Forsaken Immortals

C.347 Soul ImprintMay 31, 2023

Yan Wenxiu was listening intently. At first, he was surprised to hear that Bai Rouyun had memories of two incarnations, but he was also distressed to know that she had never experienced parental love in either of her lives.

After knowing that not only he, but also the Bai family had located her in this life, he was feeling somewhat apprehensive, however after noticing her clear alianation with the Bai family, he quickly left them behind. Although he did not like them or their behavior, he did not have a position where he could blame them, as he, too, had not been there when Bai Rouyun genuinely needed a parent to support her.

"The past can never be changed, but we have to look forward. If you want to, you and your husband can follow me back to the divine realm, and I will provide you both with an errand and something to do, however, the protected environment will greatly limit your future achievements, so you have to consider what path you wish to take from here on."

Yan Wenxiu looked at Bai Rouyun with clear affection. This daughter was the crystalization of love between himself and the woman that he loved more than anything else in the world, and now that his beloved was gone, only this daughter was left. To him, there was nothing more important than her opinion.

However, this had also caused him to feel conflicted. In one way, he wished for her and Li Moyun to enter his faction and live a peaceful life without any danger, but at the same time, he also wished that they managed to stand out and show their brilliance.

"Thank you." Bai Rouyun smiled gently and shook her head. She could see the conflicting emotions within Yan Wenxiu's eyes, but she did not want to become a flower raised in a greenhouse.

"I am sure that both Moyun and I wish to face the dangers bravely. Although we will face more dangers on our path towards the top, we will also know what it is truly like to live life to the fullest.

"Although the lifespan of deities is eternal, there has to be a meaning in life to make it worth living. I would rather die while struggling to achieve my dreams than live for an eternity but miss out on what truly makes life worth living."

Although Bai Rouyun had not asked Li Moyun's opinion before answering, she was looking at him as the words escaped her lips. Her eyes were filled with tenderness and her hands were quickly caught by his large palms that gently held them together and a smile spread on his lips.

To Li Moyun, death was not the most terrifying. He was a man who aimed for the top, and thus he understood that some things were much more difficult to lose than others. Just look at Yan Wenxiu.

Yan Wenxiu was a genius and a powerhouse that everyone had to respect, but it was also obvious to see that he had lost his will to live. Before meeting Bai Rouyun, he was just passing every day in boredom while trying to find a new purpose to continue on. Such a life, Li Moyun would never be able to handle.

"My daughter is indeed a female hero." Yan Wenxiu's eyes flashed with a brief struggle before he looked relieved. "I am worried about your well-being, but since you have decided to move along this path, then I will stand by and let you face the dangers on your own. Google search 𝐟𝚛e𝗲𝚠𝗲𝑏𝓃𝑜ν𝐞𝘭. c𝒐𝓂

"However, I have once lost my most important person, and I will not be able to handle having to say goodbye to another family member, so I have one request."

Yan Wenxiu's expression suddenly became solemn as he looked at Bai Rouyun in front of him. He had made an important decision.

"I am going to impart a soul imprint in your dantian. The soul imprint is a clone made by my spiritual energy. This clone will be in hibernation within your dantian and will not interfere in your daily life, nor will it have the ability to help you in a moment of crisis.

"The soul imprint will only erupt in case of your life being threatened. Even if your dantian is shattered and your cultivation is crippled, the soul imprint will not activate, however if your life is about to end, then it will save your at a critical moment, and teleport you to my location.

"I do not wish to interfere with your adventures and your future, but I do hope that I can give you this final trump card that can keep you alive while traveling."

Bai Rouyun was somewhat surprised when she heard her newfound father's words. She did not know what exactly a soul imprint was, but from the solmen expression on his face, it should be a very important thing.

Uncertain as to what to do, Bai Rouyun quickly glanced at Li Moyun, who nodded his head gently. He was aware of what a soul imprint was, and he approved of this approach.

At the same time, Li Moyun's heart was filled with warmt as he finally found a parent that cared about Bai Rouyun's life and death. The soul imprints were not that simple as this Yan Wenxiu had made it sound.

Placing a soul imprint would make Yan Wenxiu become weakened in a period of time. As for how much energy he imparted into the imprint, the longer his weakness would last.

During the current time, where there was going to be chaos in the Wushi Continent, it was rather dangerous for Yan Wenxiu to let himself become weak, as some might take the chance to retaliate against him. However, for him, it was clear that Bai Rouyun's safety was more important.