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Chapter 84: Chapter 84 Dirty Tricks

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At this moment, Hua Ruyue was nestled in Xie Tianci’s embrace, coquettishly saying, “Mr. Xie, you really are formidable. Just one sentence from you and that bitch Fan Mengxue won’t ever be able to rise up again!”

Xie Tianci gave a faint smile, “She’s just an actress. I let her live, she lives; I command her death, she dies. Right now, I’m just showing her some colors. If she still doesn’t understand her place, then she shouldn’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Hua Ruyue couldn’t help but shiver when she saw the fierce glint that flashed within Xie Tianci’s eyes.

“What’s wrong? Scared?” Xie Tianci glanced at Hua Ruyue.

Hua Ruyue quickly offered a flattering smile, “Mr. Xie, I… .”

Xie Tianci, having already vented his frustrations on her, said with some disgust, “Alright, get lost!” 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

Hua Ruyue didn’t dare to make a sound, got dressed, and left the room. However, her heart was far from upset; instead, it was brimming with excitement.

War of the Gods, ah!

That was a top-tier blockbuster!

She was now the absolute leading lady inside it, and this would spread her fame abroad.

As for a little bit of dignity…

Could it be sold for money?

And Hua Ruyue’s eyes shimmered with a venomous light.

By now, the person she had sent should have arrived at the hotel.

Fan Mengxue, this time I will let you fall from grace!

And don’t blame me for it!

Blame it on the fact that you offended Mr. Xie!

Hua Ruyue thought to herself with a sneer.

When Qin Yuan heard that Xue An was heading to the provincial capital and intended to confront the Xie Family, he was also shocked.

“Mr. Xue! It’s not that our Qin Family doesn’t trust you, but the Xie Family is no ordinary wealthy family. I’ve heard that there’s an ancient ancestor who hasn’t appeared in ages in power there, truly terrifying. After all, you are alone…

Xue An gave a faint smile, “Thank you for your concern, but I am set on going to the provincial capital.”

Qin Yuan moved his lips, then finally nodded helplessly, “Well, Mr. Xue, my Qin Family doesn’t have much of an industry in the provincial capital. For decades, the Xie Family has turned it into an impenetrable fortress, so there’s not much we can help with!”

“Hei King!”

Hei King, who had always been accompanying Qin Yuan, came over, “Yes, my lord?”

“You follow Mr. Xue there, and you must give your full support to Mr. Xue!”


Xue An initially wanted to refuse. In his view, so-called powerful people were nothing more than chickens and dogs beneath a powerful fist. But seeing Qin Yuan’s sincerity, Xue An nodded in agreement.

“Good! Let’s leave now!”

Beijiang was over four hundred miles away from the provincial capital, a three-hour drive.

But as the car was driving on the highway at night, Xue An suddenly frowned, his expression turning solemn.

Because he felt a connection from afar suddenly cut off.

That connection was the protective Array he had placed on the ring he gave to Fan Mengxue.

At the time, Xue An had done it casually, with a bit of his Divine Sense stored within it.

If there was any change, he would know immediately.

Unexpectedly, it had now suddenly been terminated.

Xue An said to An Qing, “You and Hei King follow later. I’ll go ahead first!” “Go ahead first?” An Qing still didn’t understand what he meant.

Xue An nodded and swiftly applied dozens of protective Arrays on Xiang Xiang and Nian Nian, who were sleeping soundly.

These were top-notch Arrays supported by Xue An’s own primal force.

Xue An was confident that even if a nuclear bomb were to explode, his two daughters would be unharmed.

Then he opened the car door and, to the astonishment of the driver and An Qing, leapt out.

Over a hundred kilometers per hour had no effect on Xue An. Landing directly on the ground, he tilted his head back and his entire being shot straight into the sky—vanishing in the blink of an eye.

At that moment.

Inside the hotel where Fan Mengxue was staying, several men in black gave each other a look and forcefully burst the door open.

At that moment, only Fan Mengxue was in the room, preparing to take a bath and go to sleep.

The sudden intrusion of the group left her somewhat dazed.


The leader of the men in black sneered, “Miss Fan, it’s time for you to repay the money you owe us!”

“The money I owe you? When did I ever borrow money from you?” Fan Mengxue was stunned and then angrily retorted.

One of the men who had entered behind locked the door from the inside.

Fan Mengxue knew something was wrong and stood up, her voice cold, “What are you doing? I’m telling you, if you don’t leave, I’ll call the police!”

“Call the police? Go ahead, call them,” the leader said with a vile laugh before someone behind him pulled out a camera and started recording.

This man in black was a grossly sleazy fat man, who sneered and made his way toward Fan Mengxue.

“Such a pitiable beauty. If this gets filmed, it’ll surely fetch a good price!”

A flash of panic streaked Fan Mengxue’s eyes; she had witnessed many of the dirty tricks within the entertainment industry.

For instance, some unscrupulous companies would intentionally have someone assault their artists and record the act as a means of blackmail.

“Don’t come any closer!” Fan Mengxue grabbed a fruit knife from the table and retreated to a corner.

The fat man was utterly unconcerned, laughing coldly, “It’s your own fault for being clueless and offending Young Master Xie. So don’t blame us for being cruel. If you serve us well, we might go easy on you!”

With that, he charged toward her.

Fan Mengxue let out a scream, but just then, a halo of light spread from the ring she was wearing, forming a cocoon of light around her and protecting her inside.

The fat man was directly shattered by this light.

That’s right!

He was shattered into pieces no larger than five centimeters in diameter!

This scene dumbfounded Fan Mengxue.

The remaining men in black looked at each other, then one of them pulled out a gun and fired at Fan Mengxue.

The remaining men in black looked at each other, then one of them pulled out a gun and fired at Fan Mengxue.

After a few shots, the protective array that Xue An had hastily inscribed shattered with a loud crash.

“Damn it, the little bitch actually has such a treasure. You’re not getting out of this alive tonight!” another man in black coldly sneered.

Then they slowly closed in on her.

Fan Mengxue, holding her shoulders, trembled all over. Her hand was also tightly clutching the fruit knife, ready to take her own life.

Even in death!

She would not fall into the hands of these villains.

Xue An, it seems we’re not fated to see each other again in this lifetime. In the next life, I will surely marry you! Fan Mengxue thought to herself, resolute and prepared to plunge the fruit knife into her heart.

But just then.

A calm voice suddenly arose.

“Haven’t had dinner yet, what would you like to eat later?”

This voice made the men in black pause, and Fan Mengxue shook all over and then looked incredulously toward the door.

That voice, she was too familiar with it.

A voice she had heard countless times in her dreams—how could she mistake

And just a moment ago, in her despair, she had thought, how good it would be if he were here now?

But she had dismissed the thought with a bitter smile, considering it nothing more than a fool’s dream.

Yet to her surprise, in the blink of an eye, fantasy had become reality.

The man standing there, nonchalant with a faint trace of a smile on his lips, if not Xue An, then who else could it be?