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Chapter 469-Fengxia’s Request

“This attack…This attack…”

At the other end of the array, in a corner of the East Imperial Continent.

A tall figure was trembling all over. It was unknown how long it took before he gradually calmed down. However, there was still the sound of heavy breathing echoing, indicating that the owner of the voice was not calm.

No one could imagine what kind of calamity he had experienced in just a short span of ten breaths!

“Who exactly is it…Who is it…”

Slowly exhaling, a trace of fear flashed across the figure’s eyes.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. He looked around as if he was looking for something. After a long time, he finally chose to give up.

“Who ambushed me?”

That attack was extremely terrifying. In almost an instant, it caused him to fall into a desperate situation of life and death.

If it wasn’t for the fact that that person didn’t continue to chase after him, he didn’t even doubt that he wouldn’t even have the chance to recover his cultivation. He would immediately go berserk and explode!

What was even more terrifying was…

From the beginning to the end, he did not know where the attack came from!

He only felt a green light flash in front of his eyes, and the green light above his head shone. Immediately after, countless terrifying images attacked him. Even the inner demon that had been suppressed for many years erupted, almost taking his life on the spot!

“Since the other party did not pursue, it means that they must have some concerns.”

After sorting out his emotions, the expert of the Zuo family began to size up his surroundings.

Not long ago, there was a sudden message from the clan saying that there was something unusual on the other side of the door. It was suspected that a new challenger had arrived, which was why he paid more attention to it.

Who would have thought…

She wouldn’t know if she didn’t look, but she was shocked when she saw it.

In a short period of time, the mysterious challenger had not only broken through the ‘door’, but he had also heavily injured several experts of the Zuo Clan after arriving at the East Imperial Continent. In the end, he swaggered away.

For hundreds of years, such a major event had never happened!

Therefore, he rushed over without thinking. Just as he landed, he heard a provocation from an ant on the other side of the door.

How could he tolerate it?

Every great clan of the East Imperial Continent would take turns to guard the ‘gate’ for a hundred years.

Just as the hundred years of peace was about to end, a mysterious challenger suddenly appeared. Not only did he break through the blockade of the Zuo family, but now there was actually someone who dared to provoke him so arrogantly!

Getting up to pee?

This can be tolerated, but what can’t be tolerated!

“Exterminate this little bug-”

This was the only thought he had at the time.

And the result?

The teleportation formation was destroyed, the door was destroyed, and even one of his legs was broken.

After that, he encountered an extremely strange mental attack, which almost caused his inner demon to awaken. At that time, even if his body exploded and he died, it would be good. In a worse situation, it was very likely that he would degenerate into a demon and carry out a massacre without distinguishing between friend and foe!

“I seem to have seen such a terrifying attack in some ancient book!”

After a long time, he vaguely found some fragments in the corner of his memory.

It was a book he had accidentally found when he was young.

The expert of the Zuo family frowned and pondered for a long time. Gradually, he restored some of the details, and his eyes became solemn little by little. What was it?”

The ancient book was very damaged, and the records on it were incomplete. 𝓯𝓇𝘦𝘦𝑤ℯ𝓫𝑛𝓸𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸𝘰𝓶

He only knew that it seemed to describe a powerful magic treasure. Its owner’s origin was extremely terrifying, and it could even be traced back to outside the Mystic Essence World!

“Could it be that our actions over the years have alarmed some Outer Realm forces?”

” That’s right. Even if Yu Qianjue was here, those fellows in the Forsaken Land of the Gods wouldn’t be able to cause much trouble. Such a huge destruction couldn’t have been caused by them!”

Thinking of the attack just now, the expert of the Zuo family was shocked. He couldn’t hold it in any longer and rushed to the direction of the Zuo family’s base camp at full speed!

The big secret that he had discovered was definitely of great importance. If necessary, he might have to mobilize the entire Zuo family, and even the other big families would have to act as soon as possible.

“This world is probably going to change!”

He turned his head and looked up. Even though it was still daytime, there was still a bright moon hanging high in the sky, emitting a dreamy divine light. The moonlight shone in every corner.


“Perhaps it has already changed.”

“That expert seems to have left.”

In the Catacombs, Feng Xia listened carefully for a moment before coming to a conclusion.

Yu Qianjue could not help but ask curiously,”Fellow Daoist Feng, what you did just now…” Why don’t you use it again?”

Just once was enough to make such an expert collapse. If he came a few more times, he might be able to get rid of him directly!

“If you do it a few more times, the effect will only weaken.”

Feng Xia shook his head.

He was very clear about the characteristics of the Immortal Slaying Gourd. Only the first strike that caught him off guard would have the best effect. Even if it was stacked more times, the effect would quickly weaken and it would not be able to form a direct and effective killing.

After all, there were only those unbearable memories in the past. It was very likely that he would not collapse if he recalled too many memories. Instead, he would be treated with extreme therapy, and then he would become numb on the spot.

” I feel like the purpose of refining this gourd was never to kill the enemy.”

Just to…


It was indeed quite disgusting.

Xia Feng pursed his lips speechlessly and even thought to himself,’Since I have a Sonar Gourd, will I have a ring, a saber, and…’

“I understand.”

Hearing Feng Xia’s words, Yu Qianjue could roughly guess what was going on.

The King of the Monster Emperor Kingdom nodded and looked around with a bitter smile.” This is really an unexpected result. I wanted to bring you here to experience the blood and danger in the Catacombs. Now it’s good…”

The Catacombs had been demolished!

Where was the sinister side of a ghost?

The most sinister one was Feng Xia!

“No, this trip is not meaningless.”

Feng Xia waved his hand and suddenly turned around again. His gaze fell on the guardian who was pretending to be dead.” Be it this guy or the people we caught earlier, they were all experiments.” Oh no, great materials for the game.”

You just said experiment, right?

“Moreover, this Catacombs is very interesting. I saw something different here.”

“Fellow Daoist Yu, do you have any powerful array masters under you?” Feng Xia thought for a moment before continuing to smile. Borrow it and let me beat it up… Oh no, how about I ask for some advice?”

“.. Huh?”