Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.557 - : Go to Hell After Saying That (1)Apr 04, 2024

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.557 - : Go to Hell After Saying That (1)Apr 04, 2024

Chapter 557: Go to Hell After Saying That (1)

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The Yue Hua Sect was located on Mian Mountain on the east side of the Penglai Immortal City. It was a beautiful place with abundant spiritual energy, and it was adjacent to the largest Dongcheng Lake in the Western District. It had abundant cultivation resources, as well as many minerals and spirit veins. When the Yue Hua Sect’s Supreme Elder left the Tai Hua Sect, he was already a Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal, so he naturally could occupy this good place.

The Devil Clan, the Spirit Clan, and the other foreign races were unable to occupy this place after wiping out the humans in the various cities. It was mainly because of the help and persuasion of the Tai Hua Sect. However, correspondingly, the Tai Hua Sect had also sent an elder stationed here for a long time.

In the main hall of the sect, several Body Integration cultivators of the Yue Hua Sect gathered together. Although they did not have any emotions on their faces, their eyes revealed nervousness. They had brushed off the person sent by the True Treasure Pavilion, but everyone knew that the True Treasure Pavilion would not let the matter rest so easily.

“What’s going on? Why did you provoke the True Treasure Pavilion?” The Tai Hua Sect’s elder frowned.

The elder in charge of searching and plundering female cultivators everywhere hurriedly said, “Elder of the main sect, please calm down. The matter is like this. The Heavenly Lotus Sect has a true disciple with the Taiyin Body that the demonic path urgently needs. One person is equivalent to a thousand female cultivators of the same level. It’s just that I didn’t expect this true disciple to be related to the True Treasure Pavilion. The exact relationship hasn’t been investigated, but since the other party can persuade the True Treasure Pavilion, they must have a deep relationship. However, Elder, don’t worry. Even if they have a relationship, I believe it won’t be a big deal.”

The elder in charge of the sect came to a realization and said in a low voice, “The Taiyin Body is indeed relatively special, but the True Treasure Pavilion has no choice but to deal with it. Tell the disciples to quickly bring people over to trade to prevent the True Treasure Pavilion from finding out anything.” When he spoke up here, he added. “Even though my Tai Hua Sect doesn’t care about the True Treasure Pavilion, we have to consider our reputation—”

Before he could finish speaking, a powerful magic power aura spread over, and the entire mountain gate array was directly triggered.

“It’s the Mahayana Realm!” The expression of the elder in charge of the sect changed slightly. He rushed out of the main hall in a flash and floated in the air. The other elders also left the main hall. freeweb

Most of the disciples of the Yue Hua Sect looked at the mountain gate, but no one revealed a panicked expression. After all, it was not as if they had never seen a Mahayana Realm expert attack. With the elders of the main sect around, not to mention the Mahayana Realm, even a Tribulation Transcendence cultivator could not break through the sect.

“May I know which Fellow Daoist had come?” Seeing that it was a human cultivator, the sect elder felt a little relieved. He cupped his hands in the air with a smile and asked.

Shen Ping stood in the air with his hands behind his back. His voice spread out. “The Pavilion Master of the True Treasure Pavilion has come to visit the Yue Hua Sect.”

As soon as he said this, the expressions of all the Yue Hua Sect elders changed drastically.

They did not expect the Pavilion Master of the True Treasure Pavilion to personally visit. Moreover, when did this Pavilion Master break through to the Mahayana Realm? Why did they not receive any news at all? It had to be known that when a Mahayana Realm cultivator broke through, they had to undergo Lightning Tribulation, and it would create a huge commotion. Some sects even invited Body Integration or other Mahayana Realm seniors to watch and protect them.

“So you’re the Pavilion Master of the True Treasure Pavilion. Nice to meet you!” The elder in charge of the sect also felt a ripple in his heart, but he still maintained a smile on his face. “Our Yue Hua Sect is unable to welcome our esteemed guest. Please forgive us.” With that, he extended his hand and said, “Pavilion Master Shen, please come into the hall for a chat.”


The sect array was activated. The other elders looked at Shen Ping and thought to themselves that this pavilion master probably did not dare to enter the sect because if there was really a conflict, he would have many restrictions and would not be able to unleash his true strength with the array formation, even if he was at the Mahayana Realm.

To their surprise, Shen Ping and the woman beside him walked straight into the array. The smile on the elder’s face widened.

They arrived at the main hall. After sitting down, he smiled and asked, “Pavilion Master Shen, why did you suddenly come to visit today?”

Shen Ping said indifferently, “I believe Fellow Daoists should have guessed the reason for my visit. Your Yue Hua Sect openly and wantonly plundered the female cultivators of the Heavenly Lotus Sect under the jurisdiction of our True Treasure Pavilion. The True Treasure Pavilion sent people to inquire, but in the end, they didn’t even enter the mountain gate. What is your Yue Hua Sect trying to do? It’s not up to the Yue Hua Sect to make the decision in the Western District of the Supreme Dark Abyss!”

Before long, a Body Integration elder of the Yue Hua Sect stood out. “Pavilion Master Shen, I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood…”

Bam. Shen Ping waved his sleeve, and a surging Mahayana Realm magic power blasted out. At the same time that he interrupted this elder, he was sent flying and collided with the pillar of the main hall, causing it to break.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other elders immediately stood up and glared at Shen Ping. Although this attack did not cause much damage, the other party, a guest, actually dared to attack in the main hall. He was simply extremely arrogant and did not take the Yue Hua Sect seriously at all.

The elder in charge of the sect narrowed his eyes. “Pavilion Master Shen, what do you mean?”

Shen Ping said casually, “It’s not up to others to reply to me.”

The elder in charge of the sect immediately understood that Shen Ping was taking him down a notch. He said with a dark expression, “Pavilion Master Shen is right. Did you hear that? Don’t say anything later.”


The other elders could only hold back their anger.

Shen Ping continued to ask, “What did Fellow Daoist Wu say?”

Elder Wu, who was stationed in the sect, replied coldly, “This is a misunderstanding. My Yue Hua Sect has never had a disciple plunder a female cultivator, let alone attack within the jurisdiction of the True Treasure Pavilion. Pavilion Master Shen, it’s better to find out the reason.”

Shen Ping stared at Elder Wu and said, “Is this the answer of the Yue Hua Sect?” “That’s right!”

Psst. Shen Ping’s aura spread out and instantly enveloped the entire main hall. “Very good.. It seems that the Yue Hua Sect really thinks that our Treasure Pavilion can be bullied!”

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