From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS - C.750 - 749-the most difficult to defeat is oneself

From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSS

C.750 - 749-the most difficult to defeat is oneself

Chapter 750: Chapter 749-the most difficult to defeat is oneself

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In the Galaxy.

Not far in front of ning Meng, there was a man.

If one looked carefully, they would realize that the person’s face was no different from his.

Not only that.

Even their clothes and weapons were the same, as if they were made from the same mold.

“The greatest enemy is myself!” as long as you defeat yourself, you will have the qualification to reach the peak!

A cold, mechanical voice resounded in the Galaxy.

Ning Meng’s heart sank.

Defeat himself!

He had to admit that the scene in front of him had indeed exceeded his expectations.

Originally, ning Meng thought that no matter how difficult the ninth floor was, it would only be two more small realms of cultivators.

After all, the fifth level was the true sixth level of celestial realm.

The sixth to eighth levels were also at the sixth level of celestial realm, but they were slightly stronger than the ones on the next level.

He was said to be at the sixth level of Deva realm.

However, his strength was already comparable to an ordinary seventh or eighth-level celestial realm expert.

Ning Meng had even imagined that there would be powerhouses at the eighth or even ninth level of celestial realm waiting for her on the ninth floor.

But he had never expected that …

The person on the ninth floor would be a copy of him.

However …

Without a real fight, Ning Zheng wasn’t sure if his opponent’s strength could perfectly replicate his.

It was too difficult to achieve this.

Even if the person who had made the pagoda was his master, he still didn’t dare to believe it.


The puppet’s body moved, and the long sword at its waist was unsheathed by three inches. A sharp sword Qi shot out from the scabbard, tearing the air apart in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this.

Ning Zheng also did the same.

The two rays of sword Qi clashed in the air, and a terrifying power exploded.

“So strong!”

Ning Meng’s eyes narrowed. From the exchange just now, he could basically confirm that the other party’s strength was really not below his.

In the next instant.

The long sword was completely unsheathed.

A bright white light was reflected in the Galaxy, but it was a completely different color.

Within the white light, there was an endless amount of killing intent.

The moment Ning Zheng attacked, the puppet also attacked.

Two bright white lights occupied the Galaxy and collided with each other.

A shocking power spread.

Not only did the two of them not retreat, but they also took advantage of each other and completely engaged in a battle.

Every second passed.

There were no less than a hundred collisions.

The long swords clanged, and sparks burst out in the galaxy.

The battle.

Ning Meng was even more shocked.

He had no idea that his strength had already reached such a powerful level without actually fighting with him.

The opponents he had encountered in the past.

Those who were weaker than him were basically killed instantly, and only those who were stronger than him were qualified to fight.

But no matter how they fought .

Even ning Meng could not feel the power of each of her moves as clearly as she was at that moment.


He calmed his mind and began to look for his flaws in the battle.

Yes, it was.

His own weakness!

If he wanted to defeat an identical version of himself, he had to find his own flaws.

Otherwise …

At the end of the battle, it might be a situation of mutual destruction.

Very quickly.

Two days had passed.

In two days, more than half of the people in the heavenly weapon assessment had passed. Those who did not pass were still on the fourth or fifth level.

As for the fourth level and below …

Not a single spot of light was present.

Outside the pagoda.

Some of them looked happy, while some of them looked defeated.

all who have passed the heavenly soldier assessment, ” Emperor Zhao said.

wait here until the others have finished their assessment. We’ll make further arrangements.

“We will follow your orders!” Those who passed the test all bowed.


Emperor Zhao was looking at the pagoda.

He was looking at the ninth floor.

True immortals didn’t see much of a fight between Devas.

However, he had to do something.

He could also see some things from his own battles.

however, the pagoda can only simulate experts below the true immortal realm at most. It can’t simulate the power of a true immortal realm expert. Otherwise, the value of this treasure would increase by many times.

Emperor Zhao felt a little regretful.

If one wanted to improve their strength, there were manv factors involved.

However, if he could fight against himself, he would definitely improve at a godly speed.

However, he also understood that refining such a Pagoda was already a work of art. If he wanted to refine it into a true immortal level Pagoda, the difficulty would be extraordinary.

Even if he had broken through to the Saint realm.

It was also impossible to achieve this.

In the tower.

The fierce battle continued.

It seemed easy to find his flaws, but in fact, it was extremely difficult to find them.

Ning Meng was now expressionless. While fighting the puppet, she was also paying attention to her own flaws.

At this moment.

The two sides were still evenly matched.

Ning Meng realized that the other party knew everything that she knew.

It was not an easy task to win in such a situation.

Another five days passed.


A green light flickered on the ninth floor of the pagoda, and then someone came out.

“Someone passed the heavenly general assessment!”

“Who is it?”

The originally silent atmosphere was suddenly stirred.

Everyone’s line of sight was directed at the person who came out of the tower. After seeing the other party’s appearance, they couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Emperor, I passed the test by luck!

Qin yuanbai’s mind was slightly dazed, but he quickly recovered and bowed to Emperor Zhao.

“That’s right. You can wait at the side first.”


Qin yuanbai nodded and then walked to the side of the pagoda.

It was only now that his dazed state of mind was gradually recovering.

The battle on the ninth floor of the pagoda.

It was the most difficult battle he had ever fought since he had broken through to the tenth level of the celestial realm.

If it wasn’t for Qin yuanbai’s rich combat experience and the fact that he had made a breakthrough during the battle, he might not have been able to pass the assessment.

“As expected …”

“The greatest enemy has always been myself.”

Qin yuanbai thought of the words he had heard when he had just entered the ninth floor. He could be considered to have completely understood.

To defeat himself.

Just how difficult would that be?

However, if they really defeated him, the benefits they would get would also be extraordinary.

Qin yuanbai had a premonition.

As long as he settled down, even if he couldn’t break through to the true immortal realm immediately, he should have no problem reaching the half-immortal realm.

A bitter battle and he had such a harvest.

Even if he failed the assessment and could not become a heavenly general, it would be completely worth it.

What Qin yuanbai regretted was that he couldn’t enter the pagoda again. Moreover, if he fought the second time, the effect would not be as obvious as the first time.

Otherwise …

He was confident that he could do it a few more times and then directly become a true immortal.

After stabilizing his mind, Qin yuanbai looked at the people around him and realized that he was the first one to come out.

Those familiar figures were nowhere to be seen.

Ning Zheng’s strength is not bad, but he lacks combat experience. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to defeat him. Qin yuanbai thought to himself.

Originally, he had great confidence in Ning Zheng becoming a heavenly general.

After all, the other party was at the fifth level of celestial realm and had the combat strength of the tenth level of celestial realm. He would have a great advantage in the assessment.

But now, it seemed like …

However, things were not like that.

The ninth floor completely blocked off those experts of lower cultivation levels with high battle prowess.

No matter what realm or strength you were at, you would be facing an opponent who was exactly the same as you.

If he wanted to pass the test, he would have to defeat himself.

In a battle with him, a single mistake could cause an irreversible situation.

He suppressed the thoughts in his mind.

Qin yuanbai stood on the spot and closed his eyes to recover the energy he had consumed during the assessment.

The others wanted to ask something, but they couldn’t.

Another ten days passed.

During this period, cultivators came out of the assessment one after another.

Just as Qin yuanbai had thought, the ninth level had indeed stopped many people.

Some half-celestials had failed the test and had to quit.

If someone failed the test, then naturally, someone passed.

“Ning Meng and the sword-testing edge both passed the test!” In the crowd, Xu Yuanming smiled.

After seeing the two of them successfully pass the test, his suspended heart was completely at ease.

He was not an expert on the battle general ranking, so he could not participate in the test.

However, there were powerhouses on the general ranking list in Yuan sect.

Other than Zhang ergou, who he could not get in touch with no matter what, the other two had passed the test. Xu Yuanming was also very pleased with this.

A sect.

To have two or three people on the battle general ranking was already a shocking matter.

Now, two of them had become heavenly generals of the heavenly court, which was even more impressive.

After leaving the pagoda on the last day.

everyone who passed the test, ” Emperor Zhao said. rest for two hours. After two hours, follow me to the heavenly court.

After saying that, he first erased his master-recognition mark on the pagoda, then forcefully sealed the pagoda with his immortal essence and put it in his sleeve.


The beast roared and smashed the endless void.

The huge stride of a million feet easily destroyed the void. Every punch that was thrown out made the void beasts scream and roar in pain. The scales on their powerful bodies cracked.

In the end, the long saber slashed down and killed the void beast.

Qin shujian threw out a delusion split Red Lotus with practiced ease and refined the void beast that had fallen.

“How much longer until the Tribulation?”

After restoring himself and absorbing the Red Lotus’s energy, he asked the God slaying saber.

if I can kill another ten or so upper three levels of true immortals and absorb all their energy, I’ll be able to overcome the sixth tribulation. The God slaying saber muttered.

It had been more than two months since they entered the Galaxy.

During this period, he encountered many void beasts and Void demons, and he also took the opportunity to kill many powerful existences.

According to the God slaying saber’s estimation …

If he wanted to pass the sixth tribulation, he would need about 1000 true immortals.

However, the 1000 true immortals referred to first-stage Immortals. If one was powerful enough, the number could be reduced accordingly.

During this period of time in the outer region void.

He had already killed some middle three-stage true immortals, and even more lower three-stage true immortals, not just the first-stage true immortals, but also the seventh-stage true immortal he had killed.

The God slaying saber felt .

He was actually not far from transcending the Tribulation.

However, if he wanted to pass the Tribulation with a 100% success rate, he would need a little more energy. “Ten upper three tiers of true immortal!”

Qin shujian nodded.

He knew what the God slaying saber meant when it said that it had completely absorbed the energy.

It was nothing more than him not using the delusion split Red Lotus and letting the other party absorb the entire expert’s corpse.

“Another huge consumer!” Qin shujian felt a little helpless.

“It’s not a problem to kill ten seventh stage Celestials, but it’s not easy to find so many of them.”

Qin shujian said slowly.

During this period of time, his strength had increased a little. Although it was not much, it was the kind that was real.

His own strength and the God slaying saber.

Although killing a seventh stage immortal wasn’t as simple as eating or drinking, it wasn’t too difficult.

The main problem.

It was all about what he had to do to find so many seventh firmament Immortals.

“There should be quite a few seventh-stage Immortals in the ancient stars outside the great thousand world,” the God slaying saber said.”Celestial Thearch, why don’t you think of a way to shatter those stars and kill the star beasts inside?

Anyway, you need a star core to make the map of the stars, so you can kill two birds with one stone!”

When he was studying the map of the stars.

He was fully aware of it now.

The loneliness of the void could easily make people feel lonely, so chatting was an essential thing.

In addition, as an ancestral weapon, the God slaying saber was the kind that was more inquisitive. As time went by, he naturally knew more things.

it’s true that there are powerful star beasts on the ancient stars, but there’s no guarantee that breaking a star will cause a chain reaction. The risk is too great.

Qin shujian shook his head and spoke with a solemn expression.

The God slaying saber had set its sights on the ancient star, and he had thought about it before.

However, with the heavenly court’s current strength .

If something really happened, it would be difficult to settle it.


The heavenly court’s territory in the outer realm void had to be abandoned and they had to retreat back into the greater world.

Celestial Emperor, you don’t have to worry, “the God slaying saber said. we can move one of the stars further away and then break it to release the Star Beast.

The outer space was vast and boundless. Even if star beasts could sense each other, they couldn’t sense each other too far away.

Moreover, the other star beasts didn’t move when the star was shattered, so there shouldn’t be any big problems.” Upon hearing this.

Qin shujian fell into deep thought.

The God slaying saber’s words moved him.

If he could move the stars out one by one and then destroy them one by one, it would undoubtedly resolve the hidden dangers of the future of the great thousand world.


Qin shujian turned his attention back to his inner world.

In the two months, many more creatures were born.

He had perfected a few laws of the heaven and earth, and his strength had also increased slightly from his original foundation.

The laws of heaven and earth were complete.

It also expanded the world and increased the spiritual energy.

According to Qin shujian’s senses, the strongest creation wood had already touched the threshold of true immortality. It was only one step away from breaking through.

At the same time.

All the living beings that were still in the process of being nurtured in the inner world were also nearing their end.

In at most one year, at most three years, they would all be born.

At that time.

Only then would his inner world begin to bloom. At the same time, his strength would also welcome a significant improvement.

let’s wait a little longer, ” Qin shujian said as he thought of this.

In a short period of time, all the living beings that should be born would be born.

At that time.

His own strength was the only way to reach the peak in the short term.

If anything were to happen, he would be able to suppress them all with his own strength.

Qin shujian was confident that he could even fight against an expert at the half-step Dao fruit realm.

Now, before the seal of the stars was broken.

He wasn’t sure how strong the Star Beast inside was. If a half-step Dao fruit realm one came out, it might not be the star destruction beast but the Star Beast.

This was not impossible.

Qin shujian was certain that there were no existences at the Dao fruit realm in the stars. However, it was hard to say for sure if they were at the half-step Dao fruit realm.

When the God slaying saber heard this, it fell silent.

He could only give a suggestion. As for what to do, it would depend on the other party.

After a simple rest.

Qin shujian advanced in the void and explored deeper.

Most of the stars he encountered along the way were put into The Investiture of the Gods.

The weaker stars were all directly shattered, and the star sulfur pulp that was being nurtured within them was collected. If there was a star nucleus, they would take it away. If there was none, then forget it.

As for the more powerful stars .

Qin shujian kept the ones that were suitable in The Investiture of the Gods and prepared to bring them back to the heavenly court.

The more stars he could store.

The weight of The Investiture of the Gods had become terrifying.

Not only that.

The top of the list was also flashing and shaking faintly, as if it would collapse at any moment.

No matter how strong a divine weapon was.

There was also a limit.

After absorbing too many stars, even The Investiture of the Gods had almost reached its limit.

“It’s almost time!”

Qin shujian took a look at The Investiture of the Gods in his spiritual sea. The powerful force had already seeped out from the list, causing his spiritual sea to be under heavy pressure.

That pressure.

If it was an expert below the true immortal realm, it would be enough to shatter his sea of consciousness.

Even an ordinary genuine immortal, with the power of the sea of consciousness, could not fully withstand this pressure.

Just as Qin shujian was about to return …

He suddenly realized that the space around him seemed to have changed.

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