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Chapter 77: Chapter 77: Truly Delicious

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The warm spring breeze hits her face, and the air is filled with a restless spring vibe.

On this spring evening, in front of the Number One Tian Villa, a family barbecue is underway.

Brand-new grills are lined up in a row, with an array of skewers neatly arranged on top.

Xue An stands in front of the grill, occasionally sprinkling various seasonings on top, his movements as smooth and fluid as drifting clouds and flowing water.

A rich aroma of barbecue gradually begins to waft through the air.

Not far away, Xue Xiang, Xue Nian, and an exceptionally ugly Pekingese are all squatting on the ground, drooling as they quietly wait.

An Qing and Tang Xuan’er are helping to cut meat and thread skewers on the side.

Initially, An Qing didn’t want to do this, but she couldn’t resist the allure of the barbecue; Xue An had said that if you don’t work, you don’t get to eat.

With no other choice, the second young miss of the An Family had to start helping reluctantly.

From time to time, she would sneak a peek at the skewers on the grill, turning a golden brown and emitting a tantalizing aroma.

It’s not that she had never had barbecue before; when in Zhongdu, if she wanted, world-class barbecue masters would present her with skewers made from the finest ingredients within ten minutes.

But, those so-called delicacies paled in comparison to Xue An’s barbecue.

The first time she tried it, An Qing was stunned.

She never imagined that there could be such delicious barbecue in the world.

That’s why she couldn’t understand how Xue An could create such incredibly delicious barbecue with such ordinary ingredients.

She had asked Xue An before, and at that time, Xue An had simply said, “That’s because… their barbecue has no soul!”

This answer left An Qing totally bewildered.

What does it mean to have no soul?

Does eating barbecue really require a soul?

In fact, the fire Xue An used while barbecuing was generated by True Yuan.

It’s one of a kind in this world, with no second one to be found.

The charcoal at the base was made from various rare woods, which would probably make any expert grieve and exclaim that it was a sinful waste.

The most important point was that these meats were vibrated apart by Xue An’s internal power while being barbecued.

This made them absorb the flavors more deeply during the process.

Under such conditions, who could compete?

The first batch of skewers was ready, and Xue An affectionately gave them to his two daughters first.

Xue Xiang and Xue Nian’s little faces were smeared with grease as they ate.

The Pekingese looked on eagerly, hoping to catch some fallen scraps of meat.

Xue An sighed and said with some frustration, “You’re supposed to be a dragon, but look at how little ambition you have!”

Indeed, this exceptionally ugly Pekingese was the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon transformed.

In just a few days inside Yunmeng Lake, the Jiaolong had turned into this Pekingese.

Moreover, it shamelessly followed Xue Xiang and Xue Nian around, all for the sake of getting some good food.

“Papa, Xiao Sha is so cute, don’t talk about it like that!” Xue Xiang said, throwing her used bamboo skewer to it.

Xiao Sha immediately caught it and then greedily licked the leftover morsels of meat on the skewer, making utterly satisfied humming sounds. At this moment, the heart of this golden dragon was crying out, roaring!

Five hundred years!

Five hundred years! I stayed in the mountains for five hundred years, living on fish every day, only to discover today that there is such delicious food in the world.

Just to eat these skewers, from now on, I must be the loyal pet of my little masters.


At that moment, Xue Xiang clapped her hands.

“Xiao Sha, perform a handstand for Papa to see!”

With a skewer in its mouth, Xiao Sha didn’t hesitate and immediately stood up on its hind legs, walking around Xue Xiang and Xue Nian with its front paws.

The two little girls laughed cheerfully at the antic.

Xue An couldn’t help but feel a mix of amusement and dismay as he watched.

What was this? Selling dragon dignity for a skewer of barbecue?

Then, Qin Yu arrived.

As soon as she got out of the car and smelled the rich aroma, her eyes lit up.

“It smells so good!”

Then looking at Xue An who was barbecuing, she smiled and said, “Mr. Xue, I didn’t know you had such a skill!”

Xue An smiled slightly and handed over a skewer of sizzling chicken wings, “Wanna try?”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment, but still took it. The moment it touched her mouth, her eyes went wide.

“How does it taste?”

Qin Yu wolfed down the rest of the chicken wings, then sighed and said ruefully, “I guess I won’t be able to enjoy any other barbecue after this.”

At that moment, An Qing felt dissatisfied, “Why does she get to eat a skewer without doing any work?”

“Keep talking, and you won’t get any of the leftovers either!” Xue An said indifferently.

An Qing shut her mouth.

She harbored silent resentment, just wait until my sister gets back!

At this time, Qin Yu smiled and then joined in, starting to wash the vegetables and cut the meat.

If anyone else saw this scene, their eyes would probably pop out.

The venerable junior director of Longtai Group, the eldest daughter of the Qin Family, was actually doing the work of an assistant here.

When the barbecue was almost ready, they laid out the table and everyone sat around, starting to eat skewers and drink beer.

“Mr. Xue, tomorrow our Longtai Group is opening a new plaza in town with a fashion show and various activities. You can bring your daughter to take a look!”

An Qing’s eyes lit up.

A fashion show!

Doesn’t that mean there will be lots of beautiful clothes?

Women always love shopping, no matter when it is.

So, before Xue An could speak, she said, “Yes, yes! Xiang Xiang, Nian Nian, tomorrow your aunt will take you out to have fun!”

“Mmm-hmm!” The two little girls, with their mouths full of meat, nodded vaguely and continued to eat heartily.

“Wow, this Pekingese… looks so unique!” Qin Yu exclaimed upon seeing Xiao Sha.

Xiao Sha glanced at Qin Yu, too lazy to pay her any attention, and continued to devour the pile of skewers with much gusto.

Qin Yu placed the skewer she was holding on the ground, “Come on, have this!”

Xiao Sha hesitated for a moment, pondering between dignity and deliciousness, then after a second of consideration, made its decision resolutely.

Wagging its tail, it approached and started eating a big chunk.

Qin Yu stroked Xiao Sha’s head amusedly, “Cute little thing, you certainly look unique!”

Those who knew Xiao Sha’s origins, like An Qing and the rest, could not help but sweat profusely.

Can this thing really be described as unique?

Unexpectedly, Xiao Sha seemed quite pleased to let Qin Yu stroke it, with no sign of anger at all.

Xue An was finding it hard to restrain himself.

He even began to wonder whether he had rescued a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon or just a food-obsessed Pekingese?

“What’s its name?”

“…Uh, Auntie Qin, we call it Xiao Sha!” Xue Xiang said.

“Xiao Sha, huh!” Qin Yu looked at the peculiar-looking Pekingese and then nodded, “That’s quite fitting.”

After Xiao Sha finished the skewer, it raised its head and looked at Qin Yu with a pair of watery, shiny black eyes.

“What is it?”

“Auntie Qin, it’s begging you for food! Haven’t you heard? A Pekingese dog, sitting by the door, eyes shiny black, longing for a bone!” Xue Nian giggled and said.

Realizing, Qin Yu offered another skewer, “Come on, bow!”

A flash of anger flickered in Xiao Sha’s eyes.

It was, after all, a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon, a being of supreme dignity among mystical creatures!

This woman… was being far too presumptuous! 𝑓𝘳ℯℯ𝔀ℯ𝓫𝑛𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓵.𝘤𝘰𝓶

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want it?” Qin Yu tantalized with the skewer in her hand.

Then, to everyone’s stunned amazement, Xiao Sha stood up on its front legs and began to bow earnestly.

Qin Yu, satisfied, threw the skewer to it.

Xiao Sha caught it in its mouth and gave Qin Yu an indifferent glance before turning away.

Hmm…. The skewers grilled by the grown-up, truly delicious!