764 Leave It to Me Li Hao’s soul left his body and he saw the world, the entire sky.

At this moment, Li Hao saw his main body standing there in a daze. A demon immortal was condensing a powerful force and rushing towards his main body. It was about to land on him.

Boom! A powerful suction force seemed to instantly erupt from Li Hao’s main body and suddenly pulled his soul away.

In the next moment, Li Hao felt the scene around him change instantly, as if he had woken up from a dream.

Li Hao opened his eyes and saw that his palm was still imprinted on the Dragon Sealing Platform.

Everything that had just happened seemed to be a dream, but Li Hao knew that it was not a dream. It was real.

At the same time, Li Hao had a strange feeling. He seemed to be connected to everything on this continent under his feet.

Nothing on this continent could escape Li Hao’s senses.


Li Hao felt a strange feeling in his heart, as if nothing had happened, but Li Hao could really feel that he seemed different.

It was as if he had undergone a transformation in an instant. Even Li Hao did not react.

In the next moment, Li Hao turned around and saw a terrifying attack. It was one of the nine demon immortals who had transformed into a python. There was a single horn on its head and its bloody mouth was open, revealing its ferocious might. It was about to bite Li Hao.

Seeing this, Li Hao’s expression did not change at all. His eyes lit up.

Right on the heels of that, Li Hao slowly raised his palm forward.

However, as Li Hao raised his palm, the python stopped less than an inch away from his palm.

Not only did the python stop, but the entire space seemed to freeze at this moment.

Invisibly, there seemed to be a supreme power that froze this space, sealing the python there and making it unable to move.

He could clearly see that the python’s eyes were still wide with disbelief.

All of this seemed to be within Li Hao’s expectations. Everything in front of him just moved according to his heart.

At this moment, Li Hao felt as if he was omnipotent.

Li Hao did not try, but he knew that these could indeed be done.


Supreme power!

The entire continent was under his control.

Why was this happening? Li Hao already had an answer.

Heart of the Continent.

That’s right, it was the Heart of the Continent. The nine dragon veins had already been suppressed by Li Hao, and he had passed the test of the Heart of the Continent.

Therefore… at this moment…

[Ding-dong. Congratulations, host. You have fused with the Heart of the Continent and become the master of the Heavenly Origin Continent…]

[Ding-dong. Congratulations, host. You have received a cultivation reward…]

[Ding-dong. Congratulations, host. You have obtained 1,000,000,000 top-grade spirit stones…]

The system’s mechanical notification sounded in Li Hao’s mind again and he was stunned.

As the system notification fell, a supreme aura immediately erupted from Li Hao’s body. In an instant, Li Hao’s cultivation began to rise at an extremely terrifying speed.

Li Hao’s cultivation instantly broke through to the peak of the Soul Formation Realm and entered the Earth Immortal Realm as a low-grade Earth Immortal. However, he did not stop.

Then, there was the mid-grade Earth Immortal.

In the end, Li Hao’s cultivation level reached the high-grade Earth Immortal Realm.

The Great Dao was endless, and cultivation was endless.

There were also many realms above the immortal realm. Starting from the Earth Immortal realm, followed by Heaven Immortal Realm and Golden Immortal Realm. Every realm was divided into the lower, middle, and upper grades. Above the Golden Immortal realm was the Mystic Immortal realm…

One had to know that the nine demon immortals in front of him were only low-grade Earth Immortals. As for Ye Hongxiu, she was only a mid-grade Earth Immortal.

Li Hao went from the peak of the Soul Formation Realm to a high-grade Earth Immortal. He was only a step away from becoming a Heavenly Immortal.

This was a qualitative leap.

As Li Hao’s cultivation broke through, the system notification sounded again.

[Ding-dong. Congratulations, host. You have become an Achievement Earth Immortal. You are rewarded with the immortal technique, Three Pure Ones…]

Hearing the system’s voice, in an instant, a vast amount of information surged into Li Hao’s mind. It was this immortal technique, the Three Pure Ones. Li Hao mastered it and knew how powerful it was.

It turned out that this immortal technique, the Three Pure Ones, was actually a powerful clone technique. It only needed a drop of blood essence to create a clone. The clone was almost no different from the main body, but its strength was only one-tenth of the clone.

Moreover, as his main body became stronger, his avatars would also become stronger. His avatars could even continuously cultivate and grow on their own.

However, with Li Hao’s current cultivation realm, he could only create one clone.

When cultivated to a high realm, Li Hao could even create three clones.

Just the thought of it was terrifying.

If he summoned three clones of the same realm when fighting enemies in the future, how shocking would that be?

Looking ahead at the python sealed by his power, Li Hao could not help but sneer.

“You can die now!”

As Li Hao finished speaking, Li Hao’s palm turned into a claw and grabbed at the python.

In an instant, it was as if a supreme power landed on the python. The surrounding space and the endless water of the spiritual pool seemed to squeeze towards the python’s body.


There was a muffled sound.

Immediately, the python’s body exploded and turned into powder, dyeing the entire spiritual pool red.

At this point, the Giant Python Demon Immortal died directly, leaving nothing behind.

One of the nine Demon Immortals died.

“Sixth Brother…”

“Sixth Brother!”

Although this scene happened under the spiritual pool, it was sensed by the remaining Demon Immortals above the spiritual pool. They immediately exclaimed.


That was right, the python that had just died was the sixth of the Nine Demon Immortals. It was ranked sixth and had the bloodline of an ancient Dragon Python. If it cultivated for hundreds or thousands of years, it might even transform into a true flood dragon. However, at this moment, he died here.

This scene was unbelievable to the remaining demon immortals.

In the next moment, the demon immortals reacted and erupted with incomparably powerful strength. They rushed towards the spiritual pool with all their might.

Ye Hongxiu, who was the first to bear the brunt, was in trouble. Ye Hongxiu, who was about to collapse, could not withstand the desperate attacks of these demon immortals.

Another dull collision sounded.


The sound of blood spurting out instantly was heard. The Star Demon Sword in Ye Hongxiu’s hand even left her hand. Ye Hongxiu’s body fell into the distance like a bird with broken wings.

An extremely weak feeling immediately filled Ye Hongxiu’s body.

After blocking repeatedly, Ye Hongxiu could be said to have used all her strength. She had seen through her body and even used a secret technique to last for so long.

However, he really could not do it now.

Ye Hongxiu could not even use her strength anymore. She could not even stop her body from flying out.

Ye Hongxiu’s body was about to land heavily in the distance.


At this moment, another explosion sounded.

A figure had already rushed out from under the spiritual pool. At lightning speed, he arrived beside Ye Hongxiu’s body and caught her.

This person was none other than Li Hao.

Li Hao stood in the air and hugged Ye Hongxiu.

“Are you okay?” Li Hao said gently to Ye Hongxiu, his eyes filled with heartache.

If Ye Hongxiu had not resisted these demon immortals, he would not have had the chance to fuse with the Heart of the Continent.

There was no doubt that Ye Hongxiu was good to him.

‘This was another woman he could not let down.’ Li Hao thought.

However, now was not the time to think about that.

Li Hao took out a spiritual pill from the system and fed it to Ye Hongxiu. At the same time, Li Hao hugged Ye Hongxiu’s palm and a powerful and rich immortal power entered her body.

Ye Hongxiu’s beautiful eyes widened in disbelief. She could feel Li Hao’s majestic cultivation power. He was clearly an Earth Immortal, and an Earth Immortal even stronger than her at her peak.

How was that possible?

Ye Hongxiu instinctively could not believe it.

It was the Heart of the Continent…

However, in the next moment, Ye Hongxiu thought of something.

“I’m fine…”

Ye Hongxiu felt Li Hao’s embrace and blushed.

With Li Hao’s pill in his mouth and this rich immortal spiritual power, Ye Hongxiu’s injuries healed completely in the blink of an eye.

“You’ve worked hard! Take it and leave it to me!” Li Hao said to Ye Hongxiu.


Ye Hongxiu nodded and obediently came out of Li Hao’s arms to stand behind him.

Then, Li Hao looked up ahead. The remaining eight demon immortals were already charging towards him with shocking might.

“You… you actually killed Sixth Brother!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him and avenge Brother.”

The eight demon immortals shouted sternly. Their anger soared, and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

At this moment, they were so overwhelmed by anger and hatred that they did not realize the seriousness of the problem.

Li Hao watched the scene calmly, his expression unchanged.

“Hehe… You overestimate yourself! I’ll let you see what it means to be an ant trying to shake a tree!” Li Hao smiled faintly and said coldly. His voice was filled with disdain. With Li Hao’s current cultivation realm, he no longer cared about the demon immortals in front of him.