Dragon Tamer - C.135 - 136 Provoking Battles Everywhere

Dragon Tamer

C.135 - 136 Provoking Battles Everywhere

Chapter 135: Chapter 136 Provoking Battles Everywhere

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The Imperial City may be vast, but it does come with its perks.

One such benefit is that there’s never a shortage of people who are in dire need of education – sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I happen upon one or two of these individuals, and my mood instantly brightens!

“Dong! ”

The sound of a bronze bell echoes throughout the central city of the Imperial City, and immediately, the onlookers begin to shout with excitement.

As the bell rings, the battle begins.

Sure enough, the young man in the black straw hat walked toward Zhu Minglang with a mix of disgust and contempt in his eyes.

“Sometimes, people must have awareness. I already warned you. Now, will you flee into the Chi River to be laughed at by the whole city, or shall I beat you into a cripple?” The young man in the black straw hat approached Zhu Minglang, his gaze as fierce and predatory as a black panther.

As he spoke, the shadow behind the young man in the black straw hat swayed unusually.

A layer of eerie shadow mist enveloped his body, slowly spreading outwards, and the area available for the shadow behind him to move also expanded as the mist increased.

Initially, Zhu Minglang considered the young man in the black straw hat to be a God and Mortal, and soon Zhu Minglang noticed that the spreading shadow mist was actually forming a black shadow rune, a special area where certain Dragon Beasts could operate!

Finally, from within the shadow mist, a Shadow Trick Dragon burst forth; its body was hidden in the strange black mist, but its spider-like claws seemed to be omnipresent.

Zhu Minglang used his Spiritual Sense to inspect, and only with some struggle could he clearly see the true appearance of this Shadow Trick Dragon…

It was a combination of a Swift Shadow Dragon and some type of Demon Spider Dragon, possessing the body, limbs, and ferocious fangs of a fierce dragon, while also having six extremely bizarre bone wings on its spine!

These bone wings were essentially incapable of flight and resembled a spider’s six limbs, elongated and sharp. They could bend and extend flexibly, even touching the ground in coordination with its hind limbs to make its attacks faster and more unpredictable.

Shadow Dragon, indeed a very fine breed. Zhu Minglang was quite interested, but this Shadow Trick Dragon seemed a bit too fierce. The bone wing claws on its back made one feel as if it were a Death Spirit Dragon pieced together from two corpses.

Regardless, this Dragon species was indeed special, and it seemed quite powerful.

In this case, the young man in the black straw hat did indeed have a reason for his arrogance.

Pity he chose the wrong opponent.

Yawning, Little White hopped with ease from Zhu Minglang’s shoulder to the ground.

It did not summon storms and ice around its body, which meant that this Little White Dragon couldn’t even bother to assume its battle form.

It stood amidst the eerie shadow mist, its icy eyes calmly watching the Shadow Trick Dragon that moved as fast as a shadow, as composed as a white cat observing a mouse causing trouble on the beam above.


Suddenly, claws extended from its soft and fluffy toes, and with a fierce swipe through the shadow mist, it left several slashes, the movement completed in the blink of an eye…

The shadow mist ripped open like a huge piece of black cloth suddenly torn apart, and all the mist swiftly dissipated.

Simultaneously, the Shadow Trick Dragon let out a pained cry, its body convulsing as it fell where the claw marks swept. Its spiderlike bone wings on its back were utterly shattered, scattering around like broken bones.

The young man in the black straw hat stood where the shadow mist had cleared, and the shadow that had cloaked his face now slowly revealed itself. The previous arrogance that spurned everything vanished without a trace.

He glanced at the small white dragon and then at Zhu Minglang, who was still peeling grapes.

“Get yourself into the Chi River,” Zhu Minglang said indifferently, pointing with his finger to the water behind him.

“Oh…” The young man in the black straw hat quickly recalled his injured Shadow Trick Dragon back into the Spirit Realm and then truly bent down to crawl on all fours, scuttling into the river like a spider.

The black straw hat floated on the surface of the water, probably not wanting the entire city to see his face; once in the Chi River, the young man in the black straw hat didn’t even come up for air, but tenaciously swam to the opposite shore…

“This guy, shuffles between dragon and bug with ease,” Zhu Minglang couldn’t help but chuckle, shaking his head without taking offense to the young man in the black straw hat.

Youthful arrogance is common, and if he hadn’t met me, he truly could have dominated the Bronze Battlefield with that shadow mist and Shadow Trick Dragon.

The group battles had already started, and Zhu Minglang understood that if he let Bai Qi take action, no one on the field except Nan Lingsha could likely withstand a single round of attacks from it.

The initial folly of the young man in the black straw hat led everyone nearby to immediately conclude that Zhu Minglang was a master, and as a result, they targeted others, leaving Zhu Minglang standing there without a single person coming to trouble him!

“No help for it, if you all don’t come at me, I’ll have to come at you,” Zhu

Minglang said as he called forth the Lei Cang Violent Dragon and the Divine Green Holy Dragon.

“Big Black Tooth, Qing Zhuo, today’s training exercise is to clear everyone from the field except Nan Lingsha before the time runs out!” Zhu Minglang commanded.

“Owoo!!! Big Black Tooth roared with excitement upon hearing this.

“Group fights? It loves them the most!”

Swinging its wings, Divine Green Holy Dragon fixed its green vertical pupils on the other dragons that had dominated the airspace over the Ancient Bronze Battlefield.


Qing Zhuo called out to Big Black Tooth, signaling, “I’ll handle the ones in the sky, you take care of those on the ground.”

Having said that, Divine Green Holy Dragon soared to the highest point of the Ancient Bronze Battlefield, like a green eagle king overseeing its territory and picking a target to assert its dominance.

Soon, Divine Green Holy Dragon set its sights on a Flies Knife Dragon!

That Flies Knife Dragon had several pairs of wing-like knives, thin as blades, buzzing irritably in the air with their rapid fluttering.

At the same time, these fluttering fly-knife wings were also extremely fearsome weapons, like meat grinders on the battlefield. Just after entering the melee, several larger dragons had already been slashed by these blades!

On the ground, Lei Cang Violent Dragon charged wildly like a savage bull, and all the dragons that could stand, all red, were enough to provoke its raging aura.

At the beginning of the fight, most Dragon Shepherds would observe their surroundings and not engage hastily, trying their best to ensure they wouldn’t be attacked by multiple opponents at once…

But with Lei Cang Violent Dragon’s rampage, the scene suddenly descended into chaos. Several naturally violent and fierce Ancient Dragons quickly revealed their true nature amid the scent of blood, and started fighting with the seemingly calm Dragon Beasts beside them. “That black Violent Dragon is stirring up trouble, take it down first!”

“Damn it, that Black Dragon is spitting saliva at me!”

“What a strange smell, is it a Poison Dragon… Scoundrels, that Black Dragon deliberately farted at us, ah ah, I won’t forgive it!” A female disciple from Azure Dragon Palace, red-faced with anger, had long thrown the cautioning words of her elders to the wind!

The dragon summoned by that Azure Dragon Palace female disciple was a Four-clawed Mountain Dragon, a strong-limbed Azure Dragon that normally dwells on cliffs and peaks, capable of stirring up dust and shaking mountains.

The Four-clawed Mountain Dragon, too, was infuriated by the stench, grounding itself more agilely and swiftly than a land lizard.

Its body was segmental, akin to a centipede, with each segment appearing as if it could freely stretch and contract. So, when all its segments compressed and contracted simultaneously, a powerful tremor was generated!!

“Earthquake Art! ” the female disciple from Azure Dragon Palace shouted angrily.

Suddenly, the Four-clawed Mountain Dragon expanded its compressed body, and a force resembling that of a spring traveled from its neck all the way to its tail, which, unbeknownst to onlookers, had anchored onto the ancient bronze ground of the battlefield…

“Boom!!! !! ”

The ground shook violently, rocks shattered and fissures spread in every direction. The terrifying vibrational force even caused the extremely solid ground of the battlefield to collapse several meters deep.

Dragon Shepherds, Dragon Beasts, and Divine and Mortal beings within hundreds of meters were all affected. Many larger Dragon Beasts were dizzy and fell to the ground, their bones nearly shattered by the intense tremor.

Many Dragon Beasts suffered as a result.

The culprit, Lei Cang Violent Dragon, was no exception. It climbed up from the sunken ground somewhat dizzily. Luckily, it was on the periphery of the Earthquake Art, otherwise, with its size, the damage might have been much worse.

“Isn’t that Fu Jinguo, the big disciple of the Azure Dragon Palace? How come she’s also entering the match so late? With her strength, she should’ve gained entry to the next round long ago!”

“I placed my bets on her, hahaha, I’m going to make a fortune this time!”

“Once the Four-clawed Mountain Dragon shows its power, all the surrounding Dragon Beasts are like chicks, scared and running for holes to hide.”

At another part of Chi River, people witnessed this exciting moment and immediately started discussing this female disciple from the Azure Dragon Palace named Fu Jinguo.

At the Chi River Pavilion, an elder stroked his beard, a smile appearing on his face.

As one of the leaders of the Azure Dragon Palace, he had been concerned about the possibility of troublesome opponents in this round. That’s why he especially cautioned his disciple Fu Jinguo not to be too conspicuous.

But looking at it now, it seemed there was no need for excessive caution.

Coming here to fight was all about gaining fame. If one couldn’t stand out right away, there was no need to participate in any competition of powers.

A single Azure Dragon Mystic Art had caused at least seven or eight people to lose their combat capability directly. With the help of the battlefield’s attendants, they were carried off the field.

“Don’t run, you crude, smelly, shameless Black Dragon!” Fu Jinguo sat on the neck of the Four-clawed Mountain Dragon, chasing after Lei Cang Violent Dragon.

Lei Cang Violent Dragon had already run back to Zhu Minglang’s side, and behind it, in addition to the Four-clawed Mountain Dragon, there were at least seven or eight Dragon Beasts, all of general-level strength…

“Oh!! Oh!!”

Big Black Tooth dashed back, repeatedly crying to Zhu Minglang: Master win, what to do, master win, what to do!

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