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C.979: Things Were Blown UpMar 29, 2024

Chapter 979: Things Were Blown Up

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“Xueqi, don’t be angry. She didn’t do it on purpose. Seeing that you’re so angry,

I’ll get you something good. Relax first.”

“Didn’t you say you were short of stock? You even said that the investigation was strict and you couldn’t get it!” Fu Xueqi said like a hooligan.

She was the absolute authority in this place.

Everyone was afraid of her. They curried favor with her and flattered her.

“I took a risk for you!”

“Then hurry up!” Fu Xueqi waved her hand impatiently.

Fifteen minutes later, a man with dyed yellow hair arrived at the place. As he walked to the door, he looked around cautiously before pushing the door open.

Nearby, a black car was parked by the roadside. Its smooth body glowed like liquid silver. It was like a cheetah lying dormant in the darkness.

Jiang Feng sat in the driver’s seat and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.

He glanced at the back seat. Fu Sinian was sitting there as steady as a mountain, exuding a cold aura.

“Young Master Fu, I’ll handle this small matter. It’s the middle of the night…”

Fu Sinian looked up at Jiang Feng and said nothing.

Jiang Feng shut his mouth and did not dare to continue.

Fu Xueqi was really blind!

Young Master Fu was still angry about what had happened at the birthday banquet. Fu Xueqi was not worried about the consequences and actually ran towards the gun!

In the private room.

Fu Xueqi and the others had already obtained the items.

These items looked no different from usual. As usual, she immediately tried them.

However, they seemed to be much better today than usual.

The girl beside her looked at Fu Xueqi’s expression and smiled smugly.

In the future, Fu Xueqi would be her money tree! Once she was tainted by this thing, she would not be able to quit it. She would only sink deeper!

Fu Xueqi leaned against the sofa with a smile on her face. Her muscles relaxed. Looking at the items still on the table, she grabbed them and stuffed them into her pocket.

“Give me the rest!”

“These cost a lot of money, Xueqi. I can’t afford to eat anymore. You’re so rich.

You definitely won’t mistreat your good sisters, right?”

“Of course I won’t mistreat you!” Fu Xueqi picked up her phone and transferred three thousand yuan. “Is this enough?”

“It’s enough.” The girl gritted her teeth.

What was this? Was three thousand yuan enough? Fu Xueqi had used more than three thousand yuan worth of goods just now!

However, at the thought that Fu Xueqi was about to be at her mercy, she could afford to lose this bit of money! In the future, she would find a way to make up for it from Fu Xueqi!

Fu Xueqi felt light-headed. She had never experienced this feeling before. In the past, even if the drug made her feel excited and relaxed, it was not as intense as this time!

“Did you get fakes in the past? The effect is obviously different this time!”

No one inside had tried it. They were all worshiping Fu Xueqi, so there was no way to make a comparison.

Suddenly, a few figures broke into the room.

These people were originally street hooligans. When they saw this scene, they immediately covered their heads and obediently curled up in the corner.

Only Fu Xueqi was still leaning against the sofa, enjoying this moment of joy.

The experienced staff member saw the abnormality at a glance.

“Take her back for a checkup.” The leader pointed at Fu Xueqi and looked at the others. “Take the rest away!”