I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy - C.318: 195: The Fear of the True Monarch_2

I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

C.318: 195: The Fear of the True Monarch_2

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“What Master Jade Heart said is correct, Jiang Jiuge is Jiang Yichuan’s son.”

As he said this, Qin Wuxian’s tone turned serious.

“We only learned of this matter two years ago, and it was through the Tai Xu Sect’s channels, not our own Xuandan Sect’s.”

“Speaking of which, Master Jade Heart is right, the Xuandan Sect’s foundation is still too weak.”

“Over these two years, Master Yuan has secretly left the Xuandan Sect several times, trying to lure Jiang Jiuge out with us, but all attempts have been unsuccessful.”

“We never expected Jiang Jiuge to be so patient.”

“Among the hidden dangers faced by the Xuandan Sect today, a part of it comes from Jiang Jiuge.”

Han Yi raised an eyebrow: “A part?”

Qin Wuxian nodded, with certain emotions swirling in his gray eyes.

“Yes, after all, Jiang Jiuge is just one person, and even if he has the support of the Southern Dipper Divine Palace, as long as he doesn’t become a Monarch, he can’t pose a real threat to the Xuandan Sect.”

“Apart from Jiang Jiuge, the more serious threat to the Xuandan Sect comes from the oppression of other Nascent Soul Sects.”

“The main one, of course, is the sects of Shu State.”

At this point, Qin Wuxian paused, Han Yi’s thoughts wildly surging in his heart. 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

The sects of Shu State that could influence the Xuandan Sect should be the Southern Dipper Divine Palace, Wanfa Sect, and Heavenly Will Sect.

Excluding the Heavenly Will Sect, and since Qin Wuxian said that the Southern Dipper Divine Palace poses no real threat, the answer is obvious.

Wanfa Sect.

One of the Nascent Soul Sects in Daqian Shu State.

The Wanfa Sect is located in the southeast of Shu State, occupying the areas richest in resources and most prosperous excluding Shu Du. The sect has one sixth-rank spiritual vein and two fifth-rank spiritual veins. The Wanfa Sect has two Monarchs, just like the Heavenly Will Sect.

However, the Heavenly Will Sect is keen on the struggle for Immortal Path ideas, and the Celestial Intent Monarch and Tian Xin Monarch have conflicting ideologies, so they hinder each other. The sect has only about a hundred cultivators and tends to court disaster, so nobody in the entire Daqian Immortal Cultivation World likes them.

But the Wanfa Sect is different.

This sect studies all kinds of methods and has inexhaustible resources. Its disciples are ten times more than those of the Xuandan Sect. Han Yi saw records of the Wanfa Sect, with tens of thousands of inner disciples and millions of outer disciples. There are as many as thirty Golden Core elders in the sect and more than three hundred Foundation Establishment managers.

This is the real large sect in Shu State, second only to the Southern Dipper Divine Palace, one of the Three Great Sects of Daqian.

“Wanfa Sect.” Han Yi’s tone grew heavier, not questioning but confirming.

Qin Wuxian nodded: “Yes.”

“The resources of the cultivation world are limited, just like a plate. As your fist grows and your appetite improves, you need to eat more. You have to snatch food from others’ plates, otherwise, you can’t fill up.”

“This is the ‘competition’ of Immortal Affinity. If you don’t ‘compete,’you’ll always fall behind, and you’ll always be beaten.”

“However, the current situation of the sect is indeed in a ‘passive’ state of being beaten.”

“This situation cannot be reversed overnight. It would take ten years, decades, or even hundreds of years to improve.”

Having said that, a heavy sense of crisis had already formed in Han Yi’s heart.

However, after thinking about it, he understood the sect’s policies.

Since Yuan Shun advanced to Nascent Soul, exterminating the Blood God Sect, and forcing the Heavenly Soul Sect to disband, whether one is willing to admit it or not, the Xuandan Sect has already been recognized as a Nascent Soul Sect in the eyes of Daqian cultivators.

And in Shu State, there were originally only two Nascent Soul Sects, but now there’s one more. The redistribution of interests will inevitably lead to a struggle.

This should also be one of the reasons why the stationed elders took the initiative to attack and seize territory.

At this moment, Han Yi had a deeper understanding of the sect’s policies over the past few years.

Each decision made by the sect is not aimless, but has a far-reaching significance related to other policies and the difficulties faced by the sect. They are not completely independent.

Han Yi then looked up at Qin Wuxian, asking, “Elder Qin, what should we do next?”

Qin Wuxian shook his head: “Take it slow. As long as Master Yuan is still here for one day, our Xuandan Sect is a Nascent Soul Sect. Other Nascent Soul Sects won’t dare to provoke us openly.”

“This is our opportunity for development.”

He looked at Han Yi, knowing that Han Yi was not interested or proficient in managing the sect, and smiled. A glimmer of hope burst from his gray pupils.

“Of course, you don’t have to worry about these.”

“Your key task is to cultivate and grow as quickly as possible.”

A moment later.

Han Yi left the Profound Immortal Pavilion and landed in the residency behind it. As he looked at the Profound Immortal Pavilion, his heart was far from calm.

From Qin Wuxian’s words, Han Yi finally confirmed Zhuge Wu You’s previous concerns.

Strictly speaking, the Xuandan Sect may seem successful on the surface, but it actually has no way out and can even be said to be struggling to survive.


As Qin Wuxian said, his main focus now is on cultivation.

Han Yi returned to the innermost cultivation chamber, which had been destroyed before. Within these two dozen days, it had already been repaired.

In the quiet chamber.

Han Yi first took out a dagger.

The Demonic Dagger.

During his trip outside, he had killed two Foundation Establishment stage cultivators of the Southern Dipper Divine Palace. However, he had no time to take their storage rings, so the only material gain was this reward randomly dropped from the Heavenly Secret Stele.

After a round of testing, Han Yi’s eyes grew brighter and brighter.