I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head - C.2304 - : Die in Peace


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Chapter 2304: Die in Peace

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Therefore, he was not afraid even when Chu Yunfan came to kill him.

“Even if I schemed against you, so what?” Gongsun Hong said coldly, “l thought that they would be able to kill you, but it seems that these few trash can’t kill you. However, this doesn’t matter. You will definitely die here today!’

Since Chu Yunfan had exposed him, there was no point in denying it. Gongsun Hong might as well go all out.

“You want to kill me? How confident are you?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

“Brothers and sisters, I’ve already sent a message to a few seniors. They’re on their way here. As long as we stall him, Chu Yunfan will definitely die today!’ Gongsun Hong said loudly.

The expressions of the Destiny Sect’s elites changed. The mana in their bodies surged out, and different phenomena appeared.

These prodigies were at least king physique possessors. Once they showed signs, they were naturally different from ordinary people.

“Very good. 1 originally only wanted to kill Gongsun Hong today. However, since all of you are here to die, I’ll send all of you to the afterlife!” Chu Yunfan narrowed his eyes.


Beside him, the Sea Dragon could no longer hold back, his eyes filled with hatred.

If not for this d*mned Gongsun Hong, he would not have ended up like this.

Although the Sea Dragon was obedient in front of Chu Yunfan, this was a true overlord of the sea from the immemorial era.

Endless water elements formed in the air and instantly formed a monstrous wave that swept down toward the dozens of powerful disciples of the Destiny Sect.

The disciples of the Destiny Sect were arrogant and unruly. Even when facing a Supreme Youth, they did not show any weakness. They formed a battle formation and attacked the Sea Dragon.

In just an instant, the Sea Dragon displayed the terror of a top-notch Supreme Youth.

The huge figure stepped on the waves and instantly killed the two prodigies who did not have time to dodge. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

These two prodigies had painstakingly cultivated to the Divine Treasure

Stage, and they were the cream of the crop among those in the same level. However, under the assault of the Sea Dragon, they were shattered in just one move.

The Sea Dragon charged into the midst of these prodigies and top-notch prodigies like a tiger descending from a mountain or a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

“How dare you!’

Gongsun Hong was furious as he watched the Sea Dragon go on a killing spree.

There were even more prodigies in the Destiny Sect, but in front of such a top-notch Supreme Youth, numbers were nothing.

It was meaningless!

“We have to stop him!” Gongsun Hong immediately made a decision. He could not let the Sea Dragon continue to slaughter in all directions. Otherwise, these prodigies would probably suffer heavy losses very soon.

The geniuses and top-tier geniuses who followed him in this ancient city were all willing to follow him. If he lost too much, he would no longer have any footing in the Destiny Sect.

One had to know that there was more than one Supreme Youth in the Destiny Sect. They were competitors.

Just as Gongsun Hong was about to intercept the Sea Dragon, he suddenly realized that Chu Yunfan’s aura had locked onto him.

“l have to defeat Chu Yunfan first!” Gongsun Hong immediately realized that if he couldn’t defeat Chu Yunfan first, all his plans would be for naught.

For the first time, Gongsun Hong truly felt a little powerless. He had always liked to use schemes to sweep away his opponents. Now, he felt that in the face of open and aboveboard strength, his little tricks were meaningless.


Gongsun Hong shouted loudly. In an instant, the world turned dark. Behind Gongsun Hong, a bright moon slowly rose.

This was Gongsun Hongs divine physique, the Extreme Yin Saint Physique.

There was once a supreme figure with this physique, the Extreme Yin Saint Physique. He rose to power in the early ancient times and was invincible. He was one of the early Emperors.

Chu Yunfan, who possessed the memories of the Alchemy Emperor, naturally recognized this Extreme Yin Saint Physique at a glance.

It was a well-known constitution among the Emperors.

At this moment, nothing else could be seen in the world. Only Gongsun Hong was like a bright moon hanging in the sky, illuminating the earth. In the next moment, Chu Yunfan saw the moon smashing down at an

astonishing speed.

That was the manifestation of the martial intent realm. In that instant, Gongsun Hong attacked.

He was fast, accurate, and ruthless. He wanted to force Chu Yunfan back with one strike!

He just wanted to stall for time. When the seniors related to the Destiny Sect arrived, they would kill Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan looked at the moon indifferently, then stretched out a finger and gently touched the moon.


In an instant, the moon shattered and turned into a rain of light that filled the sky.

Even the night sky seemed to have been torn apart, and the ancient city reappeared.


Gongsun Hong spat out a mouthful of blood and retreated.

It was only one attack, but he was already severely injured. His eyes were filled with disbelief. His full-strength attack was actually broken by Chu Yunfan so easily.

How could there be such a huge difference in strength between the two sides?

This was completely different from what he had gathered.

According to the information, Chu Yunfan only had 1,000 laws. Even if there was a difference in combat strength, it could not be to this extent.

“Do you find it strange? Why are you still not my match even after cultivating 1,000 laws?” Chu Yunfan grinned. He saw the disbelief in Gongsun Hongs eyes.

“Then I’ll show you my true strength. You can die in peace now!” As Chu Yunfan spoke, a mysterious domain spread out around him. In just a moment, it had already wrapped Gongsun Hong up.

Gongsun Hong immediately experienced what Chu Yunfan felt before. It was as if he was trapped in a quagmire. It was extremely difficult for him to speak or move. Even breathing was extremely difficult.

“The Domain Stage…” Gongsun Hongs eyes widened. He finally understood why his plan had failed.

His plan could not be said to be exquisite. He had taken into account all aspects of the situation. It could not be said that he underestimated Chu Yunfan’s strength. In fact, he had overestimated it.

In the end, he even arranged for Sanjue to end Chu Yunfan.

With such an arrangement, even if Chu Yunfan had wings, it would be difficult for him to escape.

However, Chu Yunfan had come to him unscathed. He had not understood it at first, but now he understood that Chu Yunfan had already entered the Domain Stage.

It would be strange if all his previous plans had succeeded.

There was no chance of success!