Dragon Tamer - C.143 - 144: Adult Wooden Dragon

Dragon Tamer

C.143 - 144: Adult Wooden Dragon

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Chapter 143: Chapter 144: Adult Wooden Dragon

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At Pinghu Bookstore

Zhu Heavenly Officer was reading the letters sent from various Zhu Gates’ branches across the nations.

Just then, Elder Zhu Qianjie burst in with an aura of anger. He picked up a cup of freshly brewed green tea next to him and downed it in one gulp.

After taking a deep breath, Zhu Qianjie finally spoke, “I just went to the Sword Casting Hall, and for a moment, I thought there had been a thief in the clan. It was only after asking the disciple at the door that I found out Zhu Minglang had rushed in and taken everything.”

“Oh, come on, Elder. As a brat who claimed at sixteen he would never inherit our Zhu Gate’s will, taking a bit of rare casting material, what’s the fuss about? There’s no need for an uproar over such a small matter,” Zhu Heavenly Officer said.

“A bit of material???”

“Even if he took a lot, that’s no problem either. After all, in the grander scheme of power, Zhu Minglang still needs to fight for the honor of our Zhu Gate,” Zhu Heavenly Officer added.

“Heavenly Officer, I think it’d be better for you to go see yourself,” Zhu Qianjie said.

Bewildered, Zhu Heavenly Officer followed Elder Zhu Qianjie to the Sword Casting Hall, and when he saw that not a single one of the fine swords displayed in the central hall was left, as if the hall had been emptied by thieves, his expression also turned strange.

This darn kid!

Ransacking his own family!

We said you could take what you wanted, but not like this!!

“Cough cough, Elder, are these swords urgently needed?” Zhu Heavenly Officer asked.

“Not exactly, just that a few fine swords were ordered by people from other cities,” Zhu Qianjie said.

“Then it’s not a big deal. Our Zhu Gate branches have contributed quite a lot of treasures lately. Elder, pick a few that you like when the time comes,” Zhu Heavenly Officer said.

“This… all right then.” In the end, Zhu Qianjie nodded in agreement.

Zhu Qianjie had come to complain, after all, and there really wasn’t a good solution to deal with Zhu Minglang.

The sons of other families’ powers are like bottomless pits; no matter how many resources you pour into them, there’s no guarantee of success.

This time, consider it a small investment by Zhu Gate in its own young master. It’s just troublesome if he does this again, he should give us a heads-up in advance. Elder Zhu Qianjie nearly died of fright when he saw the scene in the Sword Casting Hall!

After feeding the Sword Spirit Dragon, Zhu Minglang began to prepare for the advancement of the Divine Green Holy Dragon.

He had always treasured the century-old Yinsu Sacred Dew, just waiting for the right opportunity to let the Divine Green Holy Dragon undergo a complete transformation.

Combined with the five-hundred-year Essence of Water and Wood Element, Zhu Minglang began using his Spiritual Power to slowly channel these Spiritual Objects into the Divine Green Holy Dragon’s body…

When strengthening dragon pets, the support from a Dragon Shepherd’s Spiritual Energy is very important. Treasures like Yinsu Sacred Dew are not like drinking water, which takes effect just by pouring it into your stomach.

Instead, a Shepherd must use his own Spiritual Energy to extract the ancient primal forces from the Yinsu Sacred Dew like drawing silk threads, and then through the Soul Connection, slowly transmit these primal forces into the dragon pet’s soul or body.

This process also nourishes the Dragon Shepherd himself.

The century-old Yinsu Sacred Dew was indeed an extraordinary Holy Good. As Zhu Minglang touched the cold dew that held the primal forces of the wood element, he felt his own Spirit Realm being soaked in the Holy Dew, with thin wisps of Spiritual Energy, like mist, swirling around the entire vast Spirit Realm.

“My Spiritual Power has actually increased as well, growing at twenty times the speed!”

Zhu Minglang hadn’t anticipated that the century-old Holy Dew would bring such an unexpected delight to him, a Dragon Shepherd.

Meanwhile, the Divine Green Holy Dragon was also absorbing the elemental power of the Yinsu Sacred Dew, and together with the Essence of Water and Wood Element, one could see the feathers on its body gradually develop green patterns. Its body was like a sky-reaching tree that was growing rapidly…


The Divine Green Holy Dragon had entered adulthood.

With the nourishment of the Holy Dew, it had gradually shed the wildness typical of forest dragons and become more akin to the Spiritual Wisdom of the Divine Wood Holy Spirit.

Its head was like that of an unripe ancient Divine Deer, and on its forehead grew Divine Deer Antlers.

Its trunk, when still, was like a sacred tree—tall, majestic, and exuding a thick forest essence, with its skin even glowing with green vines and feathers.

Its wings, when spread, could rival the canopy of sky-high ancient trees, with feathers like sturdy leaves, dense and numerous.

The most magnificent part was its tail, which exhibited the multicolored splendor of mythical birds and the noble grace of the phoenix—this endowed the inherently Divine Tree-shaped Divine Green Holy Dragon with much of the Holy Dragon’s spiritual liveliness! 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

Born of wood and combined with the blood of a dragon, it was only during its growth that the true appearance of the Divine Green Holy Dragon was fully realized!

During its juvenile phase, the Divine Green Holy Dragon was more beastly, not much different from the majority of Forest Giant Dragons.

Having transcended these two stages, its divine wood attributes were fully displayed, and it had transformed into a true Wooden Dragon!

Towering and magnificent.

The glow of the green patterns became even brighter, making its wooden skin glisten like crystal-clear jade.

In silence, it was like a Divine Tree that could dazzle under the stars.

In action, its aura was no less than that of the Mad Dragons—sacred and commanding!

Zhu Minglang had not expected the transformational stages of the Divine Green Holy Dragon to be so drastic, nor could he tell if it was due to its bloodline or the effect of the century-old Yinsu Sacred Dew.

“How is it going?”

At that moment, Mr. Jinli’s voice came through.

Zhu Minglang turned around and found Mr. Jinli had somehow made his way into his courtyard.

It seemed that Mr. Jinli had remembered something about the Divine Green Holy Dragon, and his fish-like eyes brightened when he saw the green holy light radiating from Zhu Minglang.

“Has it reached adulthood?” Mr. Jinli asked.

“Yes, I’ll call it out for you to see,” Zhu Minglang said as he activated the Spiritual Realm Symbol and summoned the Divine Green Holy Dragon.

As soon as the Divine Green Holy Dragon appeared, it immediately made the small buildings in which it resided seem rather tiny; the small courtyard seemed barely able to contain the large form of the Holy Dragon!

Zhu Minglang himself was taken aback.

Within the Spirit Realm, he only felt that the Divine Green Holy Dragon was very large, but having summoned it, he realized it was colossal, comparable to a three or four-story tavern!

“It has already transitioned to the wood element; very good, after all, the Divine Wood Bloodline is far stronger than the Bloodline of the Forest Giant Dragon,” Mr. Jinli said with a satisfied nod.

“The element can be changed?” Zhu Minglang asked in confusion.

“The main bloodline and secondary bloodlines can transform during the growth process. This is related to the dragon’s own growth journey, and it can also be adjusted by the Dragon Shepherd through Spiritual Objects,” Mr. Jinli explained.

“Was it the combined effect of the Yinsu Sacred Dew and the Essence of Water and Wood?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Yes, if you had fed the Divine Green Holy Dragon some meat and strengthened it mainly with Dragon Beast Soul Beads, Heart of the Giant Dragon and such, it would probably lean more towards the Forest Giant Dragon, with more evident bestial traits. But since the initial direction of your cultivation aimed toward the Divine Wood Holy Spirit, naturally, it would exhibit the Wooden Dragon form upon reaching adulthood,” Mr. Jinli explained.