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C.1011: Reincarnation ExpertApr 14, 2024

Chapter 1011: Reincarnation Expert

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“Grandpa, if Sister Yan signs some people, will my studio become a company and I’ll become the boss? Won’t I be able to earn milk powder money for the baby while lying down?”

“Hahaha!” The Old Master immediately laughed heartily. “That’s right, that’s right. In that case, our Qian Qian will be the boss!” He was really amused by Shi Qian’s appearance. “However, you don’t have to worry about the milk powder money. I’ve prepared it for our little golden grandson!”

Shi Qian couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m so happy to have such a good great-grandpa!”

“Of course. Your baby is my great-grandpa’s precious baby!”

What Shi Qian didn’t know was that the Old Master had already begun to order all kinds of baby supplies. He was even crazier than when he bought things for her!

A few days passed. The popularity of Heavenly Feast had decreased, but Shi Qian’s popularity had not decreased.

This was because “Legend” was on the air.

Moreover, the scenes of Qing Yao and Ming Gu happened to be playing these few days.

The touching love between them had made countless people cry.

Old Master and Wen Lan watched dramas every day and liked them.

A screen couple shipping between Shi Qian and Ji Han was started.

Before this drama was released, there were already many people paying attention.

Some people also posted many comments online that resonated with many people. The content was probably because they were worried that there were too many new actors in this drama and they might not be able to play the roles well.

The female director, Jia Chen, was a young actress of the new generation. She had never been part in such a drama before, and this was the first time the female supporting actor, Shi Qian, had really acted in a film.

Unexpectedly, this drama was evaluated as a well-made work with excellent acting skills from the beginning. There were even netizens who said that after waiting for almost a year, there was finally a work that was worth the wait!

This year, the film and television industry seemed to have suffered a slump. There were many bad movies, and there were no dramas with good reviews yet.

Shi Qian was very lucky to have her own strength in this drama.

In the eyes of others, Shi Qian’s acting path was simply smooth.

The media and people in the same industry also knew very well that Shi Qian had some backing and definitely did not dare to provoke her easily.

Xiao Yan also took this opportunity to register Xing Can Media and start signing with artists.

As soon as the news spread, it immediately attracted a lot of people to interview.

Xiao Yan immediately got busy. She didn’t even have time to take a sip of water.

Song Ning had been paying attention to the news of Xing Can Media. Shi Qian could be said to be on the rise now, but she seemed to have disappeared. There was no news at all.

After Fu Xueqi’s accident, Fu Jinghua sacrificed his pride to beg many people, including her. It was obvious that Fu Jinghua’s family had completely lost Old Master Fu’s protection.

From this matter, it was obvious how much Old Master Fu doted on Shi Qian.

It was Shi Qian’s Grandpa who saved Old Master Fu’s life, not Shi Qian. Wasn’t Old Master Fu’s love for Shi Qian too much?

She felt that people who were not related by blood could not be closer to each other than her own family.

There was something else that had always bothered her.

It was about Shi Qian’s pregnancy.

The Fu family had been hiding this matter and did not leak any information.

Something also happened to Fu Xueqi when she was preparing to announce this matter. The two must be related.

It was almost time for her engagement party with Fu Sinian..