I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2301 - : Unblockable


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Chapter 2301: Unblockable

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Was a Supreme Youth very precious?

It was just that!

To Chu Yunfan, Supreme Youths were nothing. There were many people who were easily killed by him on the roadside like ants, and there were also a few Supreme Youths who followed him.

To other sects, it was almost a treasure, but to Chu Yunfan, it was nothing. Although it wasn’t like weeds on the roadside, it was almost the same.

He didn’t cherish it like others did.

There was even a feeling that it was nothing more than this!

Chu Yunfan’s strength was becoming more and more unfathomable to the Sea Dragon. He was like a huge black hole that could devour everything.

Compared to the beginning, it was many times stronger.

It made him feel as if Chu Yunfan had become an invincible existence in an instant.

“He’s unstoppable. He’s simply unstoppable. At the very least, there aren’t many people on the ancient battlefield who are his match anymore!”

“Even if there are some old Domainians who can suppress him with their profound cultivation, it’s impossible to kill him. Unless some old monsters who are in seclusion come out personally, it’s impossible!” someone said.

Everyone was well aware that no matter if it was the Divine Treasures or the Domainians on the ancient battlefield, they weren’t the cream of the crop.

They might even be the losers of this level. Who among the true experts would have the time to waste on the ancient battlefield?

It was precisely because they felt that there was no hope of advancing in their original cultivation and wanted to try their luck that they came to the ancient battlefield.

The other Domainians in the ancient battlefield were mostly at the level of two to three thousand laws. They were not considered too powerful.

Truly powerful experts would not come to the ancient battlefield personally. Furthermore, once such experts arrived, they would monopolize all the resources and become the target of everyone’s hostility.

They did not need the domains left behind by these ancient experts to improve themselves, so they naturally would not do such a boring thing.

Thinking about it, even if Chu Yunfan was not invincible, no one could do anything to him.

Every step he took was a step to the heavens. When Chu Yunfan stepped into the Domain Stage, no Domainian would be his match.

“A powerful figure… Such a figure would be considered a powerful figure in the outside world. I didn’t expect that the first person among the younger generation to become a powerful figure would be Chu Yunfan!” someone said in surprise.

At the same time, some people who hated Chu Yunfan felt threatened.

“This isn’t good. If Chu Yunfan continues to grow like this, what will happen?” someone said worriedly.

“He is already far ahead of us. Unless it’s those people, I’m afraid that no one can do anything to him!”

“We must find a way to invite those old seniors to come out. Only they can kill

Chu Yunfan, even if we have to use our resources!”

Many people gritted their teeth in hatred of Chu Yunfan.

However, there was only one path to becoming a god in the end. Only one person could become a god. Once someone walked it, everyone else would be blocked.

Cutting off one’s future was naturally irreconcilable! 𝚏𝗿𝗲ew𝐞b𝐧o𝚟𝚎𝗹.com

Chu Yunfan didn’t seem to care about everyone’s surprise, because he knew that he could no longer keep a low profile.

Although he wasn’t considered low-key, he wasn’t as well-known as everyone

After today’s battle, regardless of whether he was willing or not, he would become the first bird to stand out. The tree that stood out in the forest would be destroyed by the wind.

However, Chu Yunfan was not afraid. If he did not experience the wind and rain, how would he see the rainbow? After experiencing the baptism of the wind and rain, Chu Yunfan could grow into the strongest tree in the sky.

Chu Yunfan looked at the Sea Dragon and said, “Do you know who gave you the information? If you don’t know this, then you’re really trash!”

“You’re right…” The Sea Dragon looked at Chu Yunfan with a depressed expression. “Although I lost to you, I’m not a fool!”

The Sea Dragon was very depressed. Chu Yunfan had taken him for a fool. Although he had lost to Chu Yunfan, it did not mean that he was a fool.

How could he not investigate this kind of obvious information? Although he could not completely investigate it, as long as it existed, there would definitely be traces left behind. He still managed to find some clues.

He knew that the other party treated him as a knife, but he did not care at first. He had absolute confidence in his strength. Having cultivated 1,000 laws, he was invincible among his peers.

Even the famous Chu Yunfan was only on par with him.

Although someone wanted to use him, he did not mind being used this time. After all, it was still difficult to say who would be the one holding the knife in the end.

In the end, just as he had expected, it was hard to say who the person holding the knife was. However, what he never expected was that the person holding the knife was not him, but Chu Yunfan.

This existence that should have been prey to him had become a hunter.

It caught everyone off guard.

“It was Gongsun Hong of the Destiny Sect!” the Sea Dragon said through gritted teeth.

If Gongsun Hong hadn’t spread the news to lure him into the trap, he might still be able to roam freely on the ancient battlefield.

Now, because of Gongsun Hong, he was controlled by Chu Yunfan.

“What? It was him?”

The Sea Dragon’s voice was not soft. Many people on the ancient battlefield heard it and were instantly shocked. However, some smart people immediately reacted.

The feud between the Destiny Sect and Chu Yunfan was no longer a secret. As long as someone asked, they would know.

The Destiny Sect had long suspected that Chu Yunfan had killed the two Supreme Youths and had long been eager to deal with him.

Thinking of this, many people couldn’t help but be speechless. Any Supreme Youth could lead a sect to dominate an era. Now, two of them died in one breath. No wonder the Destiny Sect was so angry that they wanted to deal with

Chu Yunfan.

If it were them, they would not be any better.

“Gongsun Hong is also a Supreme Youth from the Destiny Sect. I’ve heard of his name for a long time, but 1 didn’t expect that he was the one who set up all of this!”

“What a big deal. Only a behemoth like the Destiny Sect can have such influence!”

The crowd discussed animatedly and turned their eyes to Chu Yunfan.

What would he do when he found out that the mastermind was a Supreme Youth of the Destiny Sect?

“So it’s him!” Chu Yunfan thought of the young man who asked him to give him face..