Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.551 - : Mahayana Realm (1)Apr 01, 2024

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.551 - : Mahayana Realm (1)Apr 01, 2024

Chapter 551: Mahayana Realm (1)

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Wherever there were people, there would be Jianghu. Cultivators who pursued longevity were no exception. The only difference was that cultivators had mighty extraordinary power. It was precisely because of this that the competition for benefits between cultivators was often even more bloody and cruel. The so-called bigger fist was the reason.

The Seven Butterfly Sound Valley was only a Body Integration sect. There were many such factions in the western district of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness alone. No matter how this sect had a dispute with the Itinerant Immortals of the Penglai Immortal City, there were benefits behind it.

Shen Ping did not want to interfere at all, let alone understand the cause and effect of the matter. Although he had a conflict with the Penglai Immortal City, he would not take the initiative to provoke the Itinerant Immortal faction of the Penglai Immortal City without having the strength to crush them.

Therefore, he said this purely to see what Mei Yue would do.

“This is only a request from our Seven Butterfly Sound Valley. If Pavilion Master Shen is willing to help, our Seven Butterfly Sound Valley can pay any price.” Mei Yue said softly.

Shen An could not help but say, “Father, with the strength of our True Treasure Pavilion, if you appear, I believe that Itinerant Immortal senior will agree to let a Body Integration cultivator go.”

Shen Ping glanced at his son and thought to himself that he had experienced too little. How could things be so simple? Ignoring the reason why the Itinerant Immortals of the Penglai Immortal City occupied the Sect Master of the Seven Butterfly Sound Valley, even if he appeared, why would the other party give him face? Was it because the True Treasure Pavilion had a huge influence?!

What a joke.

Although the True Treasure Pavilion’s territory had expanded to nearly two hundred cities and was about to occupy the entire western district of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness, in the eyes of the Itinerant Immortals in Penglai Immortal City, the True Treasure Pavilion was a second-rate faction that did not even have Itinerant Immortals.

If not for the combat strength of his Mahayana Realm master that he had fabricated, those Itinerant Immortals would probably not even take a look.

“No matter what price you pay, it’s not worth me stepping forward. Go back. I won’t pursue the matter of bewitching An’er to bring you in.” Shen Ping picked up his tea.

Mei Yue did not appear too disappointed. In fact, she did not expect Pavilion Master Shen to appear at her first meeting. She immediately bowed and said, “Yes, I’ll take my leave.”

Shen An lowered his head, his eyes filled with confusion. Shen Ping did not explain. Instead, he said, “Go find your mother. If you have anything to say, you can tell your mother.”

“Yes, Father.”

A few days later, Wang Yun grounded Shen An and even severely reprimanded the two maids beside him, telling them to keep a close eye on Shen An in the future.

Shen Ping did not have any reaction. Even though he knew that grounding would not be effective and might even arouse his son’s rebellious mentality, the appropriate punishment would make him realize that there were obstacles. As long as there were obstacles, he would think of how to resolve them. Even if his son suffered a huge setback in the end, it would still be better than before.

After all, there were some things that one would only understand after experiencing it personally. Without experience, it was useless no matter how much you tried to reason.

Of course, his son’s matter was only a small interlude in his cultivation. For the next half a year, he was still relaxed. Every once in a while, he would invite the Body Integration Fellow Daoists he had befriended to hold a banquet to exchange cultivation experiences and listen to some interesting gossip.

Half a year later, he entered a cultivation state again. His wife, Wang Yun, knew that once her husband began to cultivate seriously, he would frequently have sex with her, so they cooperated very well.

Time passed bit by bit. Especially when he used the Taiyi Void Immortal Talisman to absorb and comprehend, time flowed like water. In the blink of an eye, 200 years quietly passed.

The main peak of the Spirit Race in Penglai Immortal City. There were several Itinerant Immortals gathered today.

As they drank, the Flame Clan’s Itinerant Immortal mentioned the human race in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness’s western district. “The True Treasure Pavilion has become more and more arrogant in recent years. Not only have they wantonly harassed our Flame Clan’s cultivators, but they have also occupied the mineral resources of various caravans. At this rate, the western district will probably be dominated by the human race sooner or later!” novelbuddy.c(o)m

The Devil Clan’s Itinerant Immortal’s tone was filled with anger. “I’ve long said that we can’t be soft-hearted. If the True Treasure Pavilion isn’t eliminated, it will sooner or later become a huge problem. In my opinion, let’s kill our way to Gray Stone City and destroy its main pavilion to intimidate the other human factions.”

The Spirit Race’s Itinerant Immortal shook his head repeatedly when he heard that. “Our Spirit race also has the situation you mentioned. The Body Integration clansmen in the cities under our jurisdiction have been complaining recently that the resources of the juniors have decreased greatly. Many outstanding juniors find it difficult to even maintain the most basic resources. However, the True Treasure Pavilion is not an ordinary human faction. If we could kill it, we would have long taken action. Have you forgotten the warning of the human Heavenly Immortal back then?!”

The Flame Race’s Itinerant Immortal frowned and said, “Of course we haven’t forgotten, but we can’t keep this going, right?”

The Spirit Race’s Itinerant Immortal shook his head. “Don’t worry, we won’t wait too long. When the immortals from the Starry Sea break through the human line of defense, we can officially attack the True Treasure Pavilion.”

“You have to be patient. To Itinerant Immortals like us, a thousand years is just a blink of an eye. There’s no need to be anxious. Perhaps the True Treasure Pavilion will fight among itself without us taking action. Don’t forget that humans are very prone to internal strife.”

“That’s true.”

“Alright, let’s drink.”

They were only complaining. If they really attacked, they would not dare to act rashly. If they caused the Heavenly Immortal of the human race to attack, they would die..

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