I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense - C.156: 157: Encountering Yu Sanbian Again

I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense

C.156: 157: Encountering Yu Sanbian Again

Heavenly Tribulation was not completely insurmountable, and many powerful cultivators had already proven this point.

Moreover, as long as the cultivator who opened the bronze gate fully entered the small world, the gate would automatically close, and the Heavenly Tribulation would disappear.

Although there was some danger, it was not impossible to enter.

At the moment, in front of the bronze gate, there were many cultivators with severe injuries, but not a single one had died.

The confidence of the people surged, and they rubbed their hands in anticipation, waiting for the next moment the gate would open.

“Ahem, everyone, the power of the Heavenly Tribulation is not to be underestimated. I shall take my leave to tend to my injuries, take care of yourselves,” one of the cultivators at the Transcendence Tribulation Stage said, bowing his hands and leaving the small world.

“I will take my leave as well!”

“It seems that this treasure land is not destined for us.”


Many of the cultivators lying at death’s door in front of the bronze gate slowly made their way out of the small world, their severe injuries having stripped them of the chance to compete for treasures with others.

Hearing the sighs of the surrounding cultivators, Li Xiaobai quickly started flipping through the token.

Earth rankings.

Rank 7,223: Crane Amongst the Clouds.

Rank 730: Enemy of Ten Thousand Men.

Rank 8,000: …

These big shots were ranked higher than Ou Yezi, but from the fact that they couldn’t even enter the bronze gate, it was clear that their cultivation level and strength were far inferior to Ou Yezi’s.

Obviously, his previous guess was correct; Ou Yezi was intentionally hiding his strength and keeping a low profile.

“Alas, if even Old Demon Han can’t enter, then it’s even less likely for me; I won’t waste any more time here and will take my leave first.”

“I feel the same. With this self-awareness, there’s no point in staying and draining energy.”

“Let’s go, let’s go…”

Soon, another group of cultivators turned around and followed the previous group of severely injured cultivators, leaving.

Li Xiaobai had seen this situation many times; these two groups either had grudges or intended to kill for treasure. The world of cultivation was truly fraught with danger — any sign of injury was sure to draw targeted hostility from a group of enemies.

“Brother Ye, is it Li Xiaobai now? Come, have a Huazi with me,”

A familiar voice rang out, and turning his head, Li Xiaobai was surprised to see an old acquaintance, Yu Sanbian from the northwest.

Also present was the incessantly chatty Little Monk Liaowang; it seemed the two knew each other.

“Brother Yu, it’s been a while. Come have a Huazi with me. Master, why don’t you try one too? It’s quite soothing,” Li Xiaobai said.

Looking at Monk Liaowang, Li Xiaobai couldn’t help but feel helpless. This monk was adamantly convinced that he was a murderous madman, determined to stop him — it was as if he had taken the wrong medicine.

“Indeed, I didn’t expect to meet a fellow sect member in the Secret Realm; it truly is a fortunate event,” Yu Sanbian said, accepting the Huazi and taking a deep drag, his expression becoming extremely relaxed.

Monk Liaowang looked at the Huazi in his hands with some confusion; he had never seen Huazi before. Imitating Yu Sanbian, he lit the Huazi and took a deep drag as well.

In an instant, he was shocked; the Huazi not only concentrated the mind but also purified the Spiritual Platform and the internal organs. With just one drag, he immediately entered a state of enlightenment, gaining a deeper understanding of the Buddhist Law and easily resolving various doubts and difficulties he faced in his daily practices.

His face, usually as calm as an ancient well, was now overtaken by astonishment.

Li Xiaobai chuckled inwardly; here was another cultivator captivated by the Huazi. However, seeing a monk smoke was indeed a rare sight, and the scene looked bizarre no matter how one looked at it.

Ouyang Shuanger looked on with great envy. She had experienced the wonders of such treasures before, and the feeling was too marvelous. However, she didn’t dare to ask Li Xiaobai for one and could only silently draw closer to the group, taking in a few deep breaths of second-hand smoke.

Her mind was also shaken, and her understanding of the Cultivation Techniques gradually deepened.

“Hehe, lad, give this supreme being a Huazi too!” Ji Wuqing said discontentedly.

“Brother Li, what happened to the dog that used to be by your side? Now there’s only a chicken left.”

Yu Sanbian blew out a smoke ring, looking a bit puzzled as he spoke. In his memory, that chicken and dog were inseparable.

“Hehe, you’re the chicken, your entire family are chickens. This supreme being is a matchless existence!”

Ji Wuqing bellowed, looking as if he was about to pounce forward, but Li Xiaobai held him back with one hand.

“Ergouzi is in trouble; he was forcibly taken away by the cultivators from Fire Qilin Cave,” Li Xiaobai said.

“Fire Qilin Cave?”

Yu Sanbian gasped in shock—this was a colossal existence. Provoking such a being would likely bring a major disaster upon them.

“Brother Yu knows?”

“Of course, it’s no exaggeration to say that Fire Qilin Cave is among the pinnacle powers of the Immortal Spirit Continent. This power has existed since ancient times, and its present-day foundation is unfathomably deep. There are rumors that an ancestor in the Immortal Realm resides within the cave!”

“The Immortal Realm, isn’t that the realm of beings who have ascended to the Upper Realm?” Li Xiaobai asked.

“Many old ancestors of powerful forces in this world do not choose to ascend to the Upper Realm, but instead remain hidden with their Great Divine Powers and Secret Techniques, lurking within their Sects. It is rumored that such a being exists within Fire Qilin Cave!”

“Brother Li, you’ve gotten into trouble with such a formidable power. It’s going to be troublesome, and Ergouzi might not be able to return,” Yu Sanbian explained.

“Amitabha, even great powers should not commit evil deeds. This humble monk is willing to accompany the benefactor to Fire Qilin Cave to negotiate and request they release Ergouzi.”

Monk Liaowang said, with some fondness for Ergouzi. Although the latter always called him baldy, Monk Liaowang could see that Ergouzi had a heart of justice.

Li Xiaobai was at a loss for words. Was this a matter that could be settled by negotiation?

The issue of the Qilin Divine Beast was of great importance; it wasn’t convenient to discuss in detail here. Li Xiaobai thought he would have to come up with a plan later to rescue Ergouzi.

“But that’s a matter for later. For now, the key issue is how to enter this door,” Li Xiaobai returned to the main topic. If they couldn’t get through the door, they would have no chance with the small world beyond it.

“Master, you should be able to open this door, right?”

Monk Liaowang shook his head: “Benefactor, there are many treasures inside. If you enter, you will surely start killing again. I have come to stop you and will not allow you to go in.”

“There are many treasures in the small world, does the master truly feel no temptation? I swear on my cultivation heart that I will not kill anyone this time,” Li Xiaobai said. He didn’t need to practice cultivation or seek enlightenment; making a vow was a trivial matter for him.

Monk Liaowang looked suspiciously at Li Xiaobai, and after a moment still shook his head: “This humble monk does not believe you.”

Li Xiaobai: “…”

“Uh… Young Master Li, I could give it a try,” Ouyang Shuanger said hesitantly. She felt that on this journey, everyone she met was a powerful figure, and the pride she had brought from Zhenyuan Country had vanished.


Li Xiaobai was a bit surprised. This woman wasn’t even at the Nascent Soul Stage, and it was hard to imagine how she could open the door.

“Young Master forgot, I am the princess of Zhenyuan Country, well-versed with the classics, and I have considerable insight into Confucian principles. Opening the door is not difficult.”

Li Xiaobai’s eyes brightened: “Miss Shuanger, it’s all up to you now!”