Eternal Life Begins with Taking a Wife

C.572 - : Apology (1)Apr 11, 2024

Chapter 572: Apology (1)

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Originally, in the first Beast Spirit Ranking, Shen Ping’s ranking had already attracted the attention of the upper echelons of the Immortal Dao of the various races. But the exchange of the Realm Sea Palace and palace had diverted the attention of these upper echelons. They placed more emphasis on nurturing Beast Spirit geniuses and did not further increase the strength of the western district of the Abyss of Supreme Darkness. This time, the ranking in the top 50 was really too dazzling. Be it because of top-notch Beast Spirit Treasures or anything else, the upper echelons of the various races had to think of a way to eliminate this hidden danger as soon as possible.

The human Venerable Sovereign naturally knew this. Shen Ping himself knew very well that if not for the fact that the second palace was related to the ranking, he would definitely not rush to the rankings like this.

Of course, he was no longer the same as before. He had the talent of a strange beast and a top-notch beast spirit treasure. Once he could unleash the power of his form, he would not be afraid of even True Immortals. Even if he could not defeat them, he could retreat unscathed. As for Heavenly Immortals and Golden Immortals, human experts would naturally deal with them.

That was why he did not hesitate to unleash his full strength.

Swoosh. He stepped out of the blue door. The white jade square on the first floor of the Heavenly Palace came into view. Almost instantly, many gazes gathered on Shen Ping.

“He’s the prodigy of the human race?!”

“How did he do it? Last time in the Realm Sea Palace, he was only in the red light area. He clearly only comprehended the beast form. In just 500 years, he rushed to the 35th place, passing the fifth wooden house valley. This improvement is too shocking!”

“That’s right. That’s the Beast Spirit Ranking. Many divine powers and methods are useless. Even if he exchanged for top-notch Beast Spirit Treasures in the world where the palace appeared, it’s impossible for him to reach this level!” “It’s understandable if he’s from a special race, but he’s a human!”

“Perhaps this is the terrifying potential of the human race.”

A large number of whispers surged into his ears. Among them were the geniuses of the Realm Clan, the Stone Clan, and the Skeleton Clan.

Shen Ping’s expression did not change at all. Having the talent of a strange beast was his greatest trump card for charging into the Beast Spirit Ranking this time. Enhancement and teleportation were too helpful to him. If it was any other prodigy, if they had one of the talents, they would be able to perform far beyond their level. Therefore, he did not feel proud at all.

“Every special physique should bring about extraordinary beast talent. My current talent mainly comes from the Heavenly Beast Body, the Sea Beast Body, and the Air Beast Body. I wonder what kind of talent the other seven special physiques can bring. Unfortunately, such a physique can only be chanced upon by luck.” He sighed in his heart.

In his opinion, the strange beast talent was a divine power talent that was even more powerful than the magical power of the magical beast. It was much stronger than the talent of many races, especially teleportation. It could simply be said to be the strongest life-saving divine power. For example, although the Thunder Roc Clan’s Thunder Escape was said to be the fastest escape technique, it was nothing compared to teleportation.

Boom! fr(e)enovelkiss

The Beast Spirit Ranking emitted a dazzling light. Clearly, Shen Ping was the last to leave the Beast Spirit Ranking. As the light enveloped all the Beast Spirit geniuses, there was an additional Beast Pattern Golden Fruit in the strange beast mark space on the arm of the top 10,000 Beast Spirit geniuses. Furthermore, the previous token had regained its fluorescent light. With this fluorescent light, one could enter the Realm Sea Palace to comprehend.

Whoosh. Waves of repulsive force caused all the Beast Spirit geniuses to leave the White Jade Square. After returning to the first level of the Heavenly Palace, before the Beast Spirit geniuses could react, they were enveloped by the multicolored light that spread out from Realm Sea Peak again. When their vision returned, they were already standing in the main hall of the second palace.

He felt the familiar pressure. Like the other Beast Spirit geniuses, he looked at the black-robed palace artifact spirit above the main hall.

“Kids, first of all, congratulations on being qualified to enter this palace world.” The black-robed artifact spirit smiled warmly and continued, “However, before entering, I’ll give you a chance to choose. This time is different from last time. The death rate inside is extremely high. If anyone is unwilling to enter, you can leave now.”

The appearance of the palace had been restricted. Although some Beast Spirit geniuses had died in the competition for the strange rocks, the overall mortality rate was extremely low. Moreover, the Artifact Spirit did not specifically say it. This time, it had said it. Clearly, the palace world was very dangerous.

All the Beast Spirit geniuses in the top 10,000 looked at each other. None of them chose to leave. After all, everyone knew that high risk meant high returns. There would definitely be a lot of resources in the palace world. It could even allow them to distance themselves from the other Beast Spirit geniuses. If they left, it would probably be very difficult to catch up in the future.

Moreover, Beast Spirit geniuses who could reach this level had all experienced some killings and understood the cruelty of the cultivation world.

“It seems that no one has chosen to withdraw.” The smile on the black-robed Artifact Spirit’s face widened. With a wave of his sleeve, a map appeared in the hands of each Beast Spirit genius. “This is the map of the palace world. It’s divided into three regions. Every region has beast blood essence. What you have to do is obtain this beast blood essence. Oh, I forgot to ask. You should know what beast blood essence is, right?”

Ling Hao, Bai Xin, and the other strongest prodigies were already shocked. They naturally knew about the essence of beast blood, especially Bai Xin. He had used the essence of beast blood to break through the level of beast blood and enter the scale armor this time. This was refined from the body of a strange beast, and every refinement consumed a lot of energy..

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