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Chapter 550: Top Legacy

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Chen Fei took a few steps forward and saw a cushion and a desk on the ground, looking very much like someone had practiced here before.

Glancing around, Chen Fei noticed that everything was exactly as Kou Yuanheng remembered.

Looking up at the top of the cave, Chen Fei exerted some elemental force. What should have been an empty dome suddenly revealed inscriptions due to the infusion of elemental force.

Thousands of words flowed elegantly, detailing the secret cultivation technique of the Mountain Binding Technique.

Knowing Kou Yuanheng’s character, if he had discovered such a technique he would have destroyed it after learning it, and this cave would be no exception.

However, the reality was that when Kou Yuanheng saw this technique, his mind was already silently infiltrated by a Evil Power.

Learning the Mountain Binding Technique was just a process of exacerbating the infiltration of this Evil Power.

By the time Kou Yuanheng finished reading the technique, the infiltration was complete, and he left the cave in a daze.

Afterward, all memories of the cave became blurry, and he subconsciously ignored them in daily life.

As Kou Yuanheng continued to practice, this influence became increasingly profound, until it became irreversible, and the seed merged completely with his mind.

Chen Fei looked up at the technique on the dome, sensing a very subtle force attempting to penetrate his mind through his eyes and into his sea of consciousness.

However, Chen Fei had anticipated this and directly blocked this force.

Even if Chen Fei had not been on guard, his mid-phase Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivation would have detected this clue. This was also why this cave did not initially enchant Chen Fei.

After a moment, the words on the dome re-concealed themselves, but the influence of the Evil Power within the cave instead reached its peak.

With a wave of his right hand, Chen Fei gathered all of this hidden Evil Power.

Chen Fei didn’t come here to study the Mountain Binding Technique.

He had already seen it in Kou Yuanheng’s memories. Chen Fei was here more for these Evil Powers.

Chen Fei wanted to use these forces to find more caves similar to this one, naturally with the intention of finding more techniques.

Among the body refining techniques in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, the Mountain Binding Technique was quite good. Although it couldn’t compare to the Suppressing Dragon Elephant or the previous Mystic Forging Treasure Technique he obtained, it still had its merits.

If such a technique existed in one cave, would there be other techniques in the thousands of caves set up by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul?

The Thousand-Eyed Ghoul was indeed something Chen Fei couldn’t currently contend with. However, taking advantage of the opportunity when the opponent fled and hid within the Thousand-Feather Alliance, he collected these techniques to help accelerate his own cultivation.

Chen Fei’s greatest advantage compared to other martial artists lay in his speed of comprehending techniques. As long as he had a sufficient quantity and quality of techniques in his hands, his progress would be incredibly rapid.

Even the geniuses among the top forces couldn’t compare to Chen Fei in this aspect.

After a moment, a small cluster of dark Evil Power appeared in Chen Fei’s hand, belonging to the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul.

However, this cluster of Evil Power was currently very dormant, making it extremely difficult to use it to find the origin of the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul. In fact, it was even questionable if this cluster of Evil Power truly originated from the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul.

But Chen Fei had no intention of seeking out the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul. What he sought were the legacies possessing similar Evil Powers.

Glancing around, Chen Fei looked up at the dome again. After hesitating for a moment, a flash of sword light streaked by, and a fist-sized inheritance stone appeared in Chen Fei’s hand.

He tossed it into an empty spatial bag and swiftly left the cave.

On the sea surface, Chen Fei’s vision appeared in black and white, with countless lines intertwining within it. freew ebnov el

As Chen Fei’s cultivation continued to improve, under the gaze of his Heavenly Eye, he could see more and more lines, indicating his increased capacity to handle information.

From another perspective, the world was actually a network of various pieces of information. The sound of the wind, the traces left by geese flying overhead, all of these were forms of information.

At this moment, Chen Fei looked at the dark Evil Power in his hand, searching for information related to it, and followed this information to find places similar to this Evil Power.

This kind of search was undoubtedly extremely difficult, and even for the vast majority of Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators, it would be impossible.

Without some unique secret techniques, even those at the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm would be powerless in this regard.

Chen Fei’s mind began to rapidly deplete as it was used for calculations by the Heavenly Eye.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Chen Fei had used up more than half of his mental energy and had to stop. After taking some time to recover his mind, Chen Fei resumed his focus on the calculations of the Heavenly Eye.

After repeating this process three times, Chen Fei finally found the needed thread among the countless complex lines.

In the next moment, Chen Fei’s figure flickered and disappeared into the air.

In less than a quarter of an hour, Chen Fei’s figure reappeared on a deserted island.

The nearest city from here is less than twenty miles away. So, while it’s called a deserted island, martial artists do pass through here on occasion.

Chen Fei’s figure blurred and reappeared beneath the sea surface of the deserted island.

The aura here was slightly different from the location of the previous trench Perhaps the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul had slain a martial artist and left their aura behind.

Ripples shimmered across the barrier, attempting to block Chen Fei’s entry, but he gracefully evaded it and entered the cave directly.

Just like the setup in the cave on the other side of the trench, there was a cushion and a desk, giving the subconscious impression that someone had practiced here in the past. And just like before, the technique was positioned at the top of the cave.

Chen Fei exerted elemental force, and inscriptions began to appear on the dome, revealing another technique.

After a moment, a new technique appeared on Chen Fei’s panel: the “Splitting

Flame Technique.”

It was a Combined Aperture Tempering realm technique that could be cultivated all the way to the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Essentially, it was an extraordinary inheritance, but for Chen Fei, it was of little use now.

At most, Chen Fei would bring it back to the Primordial Sword Sect as part of the sect’s heritage, waiting for a suitable disciple to cultivate it in the future.

Not finding a Combined Aperture Tempering realm technique didn’t disappoint Chen Fei in the least.

The Thousand-Eyed Ghoul set up various legacies with the aim of planting seeds. The majority of these seeds were targeted at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, with only a few aimed at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. freewebnov(e)

Normally, only the traps aimed at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm would be meaningful to Chen Fei. However, this didn’t mean that all the Combined Aperture Tempering realm techniques would be useless to him.

Many of the techniques Chen Fei currently uses in his daily practices are derived from Combined Aperture Tempering realm legacies.

In the grand scheme of things, accumulating a variety of techniques isn’t a bad thing for Chen Fei.

As usual, Chen Fei cut down the inheritance stone from the dome and left the cave.

With the experience from the first search, it became much easier for the Heavenly Eye to find relevant information. In just a short while, Chen Fei pinpointed the location of another legacy site.

An hour passed, then two.

Chen Fei began to relentlessly unearth various legacies left behind by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul, with most of his time spent on the road.

Locating and studying techniques didn’t take much of Chen Fei’s time.

The ambitions of the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul were quite extensive. In nearly half a day, Chen Fei had unearthed over a dozen legacy sites.

Whether short distances of hundreds of miles or longer distances of hundreds of miles, there would be a legacy site set up by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul.

Among these techniques, the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul did indeed put in effort While they might not be exceptionally exquisite, for many wandering cultivators, obtaining these legacies could definitely elevate their cultivation to the next level.

In such cases, those who were ensnared by the allure of these legacies would undoubtedly spend time studying them, and in the process, their minds would naturally become infiltrated.

Out of the dozen or so legacies unearthed, most were of little use to Chen Fei and could only be added to the Primordial Sword Sect’s library.

However, there were two techniques that still held some significance for Chen Fei’s current studies. Although the improvement wasn’t substantial, progress in any form was a good thing.

After all, Chen Fei could integrate learned techniques, unlike other martial artists at the same level who had to spend time and effort learning entirely new techniques and considering whether they truly matched their own.

If the improvement was only slight, few people would likely choose to switch their main cultivation techniques. At most, they might borrow ideas to see if they could slightly enhance their own techniques.

A quarter of an hour later, Chen Fei reappeared in another legacy site.

As before, he exerted elemental force at the top of the cave and looked up.

Chen Fei’s expression remained exceedingly calm, but as the words continued

to emerge, his expression subtly changed.

The Evil Power here, seeking to infiltrate his sea of consciousness, was more concealed, and the contaminating power was stronger. It resembled a recently established legacy site, after the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul had strengthened its power.

However, the reason for Chen Fei’s change in expression wasn’t because of this.

It was because the technique displayed above was unexpectedly the signature technique of the Shadow Abyss Sect, the Shadow Abyss Art!

The characteristics of the signature techniques of the top ten forces of the Thousand Feather Alliance were actually known to many people, and some could even recite the names of these techniques as if they were precious treasures.

However, this knowledge was typically limited to just that; the details of other techniques were unknown.

As the words of the technique continued to appear on the dome, Chen Fei became increasingly certain in his heart that this was indeed the Shadow Abyss Art, the signature technique of the Shadow Abyss Sect.

But how could the Shadow Abyss Art, the signature technique of the Shadow

Abyss Sect, appear here?

After a moment, when the technique was fully revealed on the dome, Chen

Fei’s eyes flickered.

[Technique: Shadow Abyss Art (Partial)]

A new technique status appeared on the panel, labeled as partial. Even if it was incomplete, this was still the pinnacle technique of the Shadow Abyss Sect.

Outsiders would have no way to even catch a glimpse of it.

And yet, Chen Fei had unexpectedly obtained a partial version of the Shadow

Abyss Art.

“How did that Evil Power obtain this technique? Was it because of the disciples

of the Shadow Abyss Sect who were buried as seeds?”

Several thoughts flashed through Chen Fei’s mind, and it was certainly because of the seeds, but the specific reasons behind it were unknown to Chen Fei.

However, it was normal for the technique to be incomplete. After all, these top forces must have mental restrictions in place, ensuring that their pinnacle techniques remained strictly within their sects. Even if someone were to search their souls, they would only obtain fragmented and disjointed information.

The fact that the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul’s seeds could obtain the Shadow Abyss Art to such an extent was even more formidable than soul searching.

“If the Shadow Abyss Art is here, is it possible that other legacy techniques

from other top forces might be found elsewhere?”

Chen Fei pondered the possibility, his eyes lighting up with excitement..

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