Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons - C.330 - 154: The bullshit wind divine giraffe and savage prison dragon, teaching you how to be humans tonight! (11152 words) _2

Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

C.330 - 154: The bullshit wind divine giraffe and savage prison dragon, teaching you how to be humans tonight! (11152 words) _2

Chapter 330: Chapter 154: The bullshit wind divine giraffe and savage prison dragon, teaching you how to be humans tonight! (11152 words) _2

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The water inside that big pot, originally a dark brown color, started to change as soon as the “Green Wood Spirit Energy” was poured in.

Before long, the soup in the pot turned green.

Chen Fan lightly stimulated his Star Power, and removed the pot from the fire.

The water in the pot began to cool gradually.

Finally, it solidified into a substance resembling dark green jelly.

Chen Fan checked the time and softly touched his finger on the “jelly” before lifting up the big pot.

He held up the pot and said to the Heavy-armored Beetle King, “Open your mouth!”

The Heavy-armored Beetle King grew excited and opened its mouth immediately.

Chen Fan held the pot with both hands and, with a sudden exertion of force…


The large chunk of “jelly” flew directly into the Heavy-armored Beetle King’s gaping mouth.

“Woo woo!”

Tears welled up in the Heavy-armored Beetle King’s eyes.

It was extraordinarily disgusting…

It had never tasted anything so awful before!

It had been looking forward to this for so long, and this was what it got to eat?

The food it had eaten when Chen Fan helped it break through its Species Level wasn’t this bad, was it?

“No spitting it out!”

Chen Fan lightly reprimanded, “Eat it all, not a single drop can be wasted!”

“Don’t you want to upgrade?”

With teary eyes, the Heavy-armored Beetle King swallowed the “jelly”.

It was already half past midnight.

Chu Xuan and Ye Hao were walking on the small path covered by trees in the Beast Trainer Association’s compound.

They had come from the City Lord’s Mansion, taking a side entrance of the Beast Trainer Association and had ended up behind Chen Fan’s house.

There was a fork in the road ahead; only by taking the right branch could one arrive at the main entrance.

Just as Chu Xuan was about to take a step towards the right, Ye Hao stopped him: “Let’s not go through the front door, it’s a detour. We just need to climb over this iron fence.”

Saying this, he mimicked Jackie Chan, took a running start, used his right foot to kick off the wall and leapt over the iron fence.

Shen Daodao imitated him and also jumped over.

When it was Li Fengxing’s turn, he misestimated his strength, and his trousers got snagged on a spike on the fence. With a bang, he ended up hanging upside down on the gate.


Chu Xuan walked over to the gate which was then opened by the goblin.

Chu Xuan slightly nodded his head and walked in with Shen Hongxiu and the others.

Ye Hao:

Moments later, Ye Hao’s face lit up in realisation: “Wait, why is the goblin here?”

The Goblin spread his hands and said: “Oh my god, this place is full of surveillance, I saw you guys coming on the surveillance and came to welcome you.”

Ye Hao turned to Fang Qingqing: “Qing Qing, why has your goblin become Brother Fan’s housekeeper?”

The Goblin smirked, “What’s the relationship between my mistress and Mr. Chen Fan? It’s perfectly normal for me to be Mr. Chen Fan’s housekeeper, isn’t it?”

“Xiaobu, what nonsense are you talking!” Fang Qingqing’s face turned red.

Shen Hongxiu’s face darkened, she glowered at the goblin, “Green-skinned dwarf, if you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll cut off your tongue!”

The Goblin was taken aback.

He was actually a little scared of Shen Hongxiu.

If you took this woman’s words as a joke, it could turn out to be true.

But if you believed she was serious, she might just be joking with you.

He had experienced the Illusionary King Blue Python’s Swallowing Star Ray in the past, and still held some fear of it. He definitely did not want to experience it again.

Thinking of this, the Goblin released the back-feeding power he had been suppressing.

Fang Qingqing trembled, immediately sensing his back-feeding power.

Earlier, Chen Fan had already helped the Goblin and other Guardian Beasts upgrade, but Fang Qingqing only received the back-feeding power when she and the Guardian Beast came closer to each other.

As soon as she received this power, Fang Qingqing’s eyes widened in surprise!

Even though Ye Hao and the others were prepared, upon seeing Fang Qingqing’s reaction, they all stared at her in anticipation, not even blinking!

After a while, Fang Qingqing asked, disbelief in her voice: “Xiaobu, did you breakthrough? But why did you feed so much power back to me? You…”

The Goblin chuckled: “Miss, don’t worry, this is as it should be.”

“Mr. Chen Fan didn’t just help me increase a Combat Power Level, but also a Species Level…I’ve already reached Level 6 in Combat Power Level, and an Extraordinary Level for Species. I really have become much stronger!”

The audience was silent!

The next moment…

Ye Hao and Shen Daodao rushed off like lightning, faster than rabbits.

Chu Xuan and Shen Hongxiu followed quickly behind.

Only Bai Ruge was unhurried… because she already knew about Chen Fan’s methods and had already anticipated this.

Meanwhile, Li Fengxing, having ripped his trousers, struggled off the fence.

Ignoring that half of his butt was showing, he chased after the others at a hundred meter sprint speed, surpassing Bai Ruge: “Hey, hey, why the rush, leaving me behind?”

“Bastard!” Bai Ruge turned her head away with her eyes shut, “I’ll get you for this!”

As soon as everyone reached the training ground.

A bunch of Guardian Beasts started cheering, rushing towards their respective masters all at once.

As the Beast cultivators and Guardian Beasts drew near, each Guardian Beast released the back-feeding Star Power that they were suppressing.

Due to the overpowering back-feeding Star Power, Ye Hao, Shen Daodao, and the others didn’t even have time to greet Chen Fan. They immediately sat down cross-legged and began guiding the back-feeding power.