Dragon Tamer - C.145 - 146: Trapped and Killing a Group of Dragons

Dragon Tamer

C.145 - 146: Trapped and Killing a Group of Dragons

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Chapter 145: Chapter 146: Trapped and Killing a Group of Dragons

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The jungle was fraught with danger.

Those plants, it’s as if they all had pairs of unsettling eyes, stealthily observing you when you weren’t paying attention.

But whenever the Dragon Shepherds and their dragon beasts abruptly turned to look, they’d find these things indistinguishable from ordinary vegetation.

The Chess Array had already lost its effect due to the dense forest’s multiple obstructions; three Dragon Shepherds from the Zhou Clan looked around with grave expressions.


Suddenly, on the moss-covered ground, blossom after blossom of gigantic moss flowers opened. Their stamens like spiders, they spewed countless sticky threads…

The sticky stamens swiftly intertwined, forming a vast and dense floral net which ensnared all three members of the Zhou Clan within it.

Their dragon beasts were not spared either; hundreds and thousands of moss flowers turned that part of the dense forest into a lair of spider-like stamens and flowers, the beasts unable to exert any strength, their Magic and Profound Arts ineffective against these exceedingly sticky floral webs.

The Divine Green Holy Dragon flapped its wings and spiralled to the top of the jungle, like a green phoenix, standing on the highest point of its own dense forest territory.

It didn’t need to act personally; the countless wooden totems in the forest could take care of all the enemies.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh

A fierce wind swept up, ravaging this thriving land.

The Wind Annihilation Dragon took flight, its body swirling with wind vortexes sharp as blades; one could see roots and vines shredded to pieces by its powerful force.

The Wind Annihilation Dragon shot straight up into the sky; its eyes grew deep and terrifying, and above the Ancient Bronze Battlefield, dark clouds quickly gathered, forming hurricanes from top to bottom, like elongated heavenly spinning tops, as if to drill a hole into the ground of the Ancient Bronze Battlefield!

“This Wind Annihilation Dragon is also at Lord Level… Quick, close the windows!” At the tavern, waiters hurried to shut the windows.

The wind was strong enough to affect people outside the Ancient Bronze Battlefield; the dishes and food in taverns that didn’t close their windows in time were blown all over the place.

The Divine Green Holy Dragon looked up; it suddenly soared, its wings-patterned like green leaves became tough and sharp.

The wind drill fell, but the Divine Green Holy Dragon dispersed the hurricane with a strike, the Green Sacred Radiance in the high sky growing ever more brilliant, like a green curved sword slashing across the sky!

The Wind Annihilation Dragon tried hard to evade, but it only managed to dodge the vital points.

The Wind Blade Array surrounding its body was no match for the Divine Green Holy Dragon’s wing slash, and its wings, not retracted in time, were cleanly halved.

A mist of blood sprayed in the air, blooming a vivid blood flower above the Ancient Bronze Battlefield.

The Wind Annihilation Dragon struggled to maintain balance, teetering towards the Chi River below.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!!!!!!”

Suddenly, sharp wooden spikes flew out from the dense forest, aiming at the dragon’s body as it was about to hit the river.

The Wind Annihilation Dragon flipped its body, raising a burst of wind on the surface of the river.

Using the uplifting wind, the Wind Annihilation Dragon managed to ascend again, barely avoiding the wooden spikes flying from the dense forest.

Landing steadily in the middle of the Ancient Bronze Battlefield, the Wind Annihilation Dragon somehow stopped the bleeding in its wings; it even managed to create a murky wind orb using its control over the wind, circling around the broken wing, employing this wind Magic to compensate for the loss of its wings.

The Wind Annihilation Dragon glared fiercely, its master clearly unwilling to go down like this.

But at this moment, six flying dragons had already appeared around the Divine Green Holy Dragon, circling above the dense forest like a flock of pigeons battling a mighty eagle, hoping to overcome the Divine Green Holy Dragon with their numerical advantage.

The Divine Green Holy Dragon, possessing a Giant Dragon Bloodline, was certainly not weaker than these flying dragons in the sky.

In the dense forest, more than a dozen dragon beasts had already been trapped, with the Silver Fir Demon Guard continuously growing and multiplying.

As for the flying dragons in the sky, they would be personally dealt with by the Divine Green Holy Dragon.

With wings as tough as green iron and a bark-like skin even more durable than some rocks, the Divine Green Holy Dragon soared high, an absolute predatory Divine Eagle. In its skirmish with the six flying dragons, it not only managed to hold its ground but also repeatedly inflicted heavy injuries on them…

The most splendid combatant, naturally, was the Divine Green Holy Dragon battling two or three dozen beasts on its own. Some people who had come to watch the competition a few days earlier quickly recognized that its master was Zhu Minglang of the Zhu Clan.

They were deeply impressed by the black Violent Dragon that grew stronger as it fought and trampled all the ancient dragons underfoot.

What they didn’t expect was that such a powerful dragon was just one of Young Master Zhu Clan’s dragon pets, and he also had the Divine Green Holy Dragon, which dominated its peers with such ferocity in the second round, fighting one against ten!

To outsiders, it was naturally the appearance that mattered.

But for the Royal Young Gang and the Chess Sect’s Vice-Sect Master, it was not as simple as it seemed.

They were both angry and annoyed at this moment. These ten individuals were carefully prepared by them to act as a web to trap and kill all of Zhu Minglang’s dragon beasts in the second round, to teach this oblivious fool a lesson.

But now, the lives of these people’s dragon beasts seemed precarious!

Even if Zhu Minglang were foolish, he could not fail to see that these people had come prepared, and for those who deliberately sought trouble with him, Zhu Minglang would not be merciful!

He dealt ruthlessly with their dragon beasts.

If he could kill them, he would absolutely not give them the slightest chance to survive. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

“What a disgraceful display!” said Gu He from within the golden tent atop the palace walls.

“Brother Gu, for a long time I, Zhu Heavenly Officer, thought that our Zhu Clan had a good relationship with your Sect Forest, but who could have thought we wouldn’t withstand such a test. The behavior of your boy today has squandered all the years of your fawning and groveling,” Zhu Heavenly Officer said with a laugh.

The Chess Sect.

Hmph, a minor sect clan actually being used as a pawn by the Royal Family and the Purple Sect Clan.

Now that they had already chosen their side, Zhu Heavenly Officer no longer needed to be polite to them.

The chess manuals of the Chess Sect had always interested Zhu Heavenly Officer. Cultivating a few Chess Divine and Mortal in the army would be very beneficial!

Of course, this was provided that they first cleared out the current stewards of the Chess Sect!!

“Sect Leader Zhu, this really has nothing to do with me. My foolish son, Gu Feijun, must have befriended some wealthy and idle young masters in the Imperial City and was instigated by others. Even if I gave the boy a hundred times the courage, he wouldn’t dare to treat your young master this way,” Gu He said with a pale face.

Over the years, Zhu Heavenly Officer had wiped out a considerable number of Family Doors, and the Chess Sect was just a small Sect Clan, not comparable to the Four Major Sect Clans at all. Zhu Clan’s current strength was so formidable that it could rival the Purple Sect Clan. What was most terrifying was that the Sword Sect of the Four Major Sect Clans would, under any circumstances, stand by the Zhu Clan!

Their alliance was strong, and amidst the chaos in the Imperial City, if these smaller sect clans once exposed, without the protection of major powers, they were essentially doomed!