Divine Hint: Reporting An Escaped Convict From The Start

C.784 - Hint Reappears, TestAug 29, 2023

784 Hint Reappears, Test The scene in front of them made the prodigies present feel uneasy.

This was the Tianxing Sect.

In front of him was a huge square. This square was like a mountain gate, connected to various mountains.

At this moment, there were less than a hundred geniuses standing on the square, and all the geniuses who could walk up were extremely talented.

Ahead, there were some stone pillars with magical patterns on them. The patterns emitted the power of the Great Dao.

Everyone saw that beside the stone pillars were some figures standing. These figures were all wearing white robes with the words “Tianxing” on them. Clearly, they were the uniform clothes of the Tianxing Sect.

However, at this moment, a red exclamation mark appeared above the stone pillar in Li Hao’s eyes.


It finally appeared again, and it was the first time he had come to this world.

Li Hao’s heart skipped a beat.

The next moment, Li Hao clicked on the exclamation mark without hesitation.

[Ding-dong. To check the information, please pay 10,000 spirit stones and click Confirm or Reject.]

Immediately, the system’s mechanical voice resounded in Li Hao’s mind.

Hearing the system’s voice, Li Hao was surprised.

Hmm? He had to pay ten thousand spirit stones to check the notification now. Previously, the system asked for money.

Could it be because he was already in the world of immortals? Li Hao thought.

So be it. Anyway, the system had only rewarded him with 100 million top-grade spirit stones last time. He had so many that he could not use them all.

Therefore, Li Hao clicked Confirm without hesitation.

[Ding-dong. This is a Spirit Dao Pillar. It can test a cultivator’s talent and the grade of his Dao bone. With the host’s current aptitude, going up is an embarrassment… In order not to embarrass the system, the host, please give up on the test!]

After ten thousand spirit stones were deducted, the system notification came.

Li Hao was speechless when he heard the system notification.


‘It asks me to give up on the next test? I’ll be embarrassing myself by going up?’


“Hey, system, your words are a little hurtful! Our talent can’t be that bad, right?” Li Hao could not help but say to the system again. Li Hao still wanted to test himself and become a core disciple.

It had to be known that disciples of different identities enjoyed different treatment and benefits. As the saying went, it was in man’s nature to strive for better. When it was time to fight for it, he would fight for it.

[Objectively speaking, the consequences are really bad! Host, please give up on the test. You will obtain an unexpected gain.]

The system’s voice sounded.

“Uh, there’s a reward for giving up! Then there’s nothing to hesitate about.”

Hearing this, Li Hao’s eyes lit up. He was already looking forward to the system’s reward. At this moment, an old man with white hair and a youthful face stood in the air with his hands behind his back. He had an extraordinary aura.

“Congratulations, everyone. You have passed the entrance test of our Tianxing Sect!”

The old man looked at everyone and said with a smile.

Hearing this old man’s words, everyone was surprised.

Had they passed the entrance test? Did that mean that they had already entered the Tianxing Sect?

Seeing everyone’s expressions, the old man could tell what they were thinking at a glance. He immediately said slowly, “From the moment you ascended this staircase and stepped into this door, you are already considered disciples of the Tianxing Sect.”

“However, the disciples of the Tianxing Sect are categorized to servant disciples, outer sect disciples, inner sect disciples, core disciples, and the personal disciples of the various peak masters and sect masters. If you want to become a disciple, it depends on your subsequent performance.”

As the old man’s voice sounded again, everyone was surprised.

In other words, the assessment was not over.

“Of course I want to be a personal disciple!”

“I don’t want to just be a small servant.”

“I’m here for Sect Head Mo this time. I must become Sect Head Mo’s personal disciple!”


Excited voices kept coming from these prodigies. Everyone present was extremely talented. How could they be willing to be a small servant disciple or an outer sect disciple?

Different identities naturally meant different statuses and treatment. The difference was huge.

“The nine stone pillars in front of you are specially used to test your talent and Dao bones! Inject your spiritual power into them and you can undergo the test!”

“The opportunity is here. If you want to become a direct disciple or core disciple, show your potential!”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s start,” said the old man in a low voice.

As the old man finished speaking, the prodigies could not help but become excited.

Immediately, they walked towards the stone pillars in front. At the front of the nine stone pillars was a stone platform half the height of a person. On the stone platform was the outline of a palm print.

Wang Daofa was at the front.

Under everyone’s gaze, Wang Daofa placed his palm in the outline of the palm on the stone platform.

In an instant, everyone saw the patterns on the first stone pillar behind the stone emit a dazzling light.


The light shone brightly. It started from the stone pillar closest to the stone platform, then the second stone pillar, and the third stone pillar. At this moment, various degrees of light shone.

In the end, six of the nine stone pillars shone.

The six stone pillars were of different colors. Among them, the light on the stone pillar that was shining with yellow light was the most dazzling and eye-catching.

Moreover, in the next moment, some words that looked like numbers appeared on the stone pillar. Strange patterns rose and circulated around Wang Daofa’s body, making him look a little extraordinary.

However, when this scene appeared in front of everyone, especially the disciples of the Heaven Execution Sect, they immediately exclaimed, “Six of them actually lit up. What a powerful talent!”

“The metal is at least top-grade!”

“There are very few people who can light up more than six of the Nine Dragons Pillars!”

“He definitely would make it as a core disciple! It’s even very likely that the sect master and the peak master will take a fancy to him and become his personal disciple!”


The old man’s eyes narrowed when he saw this. The nine stone pillars in front of him were called the Nine Dragons Pillars. They could test a cultivator’s talent.

To light up six of the Nine Dragons Pillar was a very rare feat. In the entire Tianxing Sect, there were less than 30 people who could do it.

The next moment, the old man announced the results.

“Central Continent’s Wang Daofa, high-grade talent, heaven-grade Dao bone, can be a core disciple!”