Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife - C.562: Tai Hua Sect’s Avoidance (2)Apr 06, 2024

Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.562: Tai Hua Sect’s Avoidance (2)Apr 06, 2024

Chapter 562: Tai Hua Sect’s Avoidance (2)

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“It’s too late to escape now! Mountain River Plate, condense!” Shen Ping knew that Itinerant Immortals were extremely fast. Even if he could easily catch up with them by teleportation, he would not be able to do anything to them if the other party wanted to escape. This was because the other party could use the gaps he provided to escape extremely far. This was different from Tribulation Transcendence.

The Tribulation Transcendence was unable to detect his teleportation location, but Itinerant Immortals could sense it and react in advance.

Splash. As the immortal artifact, the Mountain and River Plate, was taken out, the area within a thousand miles was instantly enveloped by a world of mountains and rivers. The powerful immortal artifact pressure made all the disciples of the Myriad Bone Demon Sect terrified and uneasy.

Although the two Itinerant Immortals of the Demon Sect’s escape techniques were not slow, they were not as fast as the immortal artifact’s envelopment speed. In a few seconds, they were trapped by the Mountain and River Plate.

“Junior, don’t think that we’re afraid of you. If we really fight to the death, you’ll die here even if you have a powerful dharma treasure!” The Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal said coldly.

Shen Ping was unmoved. He teleported to the side of the Fourth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal, but the other party did not even resist and instantly dodged. Although the edge of the lightning blade still injured the Fourth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal, it was not fatal.

He used the same trick again and teleported repeatedly, continuously injuring the Four Tribulation Itinerant Immortal. He secretly controlled the Mountain and River Plate to shrink the area.

When the other Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal saw this, he did not help the other party. Instead, he floated on the spot with demonic energy rising from his body. It seemed like he was using some powerful technique.

Dong, dong!

After severely injuring a Four Tribulation Itinerant Immortal, terrifying heartbeats suddenly sounded in the entire Mountain and River Plate. Every heartbeat could make space tremble.

But Shen Ping was not affected at all. He stared at the Fifth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal and frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, he ignored the heavily injured Fourth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal and slashed at the Fifth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal with the Void Lightning Blade.


What Shen Ping did not expect was that this void lightning blade that could easily kill a Third Tribulation Itinerant Immortal did not even shatter the demonic energy defense on the surface of a Fifth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal.

“Hahaha, junior, you’re finished. My Myriad Bone Demon Sect is a sect under the jurisdiction of the Demon Race. Naturally, I can contact the powerful seniors of the Demon Race.”

Shen Ping narrowed his eyes and came to a realization. No wonder he felt that the pressure of the demonic aura had increased a lot. It turned out that he was borrowing the power of the demons. “In that case, I’ll kill you first.”


This Fourth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal knew that he could not survive. Before he died, he condensed the magic powers of an Itinerant Immortal that he had cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years into a single point. It produced a destructive power that caught Shen Ping off guard. Even though he had the Crimson Flame Blood Shield, he was still severely injured. His internal organs were torn apart, but his powerful Divine Demon Body allowed him to quickly recover.

Thump, thump, thump! His heartbeat became stronger and stronger. The surging demonic energy completely drowned the entire Mountain and River Plate world.

Shen Ping did not hesitate as he put away the Mountain and River Plate and teleported away. He would not foolishly stay where he was and continue fighting this fellow. Although he had not done his best to kill the two Itinerant Immortals of the Myriad Bones Demon Sect, he had already achieved his main goal.

A few dozen breaths later, a True Demon descended from the monstrous demonic energy. He looked at the place where Shen Ping had left and roared.

“Emissary, it’s my incompetence.” The Fifth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal hurriedly bowed and admitted his mistake.

The True Demon retracted his pressure and said coldly, “This matter is not your fault. This junior is indeed extraordinary to be able to kill two Itinerant Immortals with a Mahayana Realm cultivation. I’m afraid there’s an 80% chance that he’s the Beast Spirit genius of the human race. The lightning blade in his hand should be a high-grade Beast Spirit Treasure. Only such a treasure that snatches the creation of the world can easily destroy the soul of an Itinerant Immortal.”

The Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal of the Myriad Bones Demon Sect were stunned for a moment before revealing a look of joy. “Emissary, this is a huge joyous occasion. If we can kill this Beast Spirit genius, it will be a heaven-defying contribution.”

The True Demon snorted and said, “The three powerful races of the Devil Clan, the Spirit Clan, and the Flame Clan sent Golden Immortals, Heavenly Immortals, and more than a thousand True Immortals. However, they were stopped by the Immortal Dao experts of the human race. Not to mention whether I can easily kill him, even if I can, as long as I appear in the Abyss of Supreme Darkness, I will be discovered by the Golden Immortals in the sea of stars. I’ll be the one to die then!”

The Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal immediately cursed in his heart. So what if he could kill the Beast Spirit genius? However, he did not dare to say this.

The True Demon seemed to have guessed the Itinerant Immortal’s thoughts as he said coldly, “If we can really kill the other party before we die, it will be worth it. However, the other party has already become powerful. Just his escape technique is not simple, let alone the immortal artifact on him. As for the other means, I believe the higher-ups of the human race have bestowed them with some. It will definitely be difficult to kill him in a short period of time.”

The Fifth Tribulation Itinerant Immortal hurriedly said, “Emissary is right. We still need to consider this matter at length.”

The True Demon nodded. “In the near future, you have to be more peaceful here. Don’t cause any more trouble. Now that the various races are preparing for the Beast Spirit Ranking, they don’t have time to care about such trivial matters.”


After the True Demon left, the Five Tribulation Itinerant Immortal took a deep breath with lingering fear. Fortunately, he could contact the Devil Race’s emissary. Otherwise, he would have ended up like the other two Itinerant Immortals. However, this emissary was really timid. He did not even dare to attack a Mahayana Realm expert..