From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS - C.748 - 747-breaking the absurd

From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS

C.748 - 747-breaking the absurd

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Chapter 748: Chapter 747-breaking the absurd

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A furious roar rang out.

A huge beast broke through the void, and its fierce aura spread in all directions.

“A void beast!”

Qin shujian’s expression was slightly grave.

He hadn’t encountered any ferocious beasts in the void for a few days. Now that he had encountered one, he couldn’t let his guard down. He cast a Dharma Eye on the beast that was charging at him.


The attributes of the void beast appeared in his sight.

“Seventh stage immortal!” Qin shujian was stunned.

He did not expect that the first void beast he encountered would be such a difficult character.

Seventh-layer immortal!

He had stepped into the ranks of the upper three grades of true immortals.

Once one broke through to this realm, one would be considered to be at the top of this era.

Even though his strength was comparable to a ninth-stage immortal, it wouldn’t be easy for him to take down a seventh-stage immortal void beast.

However …

It was not easy.

Qin shujian had no reason to be afraid.

In his opinion, the void beast in front of him should have been attracted by the Star Beast’s corpse.

After all, the flesh and blood of a Star Beast of the upper three stages of true immortality was an irresistible temptation to any existence.

Void beasts fed on flesh and blood.

As a result.

The corpse of a Star Beast was even more tempting.

the flesh and blood of a seventh-layer immortal fierce beast is also a great supplement. If I can devour it, my strength will also increase a lot!

A cold glint flashed in Qin shujian’s eyes.

After he had evolved the heaven and earth, the foundation of his inner world would increase, and his strength would increase.

But at the same time.

He also had the delusion split Red Lotus.

If he could refine those powerful existences, he would naturally be able to strengthen his Foundation.

However, at Qin shujian’s level, refining the body of an ordinary expert wouldn’t be of much use to him.

The corpses of the true immortals he had previously obtained had all been used to nourish his inner world.

Now that the inner world had been perfected, with the existence of the Dragon vein and other spiritual veins, it could naturally breathe in and out spiritual energy. Naturally, it did not need the Strong’s physical body to nourish it.

As for the Star Beast’s body …

It was also a material for the map of the stars.

&Nbsp; so,

However, the ferocious beast before his eyes gave Qin shujian an idea.


The void shattered, and a huge ferocious beast smashed through the void. Qin shujian took a step forward and instantly cast the law phenomenon.

After awakening his intelligence.

The law phenomenon he had obtained from the sky corpse sect had already broken through the limits of its own accord, reaching a level that ordinary people could not understand.

He saw a giant that was a million feet tall, as if it was an ancient star.


With a single punch, billions of miles of space were destroyed.

The void beast, which looked like a tiger but was many times larger than one, let out an angry roar and struck out with its huge claw.


The fist and the claw collided, and a destructive force swept out, instantly shattering the void between them.

“Roar!” The terrifying force forced the void beast to retreat.

Qin shujian’s body remained unmoving.

The God slaying saber suddenly slashed out, and the blade energy streaked across the void.

The void beast spewed out blood-colored gang Qi from its mouth and nose, which bombarded the saber aura. Then, it struck out with its huge claw and forcibly shattered the saber aura.

However, the sharp force left several bloody marks on The Giant Claw.

“What a strong body!”

Qin shujian’s eyes flickered, but he did not stop attacking with his stone blade.

After breaking through to the fifth tribulation ancestral weapon …

The God slaying saber was already very powerful.

Even ordinary Immortals of the upper three heavens were not qualified to resist the sharpness of the ancestral weapon.

However, the void beast in front of him had only suffered some minor injuries after facing the God slaying saber’s sharpness.

With such a body level …

He was already more terrifying than an ordinary ninth stage immortal.

This was the void beast’s greatest advantage and its only physical body.

This was because void beasts were the same as the beasts in the sea of death. They could only temper their physical bodies and souls, but they could not comprehend laws.

In other people’s eyes.

In the end, such an approach would only result in limited achievements.

However, in Qin shujian’s opinion, even though this method was extreme, once he really grew to the peak of perfection, his abilities would also be earth-shattering.


In the void, a void beast that was a million feet long and a giant that was as big as a star were fighting.

A vast fluctuation spread out.

All the demons and beasts that sensed this fluctuation fled in all directions.

The battle between the upper three true immortals.

It wasn’t something that the other demons and beasts of the void could withstand.

Just the aftershock was enough to completely obliterate them.

The battle continued.

The void beast retreated in defeat.

Even though it had reached the seventh stage of the celestial realm, its abilities were already two stages weaker than Qin shujian’s. On top of that, it had the ancestral weapon to restrain it. It didn’t have any chance of winning.


The blade swept past and directly beheaded the void beast.


The God slaying saber’s killing aura increased, and a few more red lines appeared on its original stone color.

Then, Qin shujian immediately used the delusion split Red Lotus.

A Red Lotus bloomed and engulfed the corpse of the void beast.

After the breakthrough.

The effects of the delusion split Red Lotus had also improved a lot.

Even someone as strong as a seventh firmament immortal had only used half a day to completely refine it without any resistance. He saw a bright red Lotus lying quietly in the void.

At the place where the Red Lotus was.

The surrounding void was quietly burned into nothingness.

Qin shujian held the Red Lotus in one hand, and pure energy immediately surged into his body.

Not long after.

The aura on his body became stronger.

He retracted the law phenomenon.

Qin shujian furrowed his brows tightly. I’ve used the delusion split Red Lotus to refine a seventh-layer immortal void beast, but it still can’t increase its abilities by much. Could it be that my physical body has really reached its limit? ‘

He had originally thought that his strength would at least increase by a notch if he refined the void beast.

However, he had to do something.

After refining the void beast.

Only then did Qin shujian realize that the increase in strength was a little unsatisfactory.

If one had to give a number, the probability would be about one in ten


Yes, it was.

One in ten thousand!

With such a huge improvement, it would be better to just throw the corpse of the void beast into his inner world.

He had not used the delusion split Red Lotus for a long time.

Qin shujian didn’t even know that refining the physical bodies of powerful people had already reduced the increase in his strength to such a small extent.

‘The evolution of the physical body into the heavens and earth has already reached its current limit. There is a limit to every realm, and it is impossible to improve endlessly unless one breaks through the current shackles.

However, if the limit of true immortality was broken, then one could break through to the Dao fruit level.

However, the amount of energy required to do so will be far beyond my estimation!”

If a seventh stage immortal was only one-ten-thousandth of a step forward .

In order to break through the shackles.

He would need to kill at least 10000 seventh firmament Immortals.

But the problem was …

Was it possible that there were 10000 seventh firmament Celestials in this era?

Just by thinking about it, one would know that this was impossible.

The four demon emperors of the void evil demon were enough to dominate the outer void, and there were probably no more than ten upper three levels of true immortals in the ancient heavenly court.

Then, he looked at the demon abyss.

Even if mo Yuan’s strength was stronger than both of them, how many upper three levels of true immortals could he have?

Taking everything into account.

It might be 10 or 20.

In other words, there were at most fifty upper three levels of true immortals in the entire universe.

If this trend continued .

If he wanted to break through the limits of his body through the absurd Red Lotus and truly sanctify his body, directly becoming a Dao fruit expert, the possibility was infinitely close to zero, or simply zero.

however, if too many creatures are refined, the power of the absurd Red Lotus can also be increased. This method can not be ignored!

Qin shujian’s expression was dark. He might not have used the delusion split much, but seriously speaking, this technique was actually one of his true trump cards.

In the universe.

Only the power of faith could penetrate the illusion and reality.

That was why the ancestral weapon could kill players.

In addition, the absurd breaking Red Lotus was also a technique that Qin shujian had created by combining the weak power of reality that he had comprehended from facing death and coming back to life in the third era.

Absurd-breaking Red Lotus!

The two words ‘absurd breaking’ were to break through the illusion.

However, the level of the current absurd state Red Lotus was not high enough. If he wanted to refine a powerful existence, he had to cripple it or kill it completely before he could successfully refine it.

Otherwise, if the strong counterattacked, the delusion split Red Lotus would not be of any use.

There were two ways to improve the absurd state Red Lotus.

The first was to improve his own strength, and the delusion split Red Lotus would naturally become stronger.

It was just that this kind of improvement was very slow, and compared to his own realm, there was a huge gap.

He could use Qin shujian’s current realm as a comparison.

The absurd state Red Lotus could only easily kill creatures below the level of true immortals. If it met a true immortal at its peak, even a first-stage immortal, it could extinguish the absurd state Red Lotus.

The second method.

It was to refine living beings and indirectly increase the power of the absurd state Red Lotus.

He had just refined a seventh-stage immortal, which was enough to let the Red Lotus step into the threshold of true immortality. At this time, a Red Lotus was enough to incinerate a first-stage immortal.

But to deal with a stage two immortal .

Qin shujian estimated that he was still lacking a little.

it seems that it’s not realistic to refine the flesh and blood of the fierce beast to greatly improve my strength. But it’s a good choice to take this opportunity to improve the absurd Red Lotus.

Since increasing his strength wouldn’t work, he would just have to increase the absurd Red Lotus.

In any case, when he was facing death and giving his life away, the techniques he comprehended from the power of reality were extraordinary.

Qin shujian had a premonition.

This method would definitely be of great use in the future.

Very quickly.

He left the place and headed to another place.

Even after he left, the void was still in chaos and shattered, and the remaining power did not weaken.

It was not until the God-destroying astral wind blew over that the remaining power was weakened.

After a few more rounds of the God-destroying astral wind, the remaining power completely disappeared. Finally, the void returned to calm, and there was no trace left.

With the previous experience …

Qin shujian took out a portion of the Star Beast’s blood and scattered it in the air.

Sure enough.

Soon, other void beasts were attracted by the Star Beast’s blood.

The blood of a Star Beast from an upper three-stage true immortal was an irresistible temptation for all the void beasts.

The void beast that had arrived.

The strongest had the strength of a middle three-stage true immortal, while the weakest only had the strength of a celestial being.

There would not be a second time for a seventh-stage immortal void beast to appear like the first time.

Even though Qin shujian felt regretful, he was also relieved.

How could there be seventh firmament void beasts everywhere?

He could only say that he was lucky the last time.

The void beasts that he had encountered in the past appeared in large numbers. Qin shujian placed one hand behind his back, and red flames rose from his other hand.

In the next instant.

The Red Lotus flew out of his hand and fell on the void beasts.


The terrifying power swallowed all the void beasts below the true immortal realm.

Howls of despair came from within. No matter how much they struggled, they could not put out the flames.

Not only that.

Even a few void beasts that had barely stepped into the true immortal realm were swallowed by the Red Lotus.

After he threw the delusion split Red Lotus, Qin shujian lifted his saber and stepped into the air. He charged toward the remaining few stronger void beasts.


The battle was discovered very quickly, and it ended very quickly.

In less than half a day.

All of the void beasts were killed. The absurd Red Lotus brought with it energy and filled his body. His body trembled slightly and completely absorbed the energy.


Qin shujian shifted his gaze to the star in front of him.

This was the second star he had encountered after the first one had been shattered.

However, he had to do something.

Compared to the previous star, this one was nearly a million feet in size. It could be considered one of the more powerful stars.

There was surging energy within it.

Qin shujian could clearly feel it just by standing in front of the star.

Very quickly.

He took out the list of deification.

The ten-feet-long list expanded to a million-feet-long size against the wind, directly covering the entire star.

Suddenly, a powerful force rose from the star, as if it was resisting the list of deification.

Qin shujian threw a punch.

The violent power forcibly suppressed the entire star.

The originally bright light on the star suddenly became much more restrained and was absorbed by The Investiture of the Gods without any resistance.

“The first one!”

Qin shujian muttered to himself. He immediately started to search for the next Star.

In the future.

He had been wandering in the void.

It was the same as before.

At the same time, he would use the blood of the star beasts to attract the void beasts, and then take the opportunity to kill as many void beasts as possible.

The first was to increase the power of the delusion split Red Lotus, and the second was to let the God slaying saber absorb some power. He could use this opportunity to find a chance to pass the sixth tribulation.

The mosharo clan.

“Your Majesty, the living beings of the great thousand world are now scattered all over the void. Our people have fought with them many times and suffered great losses!”

In the hall, a Demon King stood below and said with his head lowered.


Sitting upright were yelvez and lanfero.

kill them all! Kill all the creatures in the great thousand world! We can’t let them find out where our families are! Yelvis’s expression was cold. After entering the Devil’s Pool, his injuries had completely recovered.

Not only that.

His cultivation base was still at the level of a top demon Emperor, and he had advanced half a step further.

Although he had not broken through to the demon Emperor level, he was already halfway there. He only needed a little more time to break through to the demon Emperor level.

In this regard.

Yelvis also felt regretful.

Although the effects of the Devil’s Pool were powerful, it could only be effective on powerhouses below the devil Emperor realm. For existences at the level of the devil Emperor, its effect was almost equivalent to nothing.

It was also because of this that he was stuck at the half-step devil Emperor realm.

Otherwise …

Yelvis was confident that he could directly vindicate the demon Emperor.

After the Demon King bowed and left, lanfelord said, “”1 don’t know why, but the strength of the great thousand world has suddenly increased so rapidly.

The retreat of the demons could also be considered a defeat.

I’m afraid that the situation is not good for our clans when we face the greater world. The scene from more than a million years ago may reappear!”

More than a million years ago.

The heavenly court of the greater world launched a large-scale attack on the outer region void.

Even if all the void evil demon clans joined forces, they were still no match for the heavenly court. In the end, they were forced to escape and had no choice but to rely on the vastness of the outer realm void to not be completely exterminated.

It was also at that time.

With the descent of the demonic abyss, the power of the heavenly court was restrained, and the evil demon clans in the void were able to catch their breath.

What he found now made lanfelord feel like he was looking at the heavenly court from more than a million years ago.

The power of the void demon clan.

However, it only truly began after the heavenly court and the demonic abyss suffered heavy losses.

Regardless of whether it was compared to the ancient heavenly court or the demonic abyss, the void evil demon clan was still weak.

Not to mention.

Now that the Boyd clan had been destroyed, there were only three of the four demon clans left, and their strength had dropped by a lot.

“That’s impossible,” yelvis’s eyes flickered.”The current greater world is much worse than the Qin Cang of a million years ago.

Even if they aren’t weak, it’s impossible for them to regain the might they had a million years ago.” 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

“Moreover …”

“We shouldn’t be thinking about matters of this level. If the sky falls, there will naturally be the demon Emperor to hold it up. Although we are demon emperors, we are only slightly stronger pawns.

If he did not become a demon Emperor, he would still be an ant. Even if he became a demon Emperor, he might not be able to live forever.

Boller’s fall had already proven many things.

It’s just a matter of strength.”

In the end, yelvez shook his head.

Any problem was just a lack of strength. As long as one had enough strength, all problems would not be a problem.

He was already only half a step away from the devil Emperor.

In this regard.

Yelvis had no intention of meddling in other people’s business.

As long as he broke through and became a demon Emperor, he would have enough confidence even if he had to establish another clan or continue to stay in the mosaro clan.

At that time.

Even if mosaro was unhappy, he couldn’t do anything to him.

This was the confidence that came with strength.

Thinking of this .

Yelvez looked at lanfero and said, “”You entered the Devil’s Pool and broke through to the level of a top demon Emperor. How long do you think it will take for you to break through to the level of a demon Emperor?”

“After a thousand years, I should be able to make a breakthrough by entering the Devil’s Pool again.”

Lanfero shook his head.

To the demons of the void, 1000 years was just like the snap of a finger.

Any demon Emperor powerhouse could live for millions or even tens of millions of years.

after Troy’s death, our clan’s strength has also weakened a bit. However, the demon kings who entered the demon pool should be about to break through. I think it won’t be long before our clan has another demon Emperor.

“In the current situation, what can one more demon Emperor or one less change?” Lanfero shook his head and laughed. After he finished speaking, he took a deep look at yelweiss.

Ever since the other party came out of the Devil’s Pool, he found that he could no longer see through him.

In this state.

Lanfelord was not sure if yelvez had broken through to the demon Emperor realm or was only one step away from it.

After all, this place was already a top demon Emperor powerhouse.

Now that he had entered the Devil’s Pool and come out, he would not believe that he had not gained anything.

However …

Since the other party had deliberately concealed his strength, lanfelord could not say anything.

There were many things that could be done with a tacit understanding.

“The heavenly troops have been prepared. I wonder when the celestial Thearch will return?”

Outside the heavenly Palace, Emperor Zhao stood in front of the door and did not enter.

When it wasn’t the court session, no one had the right to enter the heavenly Palace without permission. This was the same for the emperors of the five places.

“So it’s Emperor Zhong Yuan!”

Mu Yang’s clone bowed to Emperor Zhao.

Emperor Zhong Yuan’s status was only below heavenly Emperor, so he did not dare to be impolite.


Mu yang stood up and handed over a round ball.

this is something left behind by the heavenly Emperor. He said that if it’s because of the heavenly weapon assessment, he should hand it over to Emperor Zhong Yuan.

“Many thanks ! ”

Emperor Zhao nodded slightly and took the ball.


His spiritual force landed on the ball and quickly obtained the information inside.

The four great continents.

The fallen immortal domain.

Ever since this place became the location of the passage of heaven and earth, it had become the center of the four major continents.

For this reason.

The celestial heavens had even built a city here to station their troops and prevent problems from arising in the offworld battlefield.

And in the battlefield.

If the cultivators of the other races were severely injured, they would return here to replenish their supplies.

It could be said that .

The main purpose of the fallen immortal domain’s cities was to serve the offworld battlefields, and they were also the last line of defense for the heavenly court.

If even this place had been broken through, it would mean that the heavenly court had entered a state of complete defeat.

At this moment.

A large number of cultivators were gathered in a city in the fallen immortal domain.

Almost 90% of the powerhouses at the fourth level of celestial realm and above among the ten thousand races were now rushing over from all over the four major continents.

The reason was simple.

It was because of the selection of celestial soldiers and celestial generals.

Even though celestial soldiers and celestial generals were not gods, they were qualified to enter the celestial heavens if they could become one of them.

Other things aside.

Just by entering the heavenly court, one could be labeled as one of them.

As a result.

His actions in all aspects could not be compared to his current state.

More importantly .

In the future, if there were any new deity positions, the heavenly court would directly draw them from the heavenly soldiers and generals, which was much higher than drawing them from the cultivators of the ten thousand races.

Outside the city.

There was an empty space specially opened up by the heavenly court.

Each arena could hold up to a thousand people.

The heavenly court had opened up thousands of such empty fields, and almost every field had many people present.

But if one looked at it carefully …

However, one could see that all the venues were actually divided into two different categories.

“Heavenly general!”

In the first arena, Qin yuanbai stood with his hands behind his back. His face was calm and no one could tell what was going on.

His name was also on the seven hundred and twenty battle general ranking.

&Nbsp; so,

Qin Yuan’s goal for coming here was to become a heavenly general.

Although his status as the Qianyuan sacred land’s sacred Lord was not much weaker than a heavenly General’s status in some ways, he was still a heavenly general.

But in reality.

There was still a certain difference between a divine Lord and a heavenly general.

The most important thing was.

A heavenly general was the commander of a heavenly Army, and they were also a member of the heavenly court.

No matter how extraordinary the Qianyuan sacred land was, it was just a force within a race. It couldn’t be compared to the heavenly court, which ruled all the races.

A seventh-rank official in front of the Prime Minister.

This was probably the logic.

“Brother Qin is also here!” A clear voice rang out.

Qin yuanbai turned his head and saw the person who had arrived. He could not help but smile.”So it’s city Lord Huo!”

He also knew Huo Zhan.

Among the four city Lords of the human race, Huo Zhan was the closest to the Qianyuan sacred land.

I didn’t expect to see you here today, Brother Qin, ” Huo Zhan said with a smile. I thought you wouldn’t need the position of heavenly general since you’re the sacred Lord of Qianyuan sacred land.

“Who doesn’t need to be a heavenly general who can enter the celestial heavens?”

“That’s true.”

Huo Zhan nodded in agreement. I wonder how many heavenly generals the celestial heavens need this time. However, with Brother Qin participating, we are destined to have one less spot.

Qin yuanbai’s strength.

Not only was he famous among the human race, but he was also quite famous among the ten thousand races.

Although he hadn’t broken through to the true immortal realm, being able to become the Qianyuan sacred land’s sacred Lord meant that he was extremely powerful.

Otherwise …

How could he have the right to control the entire Qianyuan sacred land?

Moreover …

Back in the myriad clan battlefield, Qin yuanbai had already made a name for himself.

When the battle general ranking came out, the other side also defeated many experts and stabilized his position.

No matter how one looked at it.

To be able to maintain their battle general ranking for ten years without dropping, none of them were simple people.

Qin yuanbai smiled faintly. brother Huo, you’re being too serious. I’m only here to join in the fun. Whether I can pass the celestial heavens ‘test is also an unknown matter.

Brother Qin, do you know what the heavenly court’s test is? ‘

At the mention of the heavenly court’s assessment, Huo Zhan’s expression changed slightly.

Other people didn’t know about this, but Qin shujian had single-handedly established the Qianyuan sacred land. The sacred Lord in front of him might know something.

He could see what Huo Zhan was thinking.

Qin yuanbai shook his head and said, ” I’m not sure about this either. Now that the assessment is approaching, there’s no need to guess so much.

“That’s true.”

Huo Zhan nodded and then chatted with Qin yuanbai about other topics.

Time passed by slowly.


A tyrannical aura emerged, and a man fell from the sky.

When everyone saw this, they immediately bowed. “We pay our respects to Emperor Zhong Yuan!”

“You’re free!”

Emperor Zhao looked at the crowd and said in a deep voice, ” the heavenly soldier assessment and the heavenly general assessment. Whoever passes the assessment can become a heavenly soldier or heavenly general.

The words fell.

He took out a round ball and crushed it with his bare hands.

The ball shattered, and an octagonal green Pagoda that was a thousand feet tall fell to the ground.

this tower has nine levels. Candidates for the heavenly soldier test only need to pass five levels, and candidates for the heavenly General Test need to pass nine levels. After obtaining a token on each level, you can directly leave the tower.

If one wanted to give up halfway, they would have to obtain the token of the first level of the tower before they could leave.

If you can’t even pass the first level, you might completely fall there.”

Emperor Zhao’s tone became solemn as he spoke.

He had fallen!

Hearing this, everyone’s expression changed.

They didn’t expect that there would be the risk of death in a mere assessment.


“May I ask the Emperor, this is only a test. Is there really a risk of death?” someone asked.

the heavenly soldiers and generals are not ordinary. Courage and strength are indispensable. Only those who have the courage to enter the tower and the strength to leave are qualified to become a member of the heavenly soldiers and generals.

If they had courage but lacked strength, they would be risking their own lives or even the lives of others when they fought.

Similarly, if one only has strength but not enough courage, they are not qualified to become a celestial soldier.”

Emperor Zhao glanced at him and said calmly,

“Anyone who participates in the assessment is willing, and the heavenly court will not force them. If you are afraid now, it is not too late to retreat. After all, even if you retreat this time, you will still have the opportunity to reach the top in the future.

It’s not a good thing to lose your life if you’re reckless.”

Seeing this.

Everyone’s expression was different.

They might die in the test, but if they didn’t take the test, they would lose this opportunity completely.

If they weren’t in danger of dying, they definitely wouldn’t hesitate.

However, there was the danger of death.

It was enough to make people feel fear.

Not long after.

Some of them cupped their hands at Emperor Zhao and left.

When the first person left, there would be a second person.

Soon, many cultivators left.

Compared to becoming celestial soldiers and celestial generals, they cherished their lives more.

However …

Some people wanted to leave, but they didn’t dare to. They couldn’t help but ask, “”May I ask what the content of the test is?”

“I don’t know,”

Emperor Zhao shook his head and said calmly, “the test in the pagoda was set by the celestial Emperor himself. No one knows what is inside. You still have fifteen minutes to consider.

If no one is willing to enter the tower after 15 minutes, everyone will be disqualified.”

Quality was better than quantity.

If there really wasn’t a single person, then they might as well not select anyone.

After all, the heavenly Army was a matter of the heavenly court’s face, and they could not be used to make up the numbers.

There was no assessment content.

The expression of the person who asked the question changed again. After a while, he also cupped his hands and retreated.

Different thoughts emerged in the minds of the others.

The assessment method was personally set by the celestial Thearch!

The heavenly Emperor’s ruthlessness was something that everyone knew.

Such words.

The death and injury rate of the assessment was not small at all.

At the thought of this, many people immediately retreated.

Emperor Zhao’s expression was calm, and he didn’t seem to be affected by the large number of people retreating.

Qin yuanbai also cupped his hands and asked, ” may I ask if there is only one Pagoda, Emperor? could it be that the content of the assessment for the heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals are the same? ‘

“The pagoda has its own profoundness, so the test will naturally not be the same.”

“In that case, I’m willing to enter the tower and give it a try!”

Qin yuanbai pondered for a moment and then walked toward the pagoda.

Seeing this.

Emperor Zhao nodded, a smile on his face. as expected of the Qianyuan sacred land’s sacred leader. Your courage isn’t disappointing.

After he finished speaking, he simply waved his hand.

The originally tightly shut tower door was opened quietly.

“Thank you for your trouble, Emperor!” Qin yuanbai bowed again. He looked at the dark entrance in front of him and stepped into it without thinking.

He saw Qin yuanbai leaving as he said. Huo Zhan’s face also changed slightly.

At this moment.

“Emperor, I’m willing to enter the pagoda!” Someone stepped out and said.

The person who spoke was dan Hao.

As an official of the Imperial court, he should address Emperor Zhao as His Majesty. However, this was the selection of the celestial heavens, and Emperor Zhao was the celestial heavens ‘Emperor Zhongyuan, so he could not overstep his boundaries.

“Alright!” Emperor Zhao nodded and opened the entrance of the pagoda again.

Dan Hao stepped in.

After dan Hao entered, Huo Zhan could not sit still.

Although it didn’t matter who entered first, the first one to enter would definitely be regarded highly by Emperor Zhao.

If he was the last to enter, even if he passed the assessment, he might not be able to get any benefits.

Thinking of this .

“Emperor, I also want to enter the tower!” Huo Zhan immediately stood up.

Seeing this, Emperor Zhao opened the pagoda.

Huo Zhan bowed and entered.

In a few breaths ‘time, there were three people who took the lead to enter the pagoda for the assessment.

Some of the people who had been hesitant made up their minds and headed toward the pagoda.

Cultivators who could cultivate to this realm had all experienced life-and-death battles.

This was especially true for the battle with the demons of the void. Almost all of the cultivators above the true martial realm had participated in the battle.

Therefore .

Not everyone was afraid of death.

Some of those who had retreated were simply afraid of death, while others felt that it was not worth it to die in the assessment.

But at the same time.

There were also people who were willing to take the test.

Even though there didn’t seem to be any substantial benefits from passing the test now, no one could be sure that the heavenly court would really not give them anything.

With the heavenly court’s status.

Even if something leaked out from under his fingernails, it would be enough for an ordinary cultivator to work hard for a lifetime.

The main thing was ..

Even if there was a death rate in the assessment, it shouldn’t be too high. After all, it wouldn’t be good for the heavenly court if too many people died.

even if there’s a death rate, it’ll definitely be very low. I don’t believe that I’m the only one who’s hit out of so many people!

With this thought in mind, some people entered the pagoda with determination.

At this moment.

Some people retreated, while others entered the pagoda.

15 minutes passed by quickly.

All of a sudden.

Emperor Zhao waved his hand and closed the entrance of the pagoda completely. He looked at the others and said indifferently, ‘”‘The test has ended. All those who have not entered the pagoda are disqualified.

If anyone wishes to participate, you’ll have to wait for the next opportunity.”

Upon hearing this.

Many people had a mournful expression.

Just a little more, just a little more, and they would have entered the pagoda to take part in the assessment, but now they were stopped outside the door.

Even though he was afraid.

However, when they were truly disqualified, they still couldn’t control their disappointment. However …

Now, no one left.

Although they were unable to take part in the assessment, they wanted to see who would be able to pass.

There weren’t many people who entered the tower, but there were also quite a few.

However, the people present were all at least Saints, and they had a

photographic memory.

They knew very well how many people had gone in.

When the time came, they would more or less know the death rate of the assessment based on how many people came out.

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