Chapter 555: Merit and Creation

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The Profound Heavenly Sword incorporated the strengths of various schools, including its own body techniques.

Previously, Chen Fei’s proficiency with the Profound Heavenly Sword was only at the level of mastery, but at that moment, when he employed it, his speed was notably faster than before.

As Chen Fei’s proficiency with the Profound Heavenly Sword increased in the future, his speed in body techniques would undoubtedly become faster as well, making him unrivaled among peers in the Thousand Feathers Alliance, which was not an empty boast.

Glancing back at the empty space behind him, where the blade of the sword had disappeared without a trace, and seeing no sign of anyone, Chen Fei looked into the distance. With a flicker of his figure, he disappeared into the air.

There was more than one opponent; further away, there was a strong expert at the late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, emerging from the trap of the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul, already twenty miles away.

After a moment, Chen Daoheng stepped out from the void, looking at the place where Chen Fei disappeared, his eyes showing a hint of interest. He was considering whether to continue pursuing when he sensed the appearance of a presence behind him.

“Why did you come here? Didn’t I tell you to be on guard in the vicinity?” A figure appeared beside Chen Daoheng, with a touch of reproach in his tone.”Elder Huang!”

Seeing the newcomer, Chen Daoheng bowed in salute and said, “Someone passed by that direction just now, so I made a probing move.”

“Did that person see me entering and leaving the cave?” Huang Yuheng’s brows furrowed.

“No, that person stopped about a dozen miles away from the cave, probably sensing me, and then turned around and left directly.”

Chen Daoheng shook his head and continued, “I initially thought it was just a coincidence, but in the end, I discovered that the other party could indeed sense my location. At the early stage of Combined Aperture Tempering realm, they should possess a special treasure.”

Huang Yuheng’s expression shifted slightly. This nephew of his was outstanding among his peers in the entire Fallen Heaven Pavilion. Or rather, in the entire Thousand Feathers Alliance, there were few who could compare with him.

Especially considering Chen Daoheng’s mastery of the pavilion’s foundational technique, the Fallen Heaven Technique, even the elders praised him endlessly, believing that Chen Daoheng had great potential to break through to the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm in the future.

In such circumstances, it was rare for someone to detect Chen Daoheng’s whereabouts, something that ordinary early-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators would find difficult to achieve.

“Which sect are they from?” Huang Yuheng asked.

Among the ten factions, each had its own specialties. The Eye Techniques of the Fengwu Pavilion and the Shadow Abyss Sect were the most renowned. If combined with special treasures, ordinary concealment techniques would indeed be difficult to maintain.

“It’s not the style of those few factions, otherwise, I wouldn’t have followed this trail.”

Chen Daoheng shook his head. If it had been people from those factions, he wouldn’t have been interested and wouldn’t have made a probing move.

Huang Yuheng nodded upon hearing that it wasn’t from those few factions. Just as he was considering whether to pursue and eliminate them directly, the jade plaque at his waist suddenly vibrated.

Huang Yuheng’s expression changed slightly. The Thousand-Eyed Ghoul was about to be exposed. He needed to complete the formations in several caves as quickly as possible and coordinate with others to assist in concealing it.

“Let’s go!”

Huang Yuheng grabbed Chen Daoheng’s shoulder, his figure flickering, disappearing from the spot. Chen Daoheng also noticed the color of the jade plaque and the smile faded from his face.

Several tens of miles away, Chen Fei sensed that no one was chasing after him from behind, and his expression relaxed slightly.

Facing an expert at the late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, Chen Fei couldn’t be sure if he could escape safely.

After all, facing someone with a realm one level higher, some of Chen Fei’s advantages were practically nothing in front of a late-stage Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivator.

“The Spatial Void Shifting, it’s somewhat similar to the methods of the Fallen Heaven Pavilion.”

Chen Fei thought about what he had just seen, his brows furrowing slightly. How could people from the Fallen Heaven Pavilion enter the trap of the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul while someone was guarding outside?

Chen Fei suddenly remembered that he had obtained techniques from nine top forces, but was still lacking those from the Fallen Heaven Pavilion.

Previously, Chen Fei only thought that people from the Fallen Heaven Pavilion rarely ventured outside, and their disciples were not very numerous, so they were spared from being ensnared by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul.

Now, upon further reflection, the situation seemed to be getting more complicated.

Even if others saw people from the Fallen Heaven Pavilion entering and leaving the trap of the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul, they probably wouldn’t think much of it. After all, discovering a cave and exploring it voluntarily was a common occurrence for martial artists.

Moreover, others didn’t know that those caves were set up by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul, and even if they did, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Chen Fei even actively explored every cave set up by the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul.

But when these two pieces of information were combined, things started to seem a bit strange.

“Before the leader of the Thousand Feathers Alliance arrived, the Fallen Heaven Pavilion was the strongest force here!”

A sudden message flashed through Chen Fei’s mind.

Several hours later, Chen Fei returned to the Primordial Sword Sect and immersed himself in cultivation.

The proficiency of the Profound Heavenly Sword was still a bit low at the moment. If Chen Fei could bring it to perfection, it would be a huge boost to his own strength.

Chen Fei didn’t know to what extent the prodigies from other top forces had cultivated their sect’s foundational techniques by the mid-stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

However, based on the information Chen Fei obtained from the Heavenly Eye today, the person from the Fallen Heaven Pavilion he encountered seemed relatively young, likely under a hundred years old.

Yet, in the instant he unleashed his sword, judging from the power Chen Fei sensed, the level of comprehension and cultivation of his techniques were probably not much different from Chen Fei’s current level.

Only with such a level of comprehension speed could someone at such a young age smoothly advance to the mid-stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Otherwise, even among those top forces, most people who breakthrough to the mid-stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm are usually close to two hundred years old, which is already considered to be exceptionally talented.

For those with slightly weaker talents, even among the top forces, their cultivation might only reach the early stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm in their lifetime.

Only true geniuses could reach the peak of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm in their thirties, then successfully break through to the mid-stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm within two hundred years, and after a few years of consolidation, attempt to break through to the peak again.

Only with such a cultivation speed could one look forward to stepping into the realm of the Mountain Sea Realm in the future.

As Chen Fei immersed himself in cultivation, information about the situation at the alliance’s outer defenses began to spread gradually within the Thousand Feathers Alliance.

As for the news about the Thousand-Eyed Ghoul, it was completely sealed off. Apart from the ten top forces and those sects with experts at the late stage of the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, others were kept in the dark.

Ten days later, Qin Haishan and several others arrived at the Primordial Sword Sect.

“The frontline forces are insufficient, and we’re afraid we’ll be conscripted,” Qin Haishan said with a deep voice in the courtyard.

In his many years in the Thousand Feathers Alliance, Qin Haishan had never encountered such a situation before. Although there might be occasional major sea monster attacks every few decades, they were easily repelled.

At most, they would conscript some Combined Aperture Tempering realm cultivators to form formations and slay the sea monsters.

“I hope we can be in the same frontline, so we can support each other,” Zhao Tianxuan said softly.

Refusing such conscription was out of the question, and no one dared to refuse. It would be tantamount to opposing the entire Thousand Feathers Alliance. It was likely that they would be taken down before even reaching the frontline.

“When is it likely to happen?” Chen Fei frowned.

Although Chen Fei had received some insider information from tea house, he hadn’t expected it to come so soon, just ten days later.

If given the choice, Chen Fei would definitely prefer to continue staying in the Primordial Sword Sect and focus on his cultivation.

The profoundness of the Profound Heavenly Sword far surpassed that of the Three Lives Slicing Shadow Sword. Every time Chen Fei practiced with it, he gained a lot, and his own strength was rapidly increasing.

With over a thousand middle-grade elemental stones in the Qiankun Bag, if we exclude the Spirit Treasures as a big consumer, it could actually supply Chen Fei with a considerable amount of cultivation for quite a long time.

Even if Chen Fei were to consume elixirs at his maximum capacity, it would still take close to a year to deplete all these elemental stones.

And even if they were exhausted, it wouldn’t matter much. Recently, there seemed to be quite a few sea monsters in the outer seas. Chen Fei could go out and slay a few, which would continue to supply him with the means to cultivate.

Compared to his time in Immortal Cloud City, where the scarcity of natural elemental qi made it difficult to encounter monsters, this method of using battles to support cultivation was simply not feasible.

But in the Thousand Feathers Alliance, as long as you had the courage, opportunities to obtain elemental stones were even more abundant.

Chen Fei had no worries about elemental stone shortages in the short term.

However, if he were to go to the frontline, the level of danger would skyrocket. It wouldn’t be a matter of courage anymore, but rather a question of how lucky he could be.

With luck not on your side, no matter how strong you are, you may still end up with a tragic fate of dying on the battlefield.

“It should be in the next few days,” Qin Haishan said.

Now that everyone in the Thousand Feathers Alliance knew about the issues with the frontline defenses, it was clear that the central alliance intentionally leaked the information to prepare everyone psychologically.

Tong Zhongqiu remained silent on the side. After slaying Jian Jinsheng, Tong Zhongqiu thought that the crisis facing the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect had been largely resolved, patiently waiting for someone within the sect to breakthrough to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Even if his lifespan came to an end, he would have no regrets.

But now, unexpectedly, they were being conscripted to the frontline. Tong Zhongqiu wasn’t afraid of death himself, but rather worried that after he died, the Immortal Cloud Sword Sect would collapse.

“Alright, when we get to the frontline, let’s see if we can get someone to accommodate us together,” Chen Fei nodded.

After all, they were allies. If anything happened on the frontline, they could watch out for each other, which was much better than being with other strangers.

A quarter of an hour later, Qin Haishan and the others left, while Chen Fei sat cross-legged in the courtyard, directly immersing himself in the cultivation of the Profound Heavenly Sword.

Only brushing up on the proficiency of techniques, regardless of location, was something Chen Fei could do. This was different from cultivating elemental energy through the consumption of elixirs.

Of course, if other martial artists were contemplating techniques, they would undoubtedly choose the most secluded places. After all, contemplating techniques consumed a great deal of mental energy, and they were most afraid of being disturbed by others.

It would be the most frustrating thing if an inspiration appeared but was interrupted by noise before it could fully develop.

But Chen Fei didn’t have such concerns. As long as he simply operated the Three Lives Slicing Shadow Sword, insights into the Profound Heavenly Sword would naturally appear in his mind, allowing Chen Fei to absorb and transform them into his own.

Sometimes Chen Fei also wondered, what exactly was this panel?

People often talk about reincarnation, but few have actually seen it. However, among martial artists, if someone truly comprehended the principles of nature, some powerful individuals could indeed be reincarnated and re-cultivate.

Could this panel be the manifestation of the enlightenment of a powerful individual?