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The Great Hoodwinker is Online

Xuan Qinghe was not proficient in the Dao of Formations.

However, due to the uniqueness of the Black Tortoise Clan, they had countless ancient books in their clan. Many of them were rare and unique books. Among them, there were books and literature on array formations.

As the current descendant of the Black Turtle Clan of Yuanqing River, even if he was not proficient in arrays, the knowledge and records about arrays were still in Xuan Qinghe’s mind.

In other words, he was actually in human form…Turtle-shaped Encyclopedia!

“No wonder I called you over.”

Xia Feng nodded in realization.

” That’s right.” Xuan Qinghe smiled bitterly and did not dare to say a word under Feng Xia’s gaze.

His heart was filled with endless emotions.

Back when he was at the foot of the Central Divine Mountain, Feng Xia’s identity had not been exposed. In his eyes, he was just a young demon with outstanding talent and astonishing strength.

Who would have thought that only a short time had passed?

Feng Xia defeated the combined forces of the eight kings and shocked the world. He entered the Demon God Palace and immediately became the current Demon Emperor. Guardians!

That was true. However, after returning to the bottom of the Yuanqing River and analyzing with their clansmen, the Black Turtle Clan was highly unanimous that…

The newly appointed King of the Demon Imperial Kingdom was just a puppet.

The true ruler was the Monster King Xing Ji, who was hiding behind the scenes, Feng Xia.

This speculation was confirmed when they were summoned by Yu Qianjue to the Demon God Palace.

Even Yu Qianjue, the former King of the Monster Kingdom, had to treat Feng Xia with respect and treat him as an equal…

Feng Xia’s true identity was self-evident!

“Fellow Daoist Feng, what do you want to do?”

Yu Qianjue glanced at the demons and asked Feng Xia.

He had a faint suspicion. Was Fengxia going to use the same trick again? Was she going to use the same trick on the Moonlight Divine Tree?

However, at the next moment, Feng Xia suddenly raised his hand. A dreamy light burst out from his palm, and a series of afterimages tore through the air from the Demon God Palace. They seemed to be attracted by some unknown force and fell into Feng Xia’s palm one by one.

“What is this?”

Everyone’s attention was focused.

With a series of crisp slapping sounds, the shadows fell from Summer Breeze’s palm and spread out in front of them, forming a neat network.

“Everyone, this is called Go.”

Feng Xia smiled.

Including Yu Qianjue, all the demons were in high spirits.

“As for the rules, please listen to me in detail.” Feng Xia’s smile became even brighter.

He actually didn’t know much about the rules of Go.

In the end, there were still too few people who knew how to play Go. Feng Xia had grown up, and the only thing he knew about Go was the rule that ” if you surround it, you can eat it.”

However, this was not a big problem. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

After all, no one else in this world knew how to play Go.

Hence, Summer Breeze could pat his chest and say,”No one knows Go better than me!”

If she encountered something that he did not understand, then she would rely on love…Oh no, he could just rely on bullsh * t to get over it.

“Go, is this a brand new chess skill?”

Yu Qianjue’s eyes flickered when he heard that.

Listening to Feng Xia’s description, he felt that the seemingly simple Go game seemed to contain the principles of the Great Dao. It was divine and almost the Dao!

“Could it be that this kind of Go…Is it based on Fellow Daoist Feng’s understanding of the Great Dao?”

Yu Qianjue couldn’t help but be moved when he thought of this.

If this speculation was true, it meant that Feng Xia seemed to be teaching people chess, but in fact, he was passing down the Great Dao in disguise!

A teacher is a teacher who preaches, teaches, and dispels doubts!

” Array masters have no status in the Demon Clan. As the guardian of the current Demon Emperor, his status is on a completely different level from these people. Yet, he is still willing to teach them everything. Such breadth of mind, such boldness…”

Yu Qianjue subconsciously shook his head and compared the two in his heart. Then, he came to a sad conclusion.

He was ashamed of his inferiority!

Gradually, even he calmed down a little and abandoned the useless distracting thoughts. He was immersed in the “Great Dao” that Feng Xia had taught him.

After a long time, Feng Xia coughed and smiled lightly.”

“Everyone, this Feng has said so much. Why don’t you come and try?”

“Trying means… Go?”

Yu Qianjue opened his mouth. The scene in front of him was a little mottled. For a moment, he felt as if it was a lifetime ago.

After the short discussion, he vaguely caught something. However, it was not so clear. There was still a thin barrier between them. He needed help to completely pierce through this barrier.

“Fellow Daoist Feng, didn’t you say that you wanted to consult me about formations? Why is it always here…”

“Dao is in the artifact, Dao is in it.”

Feng Xia replied mysteriously with an unfathomable expression.

He couldn’t possibly say that he wanted to see if he could trigger his attribute special ability by winning or losing in other aspects besides fighting.

If he could succeed, from now on, his combat methods would become more diverse and even involve completely different fields. It was enough to be called the fish and dragon changing without a trace!

“The Dao is in the artifact, and the Dao is in it?”

Yu Qianjue’s spirit was lifted when he heard that. In a trance, he felt that the barrier had become thinner.

There was only the last layer of membrane left. As long as he could pierce through it, he could completely cross it and step into a brand new realm!

“As expected, he can become the last hope of Lingyun…There’s a reason!”

At the same time, Feng Xia had already set up his formation and was the first to fight Xuan Qinghe on the chessboard.

Xuan Qinghe was fully focused on his first match. However, he was still not familiar with the rules. In addition, the rules of this foreign world version of Go had many elements of Feng Xia’s nonsense…

In just a short moment, he had already been defeated!

It was also at this moment that the smile on Xia Feng’s face grew brighter.

Then, he knocked on the table and comforted Xuan Qinghe.” Don’t be too conflicted. It’s your first time playing chess. You’ve done very well.”

Xuan Qinghe, who looked a little depressed, finally felt a little better after hearing this.

The match just now seemed to be uneventful, but in his eyes, the collision of the Great Dao concepts was undoubtedly full of danger!

Under the confrontation, he was completely defeated and was not a match for them at all!

“Retired Emperor, can I really do it?” Xuan Qinghe muttered.

“Of course.”

Feng Xia kept the attribute light ball with a smile.