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C.171 - : Black Triangle AreaSep 22, 2023

Chapter 171: Black Triangle Area

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Zhang Xuan tried his best to persuade his parents. Only then did his parents accept it in relief.

When they returned home.

Although his family background was not good, Zhang Xuan felt very comfortable and at ease.

In the past few days, Zhang Xuan has taken his parents shopping, and bought clothes for them, and some furniture.

It could be considered to be improving their lives.

Zhang Xuan knew very well that if he returned to the academy, his parents and the others would definitely cut back on their food and clothing again and leave the gold coins to the siblings.

Therefore, he might as well bring them to spend some money so that they could enjoy it.

After all, his parents had already lived such a poor life for so many years. Now,

Zhang Xuan also wanted them to live better.

At the same time, this was also Zhang Xuan’s goal of becoming a class advancement player.

Protect his family well and let them have a good life.

The holidays always passed quickly.

10 days passed quietly. In these 10 days, Zhang Xuan had been accompanying his parents.

However, as time passed, Zhang Xuan also left Xinyuan City.

He prepared to return to the academy.

He met up with Zhou Yi and the others.

Four Sages Academy.

During the holidays, there were much fewer students in the academy. At the entrance of the academy, Zhang Xuan and Liu Tangshan had just arrived when they saw that Zhou Yi and Liu Yunshan were also there.

This time, Jiang Lingyue also came over.

When they went back together, Zhang Xuan had also told her.

In any case, it was also a holiday. In addition, they weren’t going to farm dungeons. Moreover, Jiang Lingyue was also Level 28 now, so her level wasn’t low.

The few of them gathered, and Zhou Yi became excited.

“I’ve waited for you guys.”

“I’ve been very bored these ten days.”

Zhou Yi spoke consecutively and started complaining.

Upon hearing Zhou Yi’s words, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Can you still be bored?”

“We should all be here, right?”

Zhang Xuan glanced around. Just as he finished speaking, he heard Zhou Yi say, “There’s another person. You know her too.” With that said, Yuan Xiao walked over from behind.

Obviously, she was also in line.

“Junior Zhang Xuan, you didn’t expect this, right?”

“By the way, my house is in the Black Triangle area.”

“Therefore, I’ll be your guide this time. There are many rules in the Black

Triangle area. If you go over yourself, you’ll easily suffer.”

With Yuan Xiao’s words, Zhang Xuan and the others understood.

“Alright, let’s go.”

As Zhang Xuan spoke, the few of them directly walked into the teleportation array.

With a rich woman like Zhou Yi around, the cost of activating the teleportation array was completely a drop in the bucket for her.

As the teleportation array was activated, light erupted. In an instant, everyone’s figures disappeared into the light.

The scene in front of them was incomparably dazzling. As the light disappeared, a group of people appeared in another teleportation array.

Opening their eyes, Zhang Xuan and the others also looked around with curiosity.

This was the Black Triangle area.

In a special place in Long Xia.

There were all kinds of people here from different countries, but at the same time, these were all class advancement players.

Among them, most of the class advancement players were second-transition and third-transition.

As soon as they came out, lively cries rose and fell.

Various stalls sold countless novel things, and most of them were related to class advancement players.

“This is the Black Triangle area?

“It’s indeed different. It’s too lively.”

Looking at the lively scene in front of him, Zhang Xuan couldn’t help but smack his lips.

This was the first time he had left Xinyuan to reach other cities.

Although Zhang Xuan had left Xinyuan previously to study at the Four Sages Academy, in fact, the Four Sages Academy was located in the mountains and not a city.

“The Black Triangle area is divided into a total of three areas. One is the area with the materials as the main materials, the other is the equipment area, and the last is the groceries area.”

Yuan Xiao stepped forward and explained to them.

She said, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to my house to rest first. We’ll walk around when the time comes.”

With Yuan Xiao leading the way, it was naturally much easier.

However, because the few of them were all students of the Four Sages

Academy, they were each wearing the clothes of the Azure Dragon Institute, the White Tiger Academy, and the Vermillion Bird Institute. As for Yuan Xiao, Zhang Xuan, and the other direct students, they had their own identity symbols.

Therefore, as they walked into the market, many people’s gazes gathered.

Because there were many class advancement players from all directions in this place.

There were even Abyssal Envoys and such intelligent monsters. These monsters weren’t restricted by the dungeon and could come out to wander.

As for the chaotic Black Triangle, it had unique rules, so it was naturally the most suitable place for them.

“My family runs a trading venue in the grocery area. In this Black Triangle area, try your best not to have any conflicts with others.”

“Although private fights were prohibited in the Black Triangle area, there were still certain clans and factions that held influence here.”

As Yuan Xiao explained, Zhang Xuan and the others were also filled with curiosity.

He immediately asked, “What does this mean?

“The materials area is the territory of the Dragon Soaring Guild, and they’re in charge of managing it. At the same time, any transaction in the materials area needs to be handed over to them with a certain proportion of benefits.”

“Similarly, it’s the same elsewhere. The equipment area belongs to the Xiao

Clan, and the grocery area where my family is located is at the Black Gold


After Yuan Xiao’s explanation, Zhang Xuan and the others roughly understood the situation in the Black Triangle area.

However, they had to hand over the transactions and sales in these places. It could be said that be it guilds, families, or academies, the benefits they obtained here were huge.

“This Black Triangle area is really extraordinary. However, how’s the level of the Black Gold Academy inside? It’s so close to your house.”

Zhang Xuan asked again, but Yuan Xiao spread his hands. “Black Gold Academy is very special. In terms of the quality of the students inside, it’s actually not inferior to any branch of the Four Sages Academy. However, because of the unique rules of Black Gold Academy, it has never ranked in the country.”

“And there are all kinds of students inside.”

“I heard that the one who entered Black Gold Academy at the same time as you is also the number one in a foreign academy, the number one among the new students, and it’s a legendary profession.”

Legendary-level profession, and it was during the new student period. In other words, it was a legendary profession that had yet to reach the second transition.

This kind of class advancement player was definitely extraordinary.

After all, the starting point was really too high.

This also made Zhang Xuan curious about this Black Gold Academy.

A student who existed in such a unique place and was even in charge of an area definitely had extraordinary strength.

“Then the vice-dean and dean of this academy should also be class advancement players, right?”

Zhang Xuan was extremely curious about Black Gold Academy.

In any case, it was rare for him to come over, so he naturally had to understand it clearly.

“Well, no, the vice-dean seems to be at the seventh transition. As for the dean, he should be at the eighth.”

“Moreover, it’s said that there’s a vice-dean of Black Gold Academy who’s an Abyssal Envoy!’

As soon as these words were spoken, Liu Tangshan, Liu Yunshan, and the others were also stunned.

Even Zhang Xuan didn’t expect that there were actually Abyssal Envoys as vice-deans?