the effects of the Forbidden Spell Warriors, it directly reduced the damage of his skills by half!

This level was clearly no small matter.

Not only that, as the skills were weakened, it also caused the skills to not affect the Skeleton Army.

On the other hand, the Skeleton Army was charging forward!

The Deep Abyss Forbidden Spell Warriors blocked the skills, while the Spell-Breaking Warriors and the Skeleton Army directly charged forward!

The front and back instantly put Qin Sheng in a perilous situation.

Although the Abyss Forbidden Spell Warriors didn’t completely offset the damage caused by the skill, the remaining damage was clearly nothing to the Skeleton Army.

Qin Sheng had no choice but to turn around and be on guard. He retracted his attack and welcomed the skeletons that rushed up.

Qin Sheng’s combat skills weren’t weak, and they used up an appropriate amount of his mana.

Among all the professions, casting skills were mainly based on mana. Secondly, summoning-type jobs required mental strength and mana.

It was more of the exhaustion of mental strength.

On the other hand, Qin Sheng didn’t care about consumption and kept using his skills. Now that his skills were offset, he could only choose to fight in close combat.

However, the effect of close combat against so many Skeleton Warriors and the attributes of the abyss made Qin Sheng even more exhausted to deal with them!

And it was clearly only a matter of time before it ended.

On the high platform.

When the few directors saw Zhang Xuan’s performance, all of them had serious expressions.

“Zhang Xuan’s few undead all have their own specialties. They can be said to be class advancement players.”

“They actually have defense, attack, and support.”

“This kid is really surprising. He’s only Level 28, but he already has such high standards. One person can go against an entire team!”

“Such a situation is indeed rare. Anyway, among the legendary class advancement players we know, there’s basically no such situation, right?”

The few directors took part in heated discussions. Qin Sheng was proud and arrogant. Before he could completely understand the use of the other party’s undead, he threw his skills out.

This caused him to lose all his chances.

On the other hand, Zhang Xuan’s skeleton and the undead were very useful.

Not only that, it was reflected in all aspects. It could be said that other than the summoner’s weakness, Zhang Xuan’s summoned creatures weren’t only a problem because their attributes exceeded the standard.

The more important thing was that there were many professions.

If one person could have such an outstanding performance, it would reflect to this extent.

Such a profession was definitely legendary!

As expected, after Qin Sheng used a few skills, he instantly fell into a predicament and was tortured by countless skeleton knights until he was exhausted!

In the end, he couldn’t support himself and collapsed..