Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons - C.315: 151: Chen Fan Starts to Take Action! (9467 words) _4

Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

C.315: 151: Chen Fan Starts to Take Action! (9467 words) _4

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Shen Hongxiu: “I suspect you’re driving.”

Shen Daodao: “Stop kidding, can someone with his intelligence drive?”

Li Fengxing was enraged: “I got my driver’s license a long time ago! How can I not know how to drive? Am I worse than Hong Xiu when it comes to driving skills?”

Chen Fan and the others: .

Li Fengxing continued: “Brother Fan, it’s too easy for you to make money, isn’t it? You just sit there, move your mouth a little, and you’ve got eight million!”

Chen Fan ignored Li Fengxing, turned his head to the King Death Spider and Thousand -Catty Ant, and said, “Spider, you and that big ant go to the training ground, find a place as your own territory.”

The King Death Spider nodded, turned around and left.

But the Thousand -Catty Ant looked at Chen Fan for a while before sluggishly crawling out.

Li Fengxing was frightened and hurriedly followed, patting the

Thousand -Catty Ant’s leg, and said, “Little Qian, you shouldn’t use that kind of look when looking at Brother Fan… Be careful he gets angry and beats you up!”

Can he?

Can he beat me?

If I stand still and let him hit me, can he even do it?

How capable can a guy who trips in front of his own door be?

The Thousand-Catty Ant showed a disdainful expression.

Li Fengxing became furious: “My sister warned you, I advised you, but you didn’t listen. Do you want to go to heaven?”

“A few days ago, Brother Fan chopped off the head of a Level 12 Ghost-faced Giant Lizard with one stroke!”

“Can your head be harder than that Ghost-faced Giant Lizard?”

The Thousand-Catty Ant was stunned.

Li Fengxing pointed to the distant Golden Gyrfalcon and said, “That Golden Gyrfalcon now listens to Brother Fan. If Brother Fan tells it to go east, it goes east; if Brother Fan tells it to go west, it goes west…

“If Brother Fan orders the Golden Gyrfalcon to beat you up, can you defeat the Golden Gyrfalcon?”

Can the Golden Gyrfalcon listen to that kid?

Impossible, right?

The Thousand-Catty Ant started to feel a little uneasy.

That’s when Feicui, curious, ran over and circled around the Thousand-Catty Ant twice.

Feicui was a little curious…

Why does this big ant look a little like the Heavenly Fire Ants that she has been eating every day recently?

Is it being raised to be eaten?

The Thousand-Catty Ant looked at Feicui disdainfully and, with a kick, sent Feicui flying away.

“Meow! ”


Gangzi saw Feicui being bullied, immediately became furious, rushed over, and waved its claws at the Thousand -Catty Ant.

How could the Thousand -Catty Ant care about Gangzi, this little nobody?

Without even looking at Gangzi, the Thousand -Catty Ant kicked Gangzi away with one leg.

At this point, all hell broke loose…

Snowy and Cold Ice White Python all rushed over.

Even the most cowardly Cold Pond Golden Horned Jiaolong and Horned Tiger among the three Guardian Beasts followed behind them.

A large group of Guardian Beasts surrounded the Thousand -Catty Ant in a circle!

The Thousand-Catty Ant was also furious…

Damn it, a bunch of low-level Guardian Beasts dared to be so arrogant and domineering?

My Level 12 Guardian Beast’s prestige can’t suppress you all?

Just as it thought this…


It felt as if it had been stabbed in the butt by a knife.

The Thousand-Catty Ant turned around and saw the Red-backed Scorpion retracting its poison needle.

“Crimson Poison Needle!”

The Thousand-Catty Ant was scared half to death!

The Crimson Poison Needle is the Red-backed Scorpion's ace skill!

If it were not for being stabbed, it would be fine; but if the Red-backed Scorpion did stab, even the Stone Armor Tyrant Dragon would be in great pain!

How dare this brat hide behind me and sneak attack!

Next moment…

Intense pain spread throughout its body.

The Thousand-Catty Ant let out a strange howl and rolled around on the

A group of Guardian Beasts quickly retreated, afraid of being crushed by it.

A black shadow fell from the sky, and the Golden Gyrfalcon held down the Thousand -Catty Ant with a single claw.

The Thousand-Catty Ant almost cried…

What the hell, I’m in so much pain, and you won’t even let me roll around?

Is there still justice?

Is there still the rule of law?

The Thousand-Catty Ant started to scream louder and louder.

The loud howling alerted Chen Fan and Shen Hongxiu.

Chen Fan went out and took a look, feeling a bit annoyed.

There’s always this kind of troublemaker everywhere.

Gangzi quickly ran a few steps to Chen Fan’s feet and gurgled an explanation at him.

“That dead ant dared to bully Feicui and Gangzi!”

Chen Fan’s forehead was full of black lines: “Gold Feather, throw it into the forest and let it reflect on its actions!”

The Golden Gyrfalcon immediately grabbed the wailing Thousand -Catty Ant, flew into the forest, and dropped it like a bomb.

Just now, Chen Fan looked at the Thousand -Catty Ant’s attribute panel and knew that the Crimson Poison Needle it had been hit with wasn’t fatal, so he wasn’t worried about it dying.

With the Thousand-Catty Ant’s Star Power and physique, it could hold on for five or six minutes, and the toxin would naturally dissipate.

However, five or six minutes was enough for the big ant to taste the consequences.

Let it learn its lesson!

You came here to seek my cultivation, yet you dare bully my Guardian Beasts?

You are lucky you’re not dead!

“Alright, everyone disperse, and go back to training.”

Chen Fan waved his hand.

The Guardian Beasts returned to their places, each to its own.

City Lord’s Mansion, East Sea City.

On the training ground, Jiang Yuanfan was swiftly circling a dummy, attacking it with one sword strike after another.

Even drenched in sweat, he had no intention of stopping.

The bald young man, Zhang Yufan, looked at Jiang Yuanfan on the field and sighed, “Ah, Boss is really stimulated by Chen Fan…”

Another person beside him said, “Indeed, that Chen Fan is a bit too fierce. Level 10 and Level 9 Heavenly Fire Ants are no match for him. He chopped them up like vegetables.”

Another person frowned and said, “But we’ve already figured it out on our way…. The knife in Chen Fan’s hand is a High Grade Profound Weapon! If I had a High Grade Profound Weapon in my hand, I could also chop a Level 10 Heavenly Fire Ant with one stroke!”

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