Forsaken Immortals - C.341: Happy FoolMar 28, 2023

Forsaken Immortals

C.341: Happy FoolMar 28, 2023

Bai Rouyun could not help but furrow her brows as she listened to Li Moyun's explanation. Although she was also tempted by these seeds of such a valuable herb, she understood very well that with her current strength, she had no way of fighting against the experts that came from the Godly Domain.

Even her husband, who had become a deity, was unable to withstand their overwhelming numbers and it was thus much better for them to simply stay away from the drama.

"While it is tempting to look for those seeds, we need to be realistic. You said that many experts would be arriving in the Wushi Continent with the purpose of getting this treasure, so our aim should not be to compete with them, but benefit from their arrival."

Bai Rouyun was not unable to bend and stretch. Although she was interested, she needed her life to enjoy the riches, and against overwhelming competition, there was no need to take the risk.

"I agree." Li Moyun's eyes were flashing admiringly as he looked at his little wife. "I am, naturally, tempted by these seeds, but we need to know that with the sheer amount of experts arriving, we are not likely to succeed. Even if we do manage to get them, one way or another, we still have to live to benefit from them, and not be chased and killed for treasure."

The two understood each other's thoughts well, and although they were somewhat regretful, they also understood that their path of cultivation was still long. Even if this treasure was heaven-defying, they might encounter other similar treasures later on in their lives.

"No matter what, Sun Junmeng was kind to inform us about this secret. Although we are not interested in the seeds themselves, knowing what is happening around us is still a great help and we are able to plan accordingly.

"Tomorrow, we should go and thank him. As soon as we are done, we should leave the Forgotten City and move on. Although our children and I have been in the Wushi Continent for some time, we have not experienced much, so we should go out and see what the world is like. Maybe we will encounter some adventures that can help us increase our strength, or something interesting that can help us gain some treasures."

Bai Rouyun had never intended to settle in the Forgotten City, but it was the first city they had encountered after arriving at the Wushi Continent, so it was only natural that they spent some time to further understand the current situation of their surroundings.

Although she had many plans, most of them had collapsed now that Li Moyun had arrived. Although he had been in the Secret Realm for a long time, it had only been one year in the outside world, and thus he still had enough time to get a good understanding of the current affairs.

"Good idea." Li Moyun nodded his head happily. He could not help but look forward to leaving the city and having the whole family together again. He wanted to see his children run around happily, mainly because he knew that seeing the lively group would make Bai Rouyun happy and feeling fulfilled.

After knowing Bai Rouyun's identity, both in her past life and the current, he understood that she had been forced to ignore many things and become cruel in order to survive, but at her innermost core was still an innocent young girl who wished to help others in the same situation as she had experienced in the past.

Li Moyun himself had never felt much connection to others, and although he felt responsible for his subordinates in the Eternal Shadow Palace, he had not felt anything particular with their suffering. For him, the orphans and talents he picked up were mainly useful because they were the easiest to train and gain loyalty from. To him, their lives were indeed depressing, but it was not his responsibility to help them, so when he reached out, he expected loyalty and hard work in return.

Only a fool would be as silly as his little wife and adopt random creatures as her own children and love them dearly as a real family.

Thinking like this, Li Moyun could not help but chuckle and shake his head amusedly.

"What's wrong?" Bai Rouyun looked at Li Moyun confusedly. She did not understand what made him react like this, as their conversation had been somewhat serious just before.

"I am wondering whether the real fool is the person doing things wholeheartedly out of kindness, or the one that follows merely to see the gentle person happy."

Li Moyun could not help but shake his head. Although he knew that Bai Rouyun did not understand his words, and her eyes were filled with even more confusion, he did not explain more.

To him, the many children that they had adopted were nothing more than subordinates, but since they were so important to Bai Rouyun, he had no resistance towards treating them as his wholeheartedly. For her, he was willing to care about someone who would usually never be put in his eyes. In fact, he was the real fool, as he could follow behind Bai Rouyun happily and never question her decisions. But, somehow, being a fool was much better than before, and he had never been as happy as he was after encountering her.

"You are silly. Let us get some rest for now. Tomorrow we have to go to the Lingcao Pavilion to thank Sun Junmeng, and then we should stock up on the final things we need before setting out once more." Bai Rouyun smiled happily as she got ready to rest. No matter who was a fool of the two, she never cared. Being a happy fool was much better than being a depressed talent.𝙛𝘳𝘦𝐞𝑤ℯ𝗯n𝗼ѵe𝑙. c૦𝑚