Forsaken Immortals

C.343: Dual CultivationMar 28, 2023

The golden specs of sunlight cascaded through the curtains and left an ethereal shine within the room. A tranquil, calm mood filled the room, and the atmosphere was at peace without any other sounds than subtle breathing.

On the bed, the pair of lovers were quietly resting in each other's arms. Their breathing was light and steady, and the curtains of light gently enveloped them in a golden sheen.

The alluring woman was nestled gently within the arms of the handsome man, and the two seemed to be shrouded in a halo of their own. Their serene expressions were full of satisfaction and it was not before the streets outside the inn had become crowded once more that Lin Moyun slowly began to awake from his slumber.

As he tried to change his position, he quickly stiffened his body and dared not move an inch, as his eyes slowly opened and glanced at the captivating woman in his arms.

Bai Rouyun was still asleep, and a sweet smile was hanging on her lips as she gently rubbed her face against the sturdy chest she rested on. Her actions were natural and done unconsciously, but the clear dependence on him made Li Moyun's heart swell with happiness and sweetness. 𝗳𝐫𝘦e𝔀𝚎𝚋𝓃𝚘vℯl. 𝑐o𝚖

Countless images erupted in Li Moyun's brain, sweetness permeated throughout his entire core, and he felt a jolt of pleasure spread to every cell in his body as the eyes that glanced at the beauty in his arms turned deeper and darker.

Although the night had passed and the light was gently shimmering into their room, Li Moyun kept reliving the memories from the previous night, savoring and enjoying the aftertaste as he slowly began to feel his body begin to react.

His eyes had become black as the darkest ink, and he could not help but raise an arm and gently brush the beautiful hair away from Bai Rouyun's forehead. The charming face was now completely displayed in front of him, and the affection that Li Moyun felt almost overflowed from his heart.

The woman within his arms was simply too enticing, and he could hardly hold back. Her taste and touch were addictive and seemed to constantly bewitch him and tempt him to experience the same intense emotions once more.

The delicate and sweet voice that had escaped Bai Rouyun's lips, and how she had tried hard to hold back at the start kept replaying in his mind, testing his determination and self-discipline.

The soothing and soft touch of skin against skin had made his entire being boil and heat up with only the urge to get closer and vent the pent up emotions that were swelling like a volcano ready for eruption.

Li Moyun had never been in a relationship before, and he had never thought that the experience of combining two people like this would be so enjoyable. He, who had never before lusted after a woman, was almost unable to hold on as the young lady was lying gently in his arms and rested her body against his.

He looked down and witnessed the many marks left behind after the night before. Although Bai Rouyun was now a cultivator and her body could not be compared with that of an ordinary mortal, Li Moyun had also become a deity, and the night had been intense that countless red marks were printed on the porcelain-white skin, resembling small strawberries planted throughout the night.

Like this, Li Moyun kept observing Bai Rouyun until the young woman finally woke up. The misty eyes full of confusion made Li Moyun almost unable to hold in, and he lowered his head to seal her lips and taste their sweetness once more.

Throughout the whole day, Li Moyun and Bai Rouyun did not leave the room. Even the cute little children did not talk to their mother through the mind connection, and the Primal Chaos Dimension was completely cut off from the outside world. The children were all either cultivating or playing around in the small dimension on their own, as they knew that their parents were busy creating a little sibling for them, and they were also somewhat excited.

It was not before the following day that Bai Rouyun finally left the bed. Although the time spent in bliss was not short, there was no pain or soreness left in their bodies as she finally stood up.

Instead, Bai Rouyun could not help but be somewhat surprised. Her cultivation base had advanced to the first layer of the Soul Refinement rank. This advance in cultivation was substantial, but after observing for some time, she realized that her foundations were still steady and that no hidden dangers were left behind.

"Rourou." Li Moyun's voice suddenly appeared behind her, and she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist as she leaned back into the gentle and warm embrace that she had gotten very familiar with.

"Your cultivation base has risen quite a lot." Li Moyun raised an eyebrow in praise, but upon witnessing her confused expression he quickly continued to explain.

"Dual cultivation makes it possible to help each other progress in cultivation together. Although your benefits this time have been overwhelming, you should not expect the result to be like this again. The first time was special as we both used our primeval energy to become a daoist couple.

"But, even though our benefits in the future will be less than the first time, we will still benefit more from this kind of cultivation practice than by using the ordinary method of meditating all night, so there is no loss."